Friday, May 29, 2020

Ikaw Pa Rin Ba Hanggang Sa Ating Pagtanda?

Nitong nakaraang Sabado, i watched Ben Platt's concert over Netflix. Not to mention the soulful music, I was really impressed by one of the songs, by its lyrics and content - Grow as We Go.

It relates beautifully about love and relationships needing space and growing.

Do you really need to break-up or cool-off with someone you love because you needed space...? Or when you feel like you needed to grow on your own, is it needed for you to leave your SO?

My thoughts about these circumstances when it tries to rock the boat in your relationship is the common alibi of those mentioned above, in retrospect, the actual reason isn't about growing or needing space - it's about falling out of love with that person.

Siguro mali ako on my observations, pero ang pag-ibig ay nagbabago, hindi siya consistent pero kung matututo ang dalawang tao upang alagaan at gawing matamis ang pagsasamahan sa gitna ng mga bumabangong pagsubok sa relasyon, siguro isa iyon sa mga susi upang magtagumpay na steady at maging matatag ang isang pagsasama.

"I don't think you have to leave 
if to change is what you need
You can change right next to me
when you're high i'll take the lows
You can ebb and i can flow
and we'll take it slow
and grow as we go"

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  1. Hi there Mr.Blogger. Your article was nicely written, respect for that. And I'd like to give my opinion on it, based on principle of love. Anyone can give their opinion as well. Hmmnn, first I agree with the message of the song. Second, that we fall out of love. This, I'm not sure. In my opinion, people who love truly does not fall out of love. Because loving is a choice. We don't fall out of love, instead we chose not to love anymore. Third, love changes. Do you mean the emotion that accompanies it? Yes, emotion changes, and actually expires. On the other hand, love for me is conscious effort of caring, giving, sacrificing, and a lot of work for two people to constantly choose to be with each other even when the emotions has ebbed. I may sound idealistic, but that I guess is the deeper meaning of love. Choosing to commit, choosing stay. Constantly and consciously making an effort for each other. Anyone may disagree haha! Thank you!