Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Purple Emoji

Dingggg! (an iPhone’s message beep was heard)
And the journey began...

SM Mall
Ace Hardware
Road trips in the wee hours of weekends
Bulalo at past midnight in Tagaytay
Long walks
My Bed
The New Road
My Room
Roasted Chicken
Long Drives
Parking Lot
Huntings At Mcdo
By The Cliff’s Edge at 2AM
Pacific South
Your Subdivision
Basketball Street
Fenced Lot
Spectrum Linear Drive
Filinvest Park
Huge Stones
Scents of Darcy
My Bed again
Acacia Avenue
Ramens and Tantanmen
3rd Floor Basement Parking
Countless Sent Homes
SLEX adrift
SB Tagaytay Road
Milk Milk Tea
Spectrum Midway Walks
Dog Food
Loose Shirts
Lip Balms
Yema cake
Love Letter Card
Parking Lot again
Open Sky
Breeze of December
iPad Pen
Smells and Scents
Fashion Police
Low Battery
Hummus with Chicpeas
Dances and Tighly Hugs
Rivers of Tears
Unsung Hymns
Unattended worship
The Purple Emoji
Under the Sheets

Random thoughts,
Things left unsaid


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get The Starbucks 2019 Organizer

(5-minute read)

It all started because of the fad in using the Starbucks Mobile App in my smartphone.

One of the directors in my IT circle of friends in Eastwood Quezon City suddenly started narrating why he chose to use the mobile app because it’s handy, phone-acts-as-a-wallet, the usual business magnetic cardtype is old-fashioned and adds bulk to a man’s wallet. Those were his thoughts - and I being the eager “I want to try also” later downloaded the app. It was August back then.

Fastforward, SB launched the yearly tradition of collecting stickers to avail either of the two:

a. 2019 Calendar Planner - Nah! Although this is a limited edition, I’d still prefer B. (But of course if you’re a hoarder and plans to get both or more, then by all means - go ahead).

b. 2019 Travel Organizer - I’m not really sure if this is the first time Starbucks offered this kind but no matter what, I have instantly had a sense of craving for it, and below are the top 5 reasons why you should get it too in exchange of your 18 stamped collected stickers.

  1. It’s Multi-Purpose - The case will serve as your enlarge pouch which can be used as a card/ID holders. You can have a clipper or sling for a pen. Sneak in some paper moneys or important notes, and don’t forget that you can still write on it because it came with a slim notebook.  There’s more! If you wanted to follow suit on how it was advertised - please do so by using it as a phone case, wired headset organizer or simply a wallet. 
  2. It’s Adorbs - (trivia: “Adorbs” was officially added as a word in Merriam-Webster already). You heard me right, it was adorable. The way it was crafted somehow has a touch of minimalism with oozing usefulness. The pockets were not rowdy and it was seemingly designed to match with its being compact in size. Both the Organizer case and Notebook are just in the right thickness and dimensions. I chose the green shade because it’s easy on the eyes.   

  3. It’s Compact - One thing that caught my attention was the size (medium and can be easily grabbed and clutched) and yet it can fit my essentials in one place - probably you can use it as a coin purse too, where you can drop your loose change inside. 
  4. It’s One-Of-A-Kind - As I’ve stated earlier, I haven’t done my research if SB just started releasing this Travel Organizer this year or they may have done it in the past? Nevertheless, get it because if this is their first time to market this souvenir - then it may possibly be considered as a  pioneer collection when age will come to pass after multiple versions and releases are made in the future. 

5. It’s Giving You The Chance To Have The “Starbucks for A Year” -  Well, this may resound as an invalid reason. TBH, both the planner and organizer carry both a special SB Card which if the end-user registers - he has a chance of getting the Starbucks for A Year. Why did i add this as the top 5 reason? The physical card that came with the organizer is fabulous and projects a graver sense of intimacy compared to the planner. Unfortunately, i gave the card away to a friend and it was too late - i forgot to take a pic of it. 

In conclusion, choose wisely before redeeming your gift. I highly recommend the planner in a magnified emphasis because i wanted you to get the most out of it and not just simply use it as an adoration or bragging right that you finished completing your sticker stamps for the claim. 😛

Thank you for reading and leave your thoughts in the comments why you think otherwise you should get the planner, or why you are also choosing the travel organizer!