Tuesday, August 31, 2010

iPhone app of the week

I just can't get enough of this NYtimes application for the iphone. If you are addicted to US happenings and would always up to know the latest, freshest news on what's happening all around the United States, then this app is for you.

This is no ordinary news outlet that you can hang out with, the articles are exquisitely written by non other than nyTimes journalists. Juicy and beefy in nature, full of vibrance and collective journalism is at its best. Go ahead and DL it. Don't be the last to know on what's happening with Barack O.

Along with my top 2 pick this week is the NEWSER application. Trust me, you'll end up checking newser every hour on what's happening around the world. This app just definitely serves its purpose in its head banner "READ LESS. KNOW MORE".

Gone are the days when you seat during breakfast along with your newspaper, flipping the pages, and hassling the longitude of the paper itself to touch the table. With this NEWSER app, you can directly check what's hot real time on the latest current events mainly in the US and around the world. What's intriguing about this app and what's making you want for more about this is the fact that it offers squeezed in update/breaking news for a specific topic. So, you can really know more...and read less.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Incognito of Chrome

"It has always been my private conviction that any man who puts his intelligence up against a fish and loses had it coming. "

John Steinbec

Incognito mode of Google Chrome has been up back in the days of it's old beta version. And since its birth i've been using its prowess in overmining capabilities of handling cookies, auto-fills, history etc. Well that's an understatement, incognito is the private browsing version of Chrome in contrast to IE and Mozilla.

I wont discuss the benefits of private browsing but i want to share how to open google chrome via incognito mode immediately after you click the chrome icon.

and  here's how:

Locate your Google Chrome shortcut, Right click it then click on properties.

You must get to see this window after that, then type -ingcognito at the end of the line.

After you hit apply and ok, voila! when you click on your Chrome shortcut icon, it will default to incognito mode.

Happy surfing!!!, mind your back though, someone's watching ;-)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Don't Overcomplicate

"Heroism exist not only on the battlefield, or in public but also inside the head, in the ability to face unpleasant thoughts"

Neither lose nor
triumph for fight
For to walk off the plank
doesn't mean to give up

Fierceness of passion
as conquered by solitude
Vanquishing temptation
to kill thy being crude

Dreamless nights
are soon be over
But deep inside
it yearns to stay forever

Grow up!
and don't overcomplicate
Resist to fall in nowhere
but seek for peace a shelter


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Heal the world

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.
~William Shakespeare

'tis my first time to watch this video. The message is so profound, leaving me an enormous feeling of grief and inspiration. I can't help but to smile when i thought of the receding troops of the US going home from Iraq. Nowhere is the war to end but that step would significantly make a difference.

Look around what's happening all around us, it's as if love has vanished so sudden giving the world to succumb in a wounded state.

With the intensifying recession hitting all over the world, it seems a hopeless journey. Why do all good things come to an end? Like happiness always gone too soon. It's a fact of life, i reckon.

But humming the song of the great Michael Jackson somehow brings me back to a sane reality that each human beings' love can make a difference. That the light of a single candle is not only serving itself but creates a bridge, a way, a connection to light the other so many candles unlit. Paving the way to a brighter atmosphere, illuminating chaos and darkness that seem to envelope this ever changing world of ours.

Come August 29th marks the birthday of Michael, it has been more than a year since his passing but reminiscing his history never faltered me to get a lump in my throat especially when i listen to his songs. "Heal the world, make it a better place.. for you and for me and the entire human race..."

Each day that passes, may our candles of light shine... with empathy, with compassion, with hope, and with love. Make a lil' space, make a better place...


Monday, August 23, 2010

Top 2 free iPhone app of the week

Beginning today, i'm going to blog weekly about my top 2 pick of free iPhone app of the week. This will include my own personal perception of the picked iPhone app, how did it go through while using it, personal comments and raves, but most of all, you'd expect a positive recommendation. My choices would be uncategorized, could be in the range of games, entertainment, utilities, social networking, music, productivity, lifestyle, reference, travel, sports, navigation, healthcare and fitness, news, photography, business, education, weather, books and medical. (Whoa! that was a long list!)

So, check out this fresh batch of my top 2 picks!


One of the best way to kill time is indulging yourself in an absorbing game on your iPhone, absorbing in the sense, it creates a "time flies" effect while playing it.
Take the case of NINJUMP. I had my ringer turned on highest vol when i first launched this app. It has immediately captured my likeness of its background music. Playing this game is just by tapping the screen and the cute lil' ninja will jump from one wall to another. Not complicated eh? Quite simple, but there are more in to it that would make you ask for more. (ie) hitting/killing three same obstacles in a row will have your ninja levitate further in heights. Did i forget to say that the goal of this game is to achieve greater heights? (think about doodlejump...). One thing i don't like about it is the one (1) life per game, yep! you have to start over again once you die. And i guess that was the reason why this game is somewhat addicting, it bars you down to beat what  you have achieved by going back to square one, keeping your momentum to go on further unnoticing that you've spent an hour already toying around the app. Trust me, you gotta try it!!!


In relation to my regimen of a healthy lifestyle, i got this app back in June or prolly May... but only this time i was able to appreciate what it has to offer. For those who could not afford to enroll in a gym due to time or budget constraints, well this app is a timing. The categories its offering are A+, with the how-to's, info, steps, tips and its best catch are the descriptive photos, take note, it's not illustrations, but real-life photos in executing those exercises.
My routinary push-ups and crunches and tricep-bicep moves got flavoured through the instructions of this wonderful app. I recommend this because it's direct to the point and the how-to's are visually easy to follow esp if you have only a mattress, a gymball and dumb bells to use. Oh yeah! you can use this app without wifi. It serves like a database on the go whenever you wanna check out some tips and positions in doing a work-out.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Resisting Temptation

Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before. 

It's so hard to resist the temptation of devouring kavsa (chicken grilled or prolly "tinuno" with fancy rice) or any meat produced delicacy. Why? for i'm in the fifth day now of NO RICE /  NO LIVESTOCK MEAT REGIMEN DIET. Hahaha. I know! i don't need to reduce my size or weight, infact i need to gain more actually but the hell in gaining weight, i like my mesomorph type of physique at the moment.

Except for fish, veggies, and fruits, and of course those dressings, all are prohibited to be swallowed by my mouth at this food journey i'm in at this instance. It all started when i stumbled this website (thanks to kamAr for posting this on fb) :


It's actually a loose following of what's suppose to abide as per the articles of the above website. I made a variation in bits and pieces and i love the way i customized it. Although i'm aching to eat chicken meat already, (wtf, what more of pork? i cant cuz im in a country where pork is "haram" or is prohibited), my tongue juices did not fail to resist the temptation despite the many kavsa house around the neighborhood. In the back of my mind, it's saying... "it's all a matter of practice and discipline and consistency". Wehehehe! Let's see how far could i go on this pre-training on the way for me being a pescetarian.

Yup! i long and i planned to be a pescetarian in the future. (pescetarian - a portmanteau between the italian word "pesce" and the english word "vegetarian". from wikipedia). It's a state of eating where primarily fish and seafood produce are exclusively taken in as a diet, in addition to all the veggies, grains, beans, eggs, and dairy. Ain't that unsuperfluous? Well, it's gonna serve a healthy lifestyle when it comes to the morale of eating and diet.

So, on my way to it, i'm conditioning my mind and body to do the needful and make it perfect each day that passes. As of this moment, i took pride and happiness to see myself burping eating lots and lots of fruits and veggies. Two hours back, i just had this simple mixed salad dressed with cottage cheese and yogurt. Oh boy! my tastebuds has been satiated with satisfaction.

Oops. I drink soda no more. It's been one hell of a no no eversince. it's not that i religiously stick to it but on most occasions, i refrain in gulping such bevarage like pepsi or coke or any of the sorts. H20 would quench my thirst, leaving me full and extinguishing any hotness i feel especially being here in a tropical country.

I feel good sharing this extra endeavor here in my blog for i could relate for any progress in the future. I'd definitely blog about this again. If i was a victor in fulfilling this plan - be a pescetarian at least or if i would be a loser- succumbing to old habits. We'll see!

Lastly, a goal needs to be realized or else, that goal would be demoted to be only as a wish. My main goal actually is to be a vegan. Health gurus are saying that one must undergo the science and physiology of pescetarianism first before entering vegeterianism. The logic here is so profound that i made myself to be at peace with that premise. Indeed i have started already. :)


Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 13th, Friday

"All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much. "

Despite the week's buzz, hecticity and intensified heat around the Kingdom, i managed to get in touch with some friends to celebrate Amado's birthday. Yep! that's August 13, it was a Friday. Contrary to superstitions about Friday the 13th, i'd say that it transpired coolly and smoothly. We had a small social interaction with my fellow closed-knit friends in the the city.

Food for the occasion is no bigtime nor with fancy dishes. We settled with two things only:
1. Fish Fillet Dips
2. Salad

However simple those blessings are, it made a funtastic glamour and appetite for everyone of us in the throng.

It did make a superb appeal to savor the moment with these match:

When everything was set and the table got ready, the heat surged up as the videoke got rolling. Happiest are the times like this, when moments of bonding and no-reservation of whatever you wanna say, comes along, heard and digested, without thinking twice. But of course, no alcoholic drinks. We got resolved by bottles of non-alcoholic beverages to complement the salad and fish fillet.

I had a great time during the full three hour course of the gathering. Singing out loud with the rhythm of Eagles, Michael Johnson and some classics (you know those usual songs rendered among plebeian when videoke party is up).  It's been a while i reckon, exercising my lungs, breathing the notes of melody and topping it all, enjoying the sensation and fulfillment of singing. LOLZ.

Being with great friends like this elevates a general conscious awareness of where you belong to. It defies loneliness and boredom in relation to being away from the real home. It creates connection and reminiscences of the good 'ol days. Bringing thy mind and emotions to the yesteryears of memory lane where good times and pure fun are vaulted deep down in the strings of our retention cells and nerves.

... One of my most multi-talented friend here in the Kingdom, so to speak, a jack of all trades, with the innate taste of the arts and creativity, a born leader and joker of the sorts, with the windfull spirit when it comes to standing on his ground. Let me extend my wishes and compliments to a one of a kind friend of mine, Amado "Budds". Long live and more birthdays to come.!!!

So where's the cake buddy? :)



"Loyalty and devotion lead to bravery. Bravery leads to the spirit of self-sacrifice. The spirit of self-sacrifice creates trust in the power of love. "

This post might be too late already but hey, i pondered it's still jiving with this month's major themes in the calender, the last week has been full of hustle and bustle for me cuz of the transition in my shift schedule to be in a "broken timing".  It's because RAMADAN has finally arrived.

(photo courtesy of vladstudio)

Eversince i was a kid, the fascination  in seeing the moon crescent leaves me in awe and wonder. I didnt know though that this has a significant connection with Ramadan. Although it was taught to me in history classes back in elementary and high school,  i never had the full appreciation of its beauty and essence until i knew just recently with the association to the holy month of the Muslim world.

Ramadan's the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar, the holiest time for Muslims worldwide in observance for fasting and the offering of more prayer than usual.

One of the many facts that i recently unraveled as per my conversations with my Muslim friends is the process on how to determine the start of the Ramadan season. It's a must that the naked eye must see the first sighting of the moon crescent, to officially start this holy religious tradition. As per articles of reading via Wikipedia, this sighting of the crescent of the moon rooted from Saudi Arabia.

Fasting is being observed between the time where the sun has signaled its first ray (mostly during dawn) until the sun has finally sets in again (sunset). At these timeframe where sunlight is visible, it's a must to practice fasting - no eating or drinking of any sorts. This holy sacrifice would halt as soon as  darkness starts to creep in after the sun sets, and would begin again during dawn time. This will continue for the whole month of the Ramadan and being revered by all Muslims.

It's also noteworthy that the season of Ramadan varies every year just as the moon crescent appears from the naked eye. I gathered a table from Wikipedia presenting the start date and stop date of the season. I was thinking all along that Ramadan would be always in the month of August but i was found wrong upon learning that the lunar calendar goes 11 - 12 days shorter than that of the solar calendar. I reckon that this table verifies the fact that these were approximates:

(photo from Wikepedia)

This year, it happened that the official start of this holy season was August 11th. And as per the table, it would end this September 9.

Greetings to all the populace of Muslims around the world in celebration of Ramadan.


Saturday, August 07, 2010


Literally, a befalling; an event that takes place without one's foresight or expectation; an undesigned, sudden, and unexpected event; chance; contingency; often, an undesigned and unforeseen occurrence of an afflictive or unfortunate character; a casualty; a mishap; as, to die by an accident.
-Accident, as defined by BrainyQuote.com

It's been a week since the passing of that jerky accident where it ruined the newly drew-out SUV of my friend. I'm glad no one's hurt. Everyone is in proper shape and composure although i felt a surge of guilt on what happened to both of the vehicles.

So this uncomfortable mishap happened last Friday, July 30th, giving an aftermath of preventing us in attending an important event. (we had the first leg completed but on the second round, it turned out to be this way). I guess everything happens for a reason.  Let me rephrase that, I do believe everything happens for a reason.

My buddy is driving so smoothly and flawlessly without any tinge of braking, like i know and felt that we never slowed down. It's only that during our conversation, i was pressuring him to get into a faster pace. And upon saying those words, there you go...

A loud thud heard impacting me to jerk forward (though i was wearing my seatbelt); and lest we know, the unnecessary indeed came up!

It's an understatement to say that aside from the fact that the offender was left unscathed, everyone is cool. I got used in Manila where  shouting and rudeness would bark out from both parties. But here, we waited patiently for the policeman to arrive and make a report.

It would seem implausible to consider that only 4-5 exchanges of phrases and clauses happened between my friend and the unnamed Egyptian - who dislodged the SUV's behind (though he speaks English), i reckon that the guy focused mostly in reaching for the help of the authorities. I dialed 993 on my phone but the other party can't understand English and neither would i speak nor understand Arabic. Ending for the Egyptian driver to speak to the insurance company which in turn sent out for the policeman to accomplish a report of the accident.

Around 30- 45 minutes have passed when a car patrol came into view, took shots on both of the autos and silently internalizing the damage. (this is for real folks!, without interrogation at all). Neither he asked for how did it happen nor seek both parties for explanation. He went inside to his mobile car, drew out some papers and started filling out the forms in arabic after he has retrieved the licences of both including the insurance company of the offender. We waited patiently close by on his car's side. Then he opened the side window to let the papers be signed. Gave one copy each of both parties and he left off. A total of 10 minutes in finalizing the report. There were statements, no direct orders or whatsoever. (i'm sure he's not deaf or mute)

And here's the irony of it all. The report was written all in Arabic language. My friend and i just shrugged and we moved on our way home.

Here's a shot of my friend's SUV

... with the offender's frontal damage almost billowing the windshield of his Toyota Yaris.

Later this week, i learnt that my buddy claimed for a repair damage on his car against the insurance of the offender. His SUV unfortunately is under maintenance at this moment. Hopefully, it would be released sometime next week.

The accident has no drama, no hubbubs, no flaring emotions spilt over. Only the process of shedding objectivity to results and resolution. Somehow it created intense pressure unseen but it has passed so abruptly.


Friday, August 06, 2010

Contemplation in Brief

"Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise. "

All my life, I've been searching for tenderness
Lifting my eyes above, to echo the loneliness
The rain has smoothly fell on my cheeks
Infusing the rupture, mending on the bricks

Once there was child, of smiles and cares
Unknowingly savors the moment it shares
Toward the winds of endless hopes
Toward the plays of gripping ropes

the resonance of the melody
humming in thy mind so profusely
unstopping the memory
in remembrance of the past's melancholy

Oh how the days have gone so fast
In the enchantment of each that never last
For why? all thy good things come to end
Alotting sighs and utterance trying to bend

The caress and the passion
To oblivion it came through
That in begging it will never cease
To deploy the ageless truth


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Blackberry Internet Services: to be banned in UAE

"For one cause or another, it has become necessary to impose restrictions upon the use of many commodities, including not a few of the necessities of life. "

(information on the blackberry issue were taken from news articles published in NYtimes.com and BreakingNews.com)

Two days back, i clicked on the tweet of Breaking News on twitter about UAE's banning of Blackberry Internet Services. Later that day i stumbled on NYTimes' article about the issue. Subsequently finding again that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is about to follow suit after UAE's lead in barring the internet services of the famous Blackberry Smartphone.

Yesterday, UAE is on #TT(trending topic) via twitter, spreading like wildfire on the heat of the issue regarding blackberry's services coming to a halt this October. The flare increased when rumors that KSA is going to do the same thing.

The main reason is about security concerns. Having a data plan and activating the Blackberry Internet Services for your Blackberry smartphone lets you enjoy the benefits of Blackberry Messenger, Email and other application clients dedicated only for Blackberry users. These services are exclusive and that the data passing through the cellular towers are then routed high-encryptedly in the networks of Research In Motion (the company for Blackberry). In effect, whoever is the carrier forwarding that data to RIM's server, they don't have much control over it.

All these hubbubs confronts the different angles of opinions in my behalf. Im afraid to be blunt on this but rationalizing the reasons on why they are shutting off the BB services is somewhat untechnically savvy on their side...

There must be a way to decrypt and intercept that highly encrypted data where Research In Motion is controlling over their servers. Giving up on the premise above is like saying dump your Blackberry phone in the garbage and levelling your IT guys to be incompetent.

Consumers are at the losing end in the first place upon implementation of this. With the blackberry internet services being disabled, it defeats the purpose of having a blackberry.

October is a long way to go, for sure they would come up with a brighter and more sensible idea on how to address the "i can't  eavesdrop" thingee.


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

August wishes

"Look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and-first blow 
it will split in two, and I know it was not the last blow that did it, 
but all that had gone before. "

August is the month of floods and rains in the Philippines. It's the month where umbrellas and raincoats are indispensable for everyone walking and travelling. In contrast, August is the month in northern hemisphere located countries (like some part of the US) where summer is at its peak. This is the eight month of the year in the Gregorian calendar. This is also the month where Edinburgh Festival in Scotland is celebrated - the largest cultural event in the world. Nevertheless, August for me marks the month of my natal day, somehow it's fulfilling to convey my thoughts of wishes and clamors and cravings.

Wishlists (nine tops)
- im planning to integrate a photo of the day in my Tipsterize blog which shall commence prolly on the 2nd week of the month.
- to have a blessed or somewhat consecrated w.s. on the week of my birthday
- to have a long talk with my mom and dad
- to have more followers on my blog and on twitter
- hell yeah! to see and pet a dog (been a while)
- to get my 3gs jailbroken with the iOS4
- that on the day of my bday, may it be passing smoothly and without hubbubs, where contentment and love floats all day and all night long
- to dance and sing in the rain (sounds absurd! i know this isnt going to happen for where i am seems impossible)
- last but not the least? to find the girl of my dreams (shocker! but then im not in love at the moment, it's been a while me evading that magical feelings of all)

So there you go, my top nine's desires to accomplish, wishes to dream and hopes to endure.