Sunday, December 30, 2012

The French Baker

I'm loving this place.
Craziness ...
Fantastic !!!

Must try - soup inside a bread. I missed this, it's bringing back the good 'ol days when I was working in Mall of Asia.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Nagsasa Zambales Part 1

4am | December 22, 2012 we boarded the Victory Liner in Cubao Metro Manila going to San Antonio Zambales to spend the weekend in Nagsasa - a faraway cove from the outskirts of Mt. Pundaquit. Originally, we should be going to Anawangin cove but because of my friend insisted that it's so commercialized, we ended up boating further going to this place:

I love the ever changing shades of the mountains, from one side, it's turning orange, from another, it's lush green - it depends on the wrapping clouds from above.

Enormous vista on picturesque of  open skies
Enclosed in towering two mountains of symmetry
A gorgeous panorama of a coved sea  with calming waters
Feasted the eyes, gorged by soul and left wonder to the heart

Creations, of nature's beauty
Of purity in aesthetic, of soothing artistic prowess
Makes one's heart to die of contentment

Yes, the sands. the heaps of mountains so close to the beachfront. the pine trees, you can smell the sweet, tingling aroma. the waves and waters gleaming from your eyes. the beach, as if we're the only souls occupying it. Yeah, i'm loving it!!!!

More images to upload, including my "daring" pictorials... LOL, Gotta grab some more shut-eye. The one night stay camping is totally "biten".


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eagle Snatches Baby

Now take this...

(video tweeted by +MensHumor)

What can you say?


Ditch Instagram, Welcome Flickr

Good old days never fail to bring back memories. Back in the days when Flickr was the king of photo hosting (web based), it appears that it's going to take over Instagram's throne currently as the biggest player in photography social networking (mobile & web based).

Due Instagram's recently changed "user agreement" where it defies the user the liberty to allow or not allow Instagram in using images on the company's prerogative. Bottom line is, Instagram is owning their users pictures and can manipulate it whatever they want (like displaying in ads, selling them, etc) without prior consent to an Instagram member.

That in mind, I'm letting go of my Instagram account (though i was a member since 2010) and will not touch it until the User Agreement has changed to a more sane and fair guidelines.

Let's welcome Flickr in the scene. Just got the free Flickr app from the app store and I was awestruck by its minimalist style- The white backdrop and intuitive buttons, the plethora of options and the better options to filter and edit your photos as compared to Instagram app.

Most of you must have your yahoo account so I used mine and surprise got me that I have 2 existing photos that was set to private.

This is another PLUS for flicker it lets you set privacy options for every image you upload.

You can also create albums via SETs, and the lightning speed connect to post via twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

I recommend that you install Flickr on your iDevice and keep those shutters flicking!!!


PS: add me in Flickr @macdeus

Friday, December 14, 2012

Twitter released Photofilters ala Instagram

yeah Twitter fans... if you're using Twitter version 5.2 on your iGadgets, you'd definitely enjoying now the photofilters (9 choices), crop tool and enhance mode features. Of course, they patterned it ala Instagram to counter the ever-growing population of Instagram users.

It boils down to one thing, we are in an era where images and pictures are delicacy to the users of social networking. With the latest feat on the Twitter apps, a user can instantly upload a picture or video. I guess, what's in the pipeline from the big whale carrier is to stream the tweets that contains images and videos. This would be a downright PLUS for everyone who is on Twitter. Who can nevery say Nay to visuals nowadays anyway?


PurfemEuphoria Shop


Please visit this facebook page if you want to order authentic bags.

"FOR SALE are Authentic Bags and Wallets that will surely fit your budget. Compare quality and prices in malls and other stores to esure authenticity of my products. PM me for your orders. Happy shopping!"

Happy Shopping....

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I missed you Grandma...

December 12, the death anniversary of my grandmother, my beloved ever-inspiring "Lola". I was a bit stricken today, contemplating, not because of the rush happenings all around us for the holidays this December, but because something's going on which i couldn't fathom. Then it dawned on me that it's the death day of my dearly loved Lola.

A tear dropped, how i missed her. She meant so much for me because it was her who raised me, partly and as a whole. It was her who instilled the different virtues and values. It's inspiring to go back and remember that one of her favorite music videos in MTV was Janet Jackson's Together Again, she was around at the age of 60+ that time when we were always watching MTV Asia Hitlist, back in the days when the VJs were Mike Kasem, Nadya Hutagalung and Donita. She loved Donita so much, that whenever she turned on the TV, she'd tune in to MTV Most Wanted.

You may find her hip due to her fascination in watching MTV and her indulgence with the arts and literature (yuppers, she was the one who taught me how to appreciate books, prose and poetry) but she was a downright greenThumb also, has her mini garden with a plethora of cactus of different varieties. Her love of nature and dogs and cats and chickens and pigs (you know the province lifestyle) made me truly more adore her now that i'm an adult. Her sereneness and perspective towards life back then when i was a child seem not to be of great importance, but as i reminisce her qualities now, it came rushing to me instantly with awe and nostalgia. I can't help but relive the moments which can only be remembered in the threads and carvings of memory.

Here's a song for you Lola Socorro....

I miss you much.


Georgy Porgy by Toto

I beg you, be an act of inspiration...

Fellas, the video above is awesomely stunning. Good jobbers for remastering it, hats-off to the uploader in YouTube.


Monday, December 10, 2012

The Others... Winter is coming

Winter is coming. George R.R. Martin is downright special, gifted with an eloquence of magic and creativity. The game of thrones is so much surreal you can't escape on its magnetic pull to savor the images as you flip through the pages of the ebook.

'Twas noteworthy if you've seen the HBO series, but you'll gasp as soon as you've indulged reading the book.


tipidPC after 5 years

Ha! after a very long time, i'm logged backed in to via "decoder" handle...


Saturday, December 08, 2012

I aye

Your eyes,
flaming with eloquence
speaking to my soul
searching me to kiss
your very whole

Your body,
sculpted with perfection
desiring to entwine
burning me to touch
your desirable throne

Your touch,
forged thru blissful heat
making me shiver
wanting more to go on
your endless ecstasy

Your kiss,
so passionate and true
wolfing me to elation
wishing not to stop
your immeasurable love

*** for you alone.till we meet again, next year na ;) ***

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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Northface Wallets

My brother inspired me to patronize the brand Northface...

Whenever I have extra money, I'd indulge into Northface's products..

Here's a shot of my old and new...

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Mass Cards

I don't understand what is this all about? And why do you have to pay for it...


Shared Values and Principles

I'ts screaming at me lately, that shared values and culture are of great importance when you want to align your principles to that other individual. It boils down in to one thing, that one must give up so that an intersection can be created until such time that the point of contact will be in unison for the two equations gel together forming a single line.

However, darkness will never be in unison with light and so is the reverse. Whenever there is light, you cannot achieve darkness, and so on.

I guess, there would be always a common denominator among the values interwoven as two persons or a team paddles into their journey, and that is where-that journey will define the truest of character, where it shall inevitably demonstrate who is worthy till the end.