Sunday, October 28, 2018

5 Things We Can Learn From "Someday We'll Know"

What struck me while doing my Sunday night jog earlier was the echoing (almost stoking feeling) message of the song on my playlist - the rendition of Mandy Moore's and Jon Foreman's (lead from Switchfoot band) Someday We'll Know.

Let's step back a bit... the song's lyrics or poetry impact is absolutely for the heartbroken, a reflection of past relationship; but let's not dwell on that premise, instead dig deeper on the otherside of the song's unraveled substance.

It's interesting to note how your emotions would transcend into a feeling of fleeting enjoyment leaving you wondering or having the "Oh shoot! OO nga ano!" in the back of the head comments as you listen to song.

Let's check these 5 phrases and lines from the song on what we can ponder on to:

1. "..... Can't stop driving, I don't know why" - This, encapsulates the usual saying that "all you need is a long drive to destress" or put things in to perspective. It's something similar to how walking calms the nerves as to like drinking a hot tea.

2. "Whatever happened to Amelia Earheart?" - It's a "kicker" especially for those who belong in the age bracket of Gregg Alexander (the composer of the song) when Amelia Earheart disappeared while flying solo as the first American aviator across the Atlantic ocean. It was a big news on Earheart's disappearance given the unique situation since she's the first female solo pilot crossing the Atlantic.

3. "Who holds the stars up in the sky, is true love once in a lifetime?" - I won't say "I guess", instead it's simply not true - it's not once in a lifetime. Not only basing it from experience but according to psychology - true love comes around 4 or maximum of 5 instances in a lifetime with a span of 75 to 80 years. So while you get bitten by the love bug - enjoy it with proper

4. "Did the captain of Titanic cry?" - This is somehow mind-boggling, who would have thought that the composer could reflect on that raw emotion of the captain of the Titanic. It's best to argue that he might be referring to the emotions of the captain during the sinking of the epic ocean liner. In that case, the normal reaction of a human being when faced with adrenaline rushing situations is to act in flight or fight. The

5. "if love can move a mountain?" - This is a cliche, a common go to phrase that lovers would hope for to accomplish when stumped with an obstacle in their relationship; and can also be applied as a source of strength or inspiration for situations when love is all you need to survive in any battle being faced (may it be the heartaches or the physical pain) that a human being may endure.

Let's revisit or re-play the music video in here. Take note of the beats and how Mandy and Jon put justice to the poetry/composition of Gregg. It was awesome! Indeed.

Enjoy the video!

Thank you, blogger.. you are my go to dose of medicine whenever I'm feeling inspired or possibly the opposite.