Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Left Handedness in Technology and Gadgets

Since i'm using more of my left hand in doing things, i noticed lately that i'm more comfy in doing the clicking and "right-clicking" of the touchpad using my right. When i switched it to my left, it kind of gave me this feeling of slowness, bringing a tick for me to use my right again.

Then, when i text single-handedly using the iphone, my right hand does it in a breeze, tried using my left and my thumb cannot reach those corners whenever i use it to tap, same is true when i get to slide using my palm, in conclusion, my right hand does better, way versatile when it comes to gadgets.

Now, why am i saying this? I'm currently investigating the relativity of left-handedness in the present technology age today. Does it follow the rule that when you're left-handed since birth, you get to carry it all the way through as you age?

It's like a pair of scissors, most often than not, the available scissors are for the right handed people, us, left-handed folks are but to settle on what's available, thus, we end up using our right-hand in cutting, until such time that we tend to practice it without difficulty and thus forgetting that the left-hand must do it.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013