Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Practice random acts of kindness

It does feel great all the time when you know deep down that you have helped someone. It's the feeling when your attitude tells you to do it, without expecting something in return. Doing acts of kindness without hesitation or second thoughts deliver a sense of fulfillment.
An effect which makes you smile on your own in your solitude, leaving your thoughts amazed and rejuvinating the sense of accomplishment.

I wouldn't be citing examples here. Because i believe that these random acts of kindness comes spontaneously. When the need arises, or when a situation rolls over, your impulse and your conscience to help suddenly is on its adrenaline rush.

Your heart speaks out whenever the act of kindness is being triggered. Combine it with your mighty physical strength, everything would be possible.

Remember, it's the small things in this world that makes the whole complete. These small things are usually unknown or unnoticed by the giver of kindness but it means a lot to the receiver. The gratefulness from the receiver might not be even spoken out, but it has left a wonderful impression, both in the mind and heart.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The two kinds of sinners

I am not to discuss religion here, but there is an impulse in my mind to write the two kinds of sinners as per my friend's tell-tale-he heard it from someone so great wayback in the 80's.

sinners that are:
1. who, upon waking up in the morning, they sinned already. That is, even while sleeping, while in bed, or anything he's doing, iniquity is within him. Tagged and pasted to his soul and personality. You might be wondering what specific examples for this kind.

well, for Christians belief-in-scope:
- anyone who is living with someone doing what married couples are doing, yet, they are not married.
- someone with illegal work of living.
- and other similar acts like those above.
these are just some of the examples. Sin that is, unless they dis-attached themselves to these iniquities, only then that the tag will be removed.

2. who, something done which is similar in committing homicide. The best explanation here would be analogous to the definition in contrast between homicide and murder. Go figure. You will see later on that the bottom line is the intent. Pre-meditated or accidental? That is the second sinner i'm talking about. Accidental yet, it was still committed; and there is no excuse.

It may me hurting, but reality wise, sometimes, even i, would fall on the 2nd category. Then again, it's my choice to repent, to stay away as much as possible to all forms of committing iniquities.

Nevertheless, we are still humans. Bound to be corrected, yet bound for improvement.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A feel-good talk

It does give nourishment to the whole being when you interact to someone whom you have that same level of thinking and emotions. The conversation or talking seems unstoppable, that time flies, the bond or moment both of you got immersed into seems not to end.

i'm sure you had this feeling also one way or another when you are with someone. Might have experience it while talking to your loved ones, a close friend, a long lost relative or even a perfect stranger.

The train of thoughts coming, the ideas exchanged; one must learn how to listen, and spontaneously, the other party is moved to get his delivery of thoughts be more expressive.

Being keen to details while you are listening to the other party makes the conversation move to a higher level of connection between you and the person.

Look into the eyes and meet it with utmost interest makes the other party gets more excited to tell the story.

Learn when to interrupt, give cues when to cut... always, always try to resist cutting or interrupting while the person is elaborately explaining his side. Cues such as a statement that needs confirmation would be best to cut and convey your thoughts to the subject at hand.

Some of the above reminders could enable the mode of conversation to be treasured by both of you. It has always been my thinking, that after a good talk with a friend, or a stranger, i look back to those moments and would say, i wish i had it recorded...

Had that kind of experience also?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Win for Manny Pacquiao

It just dawned on me that it's not luck, on the current standing of Pacman, whereas, winning is such an ordinary occasion for him.

Taking a closer look at his personality, i am not to judge but surely, there's something in his qualities worth looking and adoring for.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reigniting the passion that is dying...

Anything that is sourly done reflects a sourly outcome. Ever notice a canvass of painting that conveys a message of deep somber emotions? Directly ask the painter how did he manage to create such a picturesque of woven image of thought... he'd definitely say, i was in a state of loneliness, or in the mood to express thyself for pain or sorrow.

Everyday in life's passing, each of us has a time to get such feelings, feelings of anxiety, of getting irritated, of being guiltily unsatisfied as our conscience screams: "i dont want to do this anymore!"...

Whenever i feel such longings and turmoils which are inevitable in this day to day living, i do follow these simple steps:

1. Make at peace with thyself consciously on the situation currently at hand.
I acknowledge the fact mentally that yes, i'm tired of this BS. Say, doing a workload of inventory which are impossible to finish at a given time frame by the boss. Calm thy senses, do not race through thoughts of negativity.

2. Relax, stop what you're doing and drink a glass of water.
While gulping down that full glass of H2O, bring back in mind the motivation that triggered you to accept the job without reservation.
However small that motivation is before, it is certainly primal and significant. Whatever that purpose wayback, relive and ignite that fire once again.

3. Go back to the work left undone and speak to your mind and heart, that there is an inner purpose.
Not the purpose merely because it was commanded by the boss to have it done, but inject the bigger picture which was clearly defined and remembered while you were gulping that glass of water.

It's true that human emotions at times can be dragged to it's limits of endurance, to the point that you want to give up and shout.

But re-fuelling the passion which has once started it, makes things achievable, and i'm sure passion has the tinge of love. Once it has started and lit up, it's going to create flames. And then the fire with burning desire to accomplish things seemed to be difficult and tiring, would absolutely just as easy as the wind blows...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Unwavering solitude

Human nature is such that rubbing elbows with one another may cause some friction and even tension among friends. Friends closest to the heart are in no exception, even those whom you love most, sometimes suffer, get hurt due to carelessness of words, of actions, and of being insensitive to the feeling of others.

Dealings with public