Sunday, August 25, 2019

2019 Is The Last Year That Ends With "teen" For The Rest Of Our Lives

The title says it all.

Now I've got you counting in your head on the years that has "teen" on it.

Believe it or not, sadly enough - yes this is the only year that has the "teen" on a pronunciation basis and even in writing. Gone are the years (starting next year) for the "teen" suffixes.


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August 2019 Challenge (with s) - updated

(3-minute read)

I was skeptic at first if i can achieve my August Apple Watch Goal the day i saw it last August 1. I couldn't believe it's a distance tracking challenge - 88.6 miles!!! Skeptic because it's the wet season in the Philippines, neither i have a gym membership at the moment nor a covered court where i can run or walk or to pace a distance at least.

Yes - that's 143 kilometers in total for the whole month. So i have to depend mostly during non-rainy days where i can go outside to run and jog either inside our village or afterwork and run the miles in Daang Reyna.

Aside from the unpredictable weather which i must seek to perform my walk, run and jog exercise, i have to consider my availability - it was at this month also where a whole lot of work-related projects eat my time before and after-work hours; not to mention that weekends have also been spent to render extra, just so these work-related activities are transitioned smoothly.

Some friends have been sharing their side remarks - "do you still have personal life?" - I DO. I make it a point that my church duties too, aren't sacrificed; it was great we have multiple schedules where i can flex and see through the completion of my priorities.

So, i checked today my remaining distance to complete, and i'm left with roughly 6 miles. I'm heading towards positivity that i would make it.

One of the reasons why i have to blog it, to see the momentum run continuously, that will serve me a reminder to finish this task, no matter how challenged-ly difficult it may see. I have to finish it!

I shall post the award as soon as this race is over.


Look at that:


(PS: I wanted to thank my select few friends who sent their gifts and spent some quality time with me on my birthday - pretty much elated by the short but well-conversed company at different levels; until next year)