Monday, August 24, 2015

Of Love

I don't think love is changing or saving a person. It's about finding the person who's already fit in it. 

- Diggle (Arrow)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Meet Winter

So I got him, back in June this year. It's been two months more or less. The joy and pride of having one of these make me feel more confident. Not only in my driving skills but primarily in dealing with the road. My perception changed as soon as I learnt how to drive, in contrast to when I was just a passenger in the jeep or minivan or any public utility vehicle (PUV) - which has been the case for most of my living years on earth.

Somehow, a paradigm shift opened each day I drive. Being empathetic now to drivers of PUVs as we share the road, that they too are just victims of a low standard traffic rules imposed in the country. Imagine the case of PUV drivers stopping anytime to get and drop the passengers - without proper stop and pickup points - that leads to the infinite maze of uncertainty as you join them on the road.

If we are to reverse the picture - it'd be more organized for PUVs to have Stop and pickup points along with rules on how many minutes they should be allowed waiting on those areas.

The above was just one of my observations - I still have more (which shall be posted) in the future.

In my course of driving where I didn't take a formal driving lesson - in fact I just learned driving via the help of my car salesman/dealer, I get to appreciate and be true to the rules of the road. Trying my best to influence other motorists by setting an example such as stopping at a red light despite in the wee hours of the morning on a crossing, where the streets are mostly empty. That even if no ones watching you, no traffic enforcer nearby, I still aspire to be consistent in following the traffic rules.

Winter is awesomely good, I get to use to him as I progress in my driving experience each day.

Until next post.

- Mac

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Batangas 2015

It was that time of the year where summer days would really move you to get your feet out of the normal routine and drag you in the beach.

It's a privilege one though, an invite, actually, a self-invite.

Courtesy of the "operations" - a time to celebrate their successes and a time to unwind on a personal note.

I had a great time with it, a two day, one night beach and pool indulgence.

This is back in March 2015. 'Twas a late post.