Thursday, February 02, 2017

Integrity and Driving

What Have I Learned in January 2017?

One of my tasks from my TODO LIST is to publish or write my learning every end of month. This occurred to me one hot day as i took a shower, normally, it takes me two to three minutes, but on that steamy afternoon - my shower regimen took me 10 minutes because of the birth of thoughts and plans to execute in the future.

So these are the initial marks that carved in my heart in the 1st month of this year. If you can relate, go ahead and share your comments below, or I'd be happy to see your remarks.

#1. I learned that every single thing you own may disappear in a blink of an eye. And yes! Even life - this got inculcated not only in my brain but my heart when i ran into an accident on a New Year's day.

#2. I learned that pain is subjective; it can be layered or measured with intensity depending on your emotional attachment to the situation or accomplished memories with it. That made me realize that when these pains come together all at once (physical, emotional or spiritual), you get to lament mostly on the most painful of experiences. It gets easier as the lesser pains joins the grieving process of the major one.

#3. I learned that reciprocity is human nature. When you give, you get something in return most often than not. It could be a direct exchange gift or the other person may show the gratitude on another kinder way.

#4. I learned that the sinking-in of a problem in my thought, and mind-process happens gradually especially toward a death & life experience. That during the realization, you gradually see the things that positively it has brought.

#5. I learned that seeing "love is in the air" in your circle of friends may somehow give you a tinge of envy, given that you are single; but in the end, during your solitude, happiness still overshadows the envy because you know for a fact that contentment still reigns even when alone.

#6. I learned that waiting may test your creativity to expedite things. Your sense of control and influence peaks up because you know what you want.

#7. I learned that missing someone can be ignored when that period of longing gets diverted in an experience of major trauma or fear that you ran into.

#8. I learned that inclusion of whom you hang-out with  is apparent as you climb in the corporate ladder.

#9. I learned that sometimes it is scary to know that you're in a streak of achievements and happiness for days or weeks or months, because you'll never know, when that negative situation pops in, right in front of your eyes.

#10. I learned that being consistent to your promises to the Divine will always get you comforted in the darkest of hours.

#11. I learned that prayers and meditation inside a holy place never failed to calm your senses and sanity of your judgment.

#12. I learned that you are in a period of adjustment to think clearly or at a sober state, 30 minutes or an hour after a major accident.

#13. I learned that i am responsible for my actions - and accepting the flaws that in turn prove as wake-up call to renew or revise the old habits that were now tagged as incorrect ways.

#14. I learned that it's ok to be rejoicing when you break with someone special given that the intimacy or friendship is untowardly. But the heartache still do cut painfully.

#15. I learned that your brother and your family really REALLY loves you even they don't say it in words. Action really does speaks louder!

#16. I learned that letting the reigns off the horse keeps you productive and creative. Expanding your horizon to try and learn things on your own. But also widthraws the accountability to receive necessary rewards when struck with milestones.

#17. I learned the butterfly dust effect ~ that you can only influence so much around you, be it on the negative or positive spectrum of life.

#18. I learned that writing your complaints is highly resolvable, you just have to wait for the right time and the right moment. Make sure to see it through until results are pouring in.

#19. I learned that ironing my clothes and washing my laundry consistently during Sundays or early Saturdays give me a sense of fulfillment and achievement. I get to save money too by not depending on the wash shop.

#20. I learned that sticking to a routine 21-day straight is difficult, yet, it really can be done - thus providing benefits later because you are now forming a habit. Just make sure it's a correct one.

So there you go! Showering indeed is productive, snippets of imagination are birthed wonderfully. Then again, the spark and flames must be unfanned for you to be able to execute those plans.

Wishing everyone a joyous, peaceful and success-filled February.

'Till next learning!!!


Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Empty (Part 2)

A Note To Readers : Read this aloud in a perfectly silent room, feel the emotions, it's worth experiencing. (~billymacdeus)

Empty (Part 2)

I stared at the empty wall. 
It was all messed up, 
I can see what were before myriad attempts 
at decoration; 
but they were destined 
to either not last 
or worse, 
I succumbed to the floor 
contemplating over 
what I had just done. 

It felt right at the moment 
it also felt like 
I let go 
of something important 
that it was foolish to do so. 
I bowed my head 
over my knees, 
my forehead flat on it. 

I knew I wanted 
to cry 
but I guess 
I just was tired 
and sick 
of this 
that I cannot 

I'm tired
of all the pretenses 
that I've told myself 
and others. 
I'm tired of 
holding onto 
the fact that 
all I that I ever had 
were temporary. 
I'm tired of
this goddamn thing 

I knew before then 
that it was somehow a dream come true 
but as with all dreams, 
I must wake up. 
And I just did – yet every once in a while, 
I find myself 
dream again...

~Mikez Magtibay

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