Sunday, March 31, 2019

Entering The Promised Land

(two-minute read)

I was contemplating earlier while listening to the "texto" from our minister - about entering in the Holy City...

(in relation to at least for those who have landed a job or looking for a job)
It dawned on me that as we strive to choose and crave to enter our dream company to work with, that as we look or hop from one job to another to find that perfect place of work. Ain't it true that we go through series of interviews? ... We go through series of tests, and even background checks?

There are also times we are sent home from all we thought it's going to be already the job offer, but at the end of the day, we ended up receiving - "we'll keep you posted through call or text on the result of your final interview".

We dread and get anxious as we are nearing final interviews, whether we  make or break it. We also get to experience difficulties, sacrifices, we sweat for it, physically, emotionally & mentally - before achieving that goal - to land to that dream job or classified to belong on that chosen company.

As i ponder on these thoughts earlier, it came like a rushing of waterfalls down to my head that entering in the Holy Kingdom of God (applicable for those who believe in faith) is just as difficult as it should, or it is really difficult to accomplish - it's NO EASY task, that is! Because the reward, simply put, is the eternal life - beyond words to compare, beyond imagination to fathom.

Therefore, it is but right to persevere when you have already given the chance to study the truth. It is only right to strive, and deny thyself as needed just so you can prioritize in seeking the truth. Come what may... may it be even hunger, pain or strife, even death - for it will all be worth it, in the end -when you found peace in Him.


Thursday, March 14, 2019

How To Turn On Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger?

Folks, as of this writing Dark Mode option in FB Messenger has not been fully rolled-out yet.

You have to trigger or unlock it.

I’m sharing these steps for everyone to benefit from it in using Dark Mode.

1. Send the moon emoji to one of your friends or to yourself. 🌙

2. Tap the moon emoji and you’ll get a drops or showers of the same emoji.

3. After the shower, you’ll see a notification bar on tap - You Found Dark Mode!

4. Hit Try It In Settings - Voila! You got the dark mode option.

5. Enjoy and please share this post, it pays to help everyone know this to avoid straining the eyes. Be generous, don’t be close-fisted 😜🌙

Billy Mac
(Steps courtesy of Reddit Thread and Thanks to Sig)