Saturday, October 05, 2019

Coco Martea, Recommended MilkTea House

While the rest of the milk tea houses offer different "pakulo" and hype to garner following, Coco Martea in my opinion is one of its kind.

Backstory: the word "tea" is quite "gasgas" word in lieu to milk tea small business in Ph; we have some amazing and creative minds of pinoy by incorporating "tea" as part of their milktea business name. To name a few... we have these:

Bon AppeTea 

Coco Martea is kind of a pop culture name for a milk tea house because it was derived from Coco Martin - a hotshot, famed local actor in the local showbusiness. I chuckled the first time I heard it from my friend, who's been recommending to try this milk tea. It was the same train of thought that I laughed out loud when I first heard - the names of small businesses i passed by along the streets in Cavite and Las Piñas Piñas. There's this - "Manok ni Kuya", "Itlog ni Kuya", and when I saw Coco Martea... I was thinking in the back of my mind that it's either the owner is a huge fan of Coco Martin or could be an extension of Coco Martin's own Milk Tea Entrerprise.

While Pinoys get to have a slice of the pie in being a milk tea fan, I can't discount the fact to advise that a person should not just indulge in having milk teas everyday but to ensure, a proper qualifying stats should be established to achieve a better experience when sipping a great tasting Milk Tea.

I'm no milk tea aficionado, but for the sake of helping small businesses in promoting their brand and increase awareness in forming habits for a greater good, I decided to finally visit Coco Martea.

Pero bago natin pag-usapan ang experience ko about Coco Martea's cheesecake milk tea, let me share my limited knowledge and mga natikman ko nang mag milk tea brands:

Nagsimula lahat ito nung niyaya ako ng tropa ko sa Gongcha - it was my first taste of milk tea and I was taken aback because the recommended "milk milk tea" flavour is oozing with so much coziness inside my mouth as I devour this freakin amazingly prepared milk tea kuno. Didn't expect that I get to  go back for it and crave for more.

Because Gongcha is barely accessible from my home, my quick fix in cravings was tended by our neighbor Milk Tea House - ProsperiTea - whenever I get to feel the need to sip some milktea, I drop at that place and order their chocolate RSC biggie.

To cut the chase, nung natikman ko na ang Coco Martea Cheesecake Milktea (one of their basics), I almost choked because of two things:

1. My memories of sipping Gongcha Milkmilk Tea called to mind rushing suddenly
2. I can't believe @ 85 Pesos (yes! it came already with hi-grade pearls/tapioca) - this deliciously affordable milk tea is cheap compared to other brands where price ranges to 120 to 140.

To emphasise its affordable price, the 85 pesos is the tallest size; I can say.. based on my taste buds that the ingredients they used is pleasing to the tongue and could invoke memories of good tidings in your mind.

Price List As of October 2019 (may vary overtime)

I was then inspired to write this to let the internet and milk tea fanboys out there that Coco Martea is quite perfect to the taste and is easy on the wallet. I guess you can have your daily fix of milk tea by just dropping by to one of their outlets and grab your suitable flavour.

Coco Martea's Facebook Page


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