Saturday, January 02, 2021

My Cycling Journey - Chapter One (The Bike Anatomy)

It's been almost a month of my journey in bicycling - i mentioned in my previous post (Introduction To My Cycling Journey) about the next steps and how's it going thus far, so here's a quick update tagged as Chapter 1.

Welp, i have been mostly travelling to nearby areas only like Vermosa Grounds or along Aguinaldo Hi-way within Imus city parts.

Thankful for the care-free beautiful piece of bikey (see last image below) - basic specs but it holds true to its purpose, taking me to places and bringing me to my desired destination.

I have learnt some basics about parts and the anatomy of a bike. It's interesting! And thanks to @decathlonPH for the comprehensive details.

Below is the Bike Anatomy that i made out from scratch.

1. Saddle - name says it all

2. Seatpost - a post (tube) to which the saddle is attached to.

3. Brakes - for both rear and front

4. Wheel 

5.  Drivetrain - the image below says it all about this part. The  (5) rear and (6) front derailleur are used to move the chain from one sprocket to another.

7. Crankset / Cassette - cranks and drivetrains are both driven by brands if you're looking at quality perspective.

8. Pedal

9. Frame - Aluminum is an ideal choice, most of the time. Definitely the prime component of the bike.

10. Headset - the tube that angles the steering axis.

11. Stem 

12. Handle Bars 

13.  Shifters/Levers 

14. Fork / Suspension - one of the crucial aspects to consider since it helps a smooth ride over bumpy and roadblocks. This is the forky type aspect fronting the bike

So, there you go... just finished carving in to digital print this knowledge about the Bike Anatomy. I'm an advocate of constantly re-living your acquired knowledge into transfers or sharing of information - this is to solidify your memory or at least have better retention.


ps: watch out for Chapter Two - roadbikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, citybikes


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