Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Wrap-up

Zeitgeist - the spirit of the time; the spirit characteristic of an age or generation.
(as defined by WordWeb Dictionary)

Just sharing these gist of occurrences from the year 2011. Compiled by Google. It's deafeningly meaningful, and at the same time shockingly mad - the riots, the blood brought by war, the insurmountable wrath of nature as depicted by Japan's earthquake and Tsunami.

There were triumphs, like the awesome wonder of a deaf hearing her voice for the first time, there were sadness, a mixture of anxiety and loneliness, as news upon news of orgasmic terror and good vibes gleamed upon our eyes.

The year is about to pass, it was blazingly fast, we couldn't fathom how did we make it through, despite the odds, impediments and incurable strife from emotional fatigue to physical boredom and recluse. Above all these, we survived, we stand our ground as the emblem of hope swayed in full force ahead of our vision. A vision that may seem blatant, yet deep inside we shiver in doubt and fear, these are yet to be augmented. But we're not going to allow for these thoughts to thrive further, as we embrace with positivity and determination that 2012 is yet another zeitgeist that will vanish in the footprints of time.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This was my post last year when it comes to Thanksgiving. And now, we have four days to go before 2011 will come to pass. I haven't written for a while on this blog, i was immersed in full force slumber and got fully engaged with personal and work related duties. Yet, i couldn't deny this surging feelings of need to express and let it be known to the blogosphere the still intact rejoiceful feeling of thankfulness when i had my uniform and hymnal book as i walked down the aisle for the year-end processional hymns of praises in our own covenant of sacred duties for the spiritual aspect of this life.

Glorious, absolutely glorious and fulfilling. Those were the words i want to forever imprint in my mind and heart as i reconcile my thoughts in looking back the recently finished Year-End Thanksgiving (December 18, 2011). It was a mixture of pure profoundness for the beauty of His endless grace, the compassion and heartfelt mercy He had extended in every second of my life, that each nerve and fiber within me couldn't contain how was i able to stand my ground, how was i able to endure and to emerge as hopeful as ever i could be.

No words, no mortal definitions could describe this gratitude. I will let this medium be an outlet to spread that He is the unconquerable force that no human mind could decipher about His exquisite love and wisdom.

Failures and successes came, had given me the whirlwind addiction to crave for more, and at the same time, had provided me also the bites of reality of anguish. All these, I've learnt from, all these taught me to further my attitude in dealing with life - with what will come ahead of me this 2012.

While it's a mere fact that we couldn't fathom what lies ahead, the entrustment and the sole need to supplicate and to take refuge is by no means a reflection of how i had submitted myself to carry on - no matter what happens, that i shall remain and shall not waver in my faith.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Instagram - iPhone App of the Year

Apple named Instagram as the iPhone App of the year. Who cares?

Eventually you'll care, since this app is coming to the Android. I guess that's not my whole point. You'll have to try to experience the magic of this app. From its humble beginnings where you can only post your photos without the social network's augmenting popularity, it has evolved to a cleaner, more powerful slate of features. It's now like a cross of Facebook and Twitter with images or photos as the main delicacy. So if you're a visual type, and you haven't tried this yet, you've missed  a lot.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Snail Mail for the Holidays

I spent almost one hour accomplishing the 5 greeting cards meant to be sent to my relatives abroad. I figured that I still don't have difficulty in writing cursive script. Methinks in reflection that it's been ages, of me not using the pen for long periods, the fact that I use the pen only to scribble signature on certain occasions, I deduced that you don't have to practice all the time in order for the writing skill of longhand to fade.

There were several positive vibes that came to a fleeting moment as I was writing my thoughts which is directed to one of my uncles and grandmothers. Writing in action through the traditional way of ink and paper provided me perspectives on different areas:
  • It's a sure-hit way to reminisce the memory lane with your loved ones
  • Rekindling affection that was set dormant because of non-communication for long periods of time
  • The magic of the pen and paper is still incomparable (despite email and facebook being readily available)
  • Your senses are suddenly speaking out loud that your longing for them intensified to the next level.

I wasn't thinking of the time spent, the effort flowing spontaneously, partly because I was focused to finish my deadline on this task and mainly because I was enjoying it.

One struggle I've encountered is finding the postal. The mall closest to my place do not offer postage unlike the Mall of Asia. I've no choice but to find the postal office from and within the Municipal Building.

Lo and behold, the ordinary really brings joy and awe most of the time. As the postmaster was pasting stamps on my 5 envelopes, I can't help but smile, that I've gone this far. Seeing those printed little squares with different hues and images made me believe that it was I who was about to receive those letters. Somehow, it dawned on me that each of us longed for connection most of the time. Be in a face to face situation or just the ordinary, traditional way of communication.