Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Sa Iyo Ako...

Narito akong pinagmamasdan ang mga tala,
Inaalala ang mga panahong masasaya,
Ilang buwan na nga ba akong lumuluha?
Hanggang kailan ba ako magdurusa?

"Ama, nais ko lamang pong sumaya."
Hiling ko sa Panginoon sa aking mga panata.
Nais na maging tunay na masaya,
Sa sanlibutang puno ng pagdurusa.

"Hindi ko na po kaya ang mga pagsubok, Ama.
Ngunit kakayanin ko po upang ika'y makasama
Sa bayang banal na sa aki'y iyong inihanda."
Sambit ko nang tuluyan akong lumuha.

Umuungol ako ng labis na kalungkutan
Na hindi alam ng kahit na sinuman. 
Nakikinig sa daing ng aking mga kaibigan
Upang sila'y gabayan sa mundong ginagalawan.

Lahat ng aking kaibigan ay aking pinakinggan,
Ngunit mayroong isang marupok na sisidlan
Na walang sawa kong pinagmamasdan
Bawat daing, bawat pighati, bawat hikbi ng kalungkutan.

Oras-oras ay iniisip ang kalagayan niya.
Siya ba'y maayos? Malungkot? Masaya?
Hindi mapakali ang sarili kakaisip sa kaniya.
Hindi mawari bakit ganoon sa kaniya

| An Original from Aidan
Author of Silakbo Sa Balintataw

Ano Ang Tawag sa Bilbil sa Braso? BRAZOVILLE HAHAHAHAHA!

Akala ko ang bilbil ay sa tiyan lang
Bakit nakasalang na ang Nutella para ipalaman?

| Image from Reddit/hmmm

Notes @billymacdeus

When After Watching Endgame And Realization Sinks In

Now this is literally lit.
When you're feeling amazed and confused all at once.

| Courtesy of Reddit/pics


Baby Turtle Swimming Floating Around On A Slice Of Bread

Ang cutie-pie na turtle ng bread. Malamang Gardenia ang bread na yan.

Pero 'yung katabi niya ay Tasty. LOL!

| Image from Reddit/mildlyinteresting

Notes @billymacdeus

Monday, April 29, 2019

Love Hurts?

Take it from the pro and read on.

| Reddit/Pics


PH: Coron Palawan Crystal Clear Waters

This is spectaculart. (I intentionally coined it 😼)

Another win for the Philippines.
What an awesome view from Coron, Palawan.

| Image courtesy of reddit/pic

The Sad Truth: Election Is Fast Approaching But Most Filipinos Are Still Unsure Who To Vote For

Meme courtesy of r/Philippines

A Long Post After A While

Notes from Billy Mac: 

  • a three-minute read
  • take time to digest, read it and put it to heart, the cadence is reverberating with kindness and love.

A Long Post After a While

I went to delve into your deepest of roots
But you swayed and said not yet
Slowly I unearthed your secrets
Oh yeah it wasn't at all unraveled
Your powers aren't enough you said

Then I became addicted to your games
Of endless nights my hands have swelled
In pressing, touching and tapping
On Your hardened glass of skin
Illuminating my eyes to see more
Of Your beauty and desirable effects
That I couldn't resist no more to let go of you
That even in my sleep it's You that I hold on to

As I wake up in the morning, You're the first thing
That my hands would seek
Slowly, stirring you to stop whispering into my ears
About your sound that disturbs my early morning dreams
And then with my finger I set you to snooze
But you were persistent you wanted me to touch
And so ive no choice but to satisfy your urges
To finally turn off your alarms of reminders

But then I couldn't thank you just enough
For shedding the news from the outside world
As I sat and drink my tea, you flash your daily digest
Giving me perspective to the world of unrest
You even skillfully showed the latest updates
Of how to feed you and be the best of your health
I heeded on to your request, and I told you to just wait
That tonight we'll do it then

And so throughout the day you are with me
Either I'm holding you with my hand
Or You're at close to my legs
And at times when I have to hear someone else
You never faltered to be so close to my ears
And transfer the thoughts and mimes
No matter how long the distance is
And I felt you hot at times, but I never cooled you
Instead when you are about to get drained
I plugged you deep for your revival
And you got soaked in energy once more
Ready to give, ready to deliver
Your most capable aura of a shiver

You know, I never wanted for you to be alone
And so even I'd just go for a pee
I'd snatch you from your cradle and bring you with me
To the restroom I'm still holding you tight
And tapping, checking if everything's alright
Thanks for the mail fetch and the FB notes
Im not to forget the text message you've showed
That bring my lips to a smile
And so you blushed and I wiped to make you shine

Then your white sister came in a rush one day
I was surprised I got awestruck and dumbfounded
To her beauty and her enormous flare
You seemed jealous but you never confronted me
Instead I felt you waited further for affection
But it seems I could no longer match on what I feel
I was thinking of something irrationally
Yet my mind said I couldn’t really replace you
I thought you wept that night…
But you felt at ease again when I unlock you
And be enthralled once more to what are you
Cherishing every moment on what you could offer
To quench my need and love for being you.

Original Post By: SemperFiGordon

Sunday, April 28, 2019

LH: When Work Gets Tough Refer To A Gratitude List

The most wonderful part i read in this quote: because as we grow professionally, our standards change and this list has helped me with my perspective.

I couldn't stress enough the power of reflection/introspection or whatever you call it. In times of confusion or wariness, let us learn to go back in time as to why we chose to accept the path we are in now, by focusing on the positive aspect. Here's a lifehack tip from r/lifeprotip

When you are going to a new place to work, write down all the reasons why you took the new job (benefits, perks, money, convenience, insurance, health...etc)
Then when times get tough at work and you're frustrated you can go back and review that list to put yourself back into a place of gratitude and remember why you made a change. Because as we grow professionally our standards change and this list has helped me with my perspective. Hope it helps someone else, too!

| Reddit Quote from lifehacks


Irate Customers Can Have Psychological Impact To Call Center Workers

Call center workers endure a lot, i mean A Lot! A recent study showed that customer mistreatment to employees servicing them would take toll on the employee’s health and mindfulness. This is just one factor surrounding the threats to the morale and worklife balance of BPO employees. Read for the snippets of the research.

Being mistreated by a customer can negatively impact your sleep quality and morning recovery state, according to new research published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.
“One of my broader research interests is employees’ work or job stress. In particular, with the rise of service industry, service employees are important human capital for organizations, but employers do not often pay attention to their stress issues at work,” said YoungAh Park, an assistant professor at the University of Illinois and the corresponding author of the new study.

 Read the full article here. https://www.psypost.org/2019/04/customer-mistreatment-can-harm-your-sleep-quality-according-to-new-psychology-research-53565?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app#prettyPhoto

| News from #reddit

Spoiler Alert: Endgame

Now this!

RIP ~ 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Golden-rayed petals
Adder her radiance
Your exquisiteness
Captivates every man of the cloth
Your charm illuminates like the flower that blossoms
When beamed by sunlight
Your vitality strikes amongst all the gentle
Beholds their sight on you

You are the only sunflower that blooms
in stormy Winter.
So unearthly,
Oddly menacing
Thy yellow petals fall in Spring
Perilously untouched by Fall
Even the hottest of the Summer
Barely touches thy brilliance
Explicitly possessed
By the earth's seasons.

Submission by Mavie 

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Sapagkat Mayroong Pag-asa

Ang gabi ay maging napakadilim man
Masarap pa rin ang magpahinga ng walang agam-agam
'Yung pipikit ang mga mata sa gitna ng karimlan
Na natapos na ang araw...
Umaga naman ay muling masisilayan

Masarap abangan ang kasunod na pagtupad
Pinananabikan saanman mapadpad
Masarap din tuparin ang tungkulin kapag may suliranin
Lalo na kapag alam mo na ang Ama ay sasama sa atin

Huwag kang matakot sa mga pagsubok
Ang Ama ay aalalay, at tutulong sa iyo ng lubos
Iingatan Ka niya sa gitna ng unos
Pagtatagumpayin ka sa lahat ng lunos

Guest Post From James Riazo
Check his FB Profile on the link above

Monday, April 01, 2019

Broken Wings

"Broken Wings"

Sitting under the shade of a tree with
nothing else to do,
Gazing at the people come and go while
staring at you.
Impressively, people are sedolous  with
their own lives,
Engage and tied-up in their work as
they strive.

I saw birds with broken wings as it crawled
down and cried,
Wingless birds on the ground besieging as
they subside,
Aiding then until they're well enough to
soar up to the sky,
Until that very day the birds flew and said 

As I see them flying above me, flying so
I felt something that words can't describe,
A sensation of joy and despair at the same
And as the birds thanked me and flew away,
They didn't look down to see if I was

If only they could see how pathetic a person 
I am,
They'd have regrets, griefs, woes, and
But they're so blinded  with their daily lives,
forgetting something they couldn't 
While looking and hoping to fly higher and
Forgetting that there's someone who can't even fly.

I wonder how it feels like to be flying
Soaring​ up and up,
without nothing to worry.
I'll spread my wings up and fly easy,
Enjoying the breeze and thinking nothing.
I wonder if I will still look down,
When I'm that high in the sky aiding others
 so we could fly high, or
 Look up further and soar up higher?
 Forgetting something that really matters.

~Original by: Christian Torrijos