Wednesday, December 08, 2010

3 Things to muster when it comes to writing and blogging

Believe it or not, blogging will not cease as long as the internet is alive, count 10 decades from now and i'm sure, blogging will still be there, que sera sera.

Despite the trend and the many converts moving daily into the circle of the blogosphere, the obstacles that are basic in realizing this hobby are somewhat intimidating esp to those who have zero experience in writing and for those who are so called wannabes.

I, infact salute those peeps who are finding time to create, nurture and maintain consistency in posting to their blogs (whatever it is : fotoblog, diary blog, technoblog, foodblog and movie review blogs among others).

I wont consider myself an expert on this field but allow me to share my thoughts and insights about the factors to muster when it comes to writing and blogging.

1. Grammar
- whenever someone has committed the mistake (honest mistake or due to ignorance) of using a bad grammar, it's as if a crime is done. Lo! and Behold! you are not alone in that dilemma. To fix the anxiety and lacking of confidence due to grammar complexities, start befriending books and be a reader addict. It's never too late to acquire knowledge. (i have my own grammar lapses and i proactively it)
To make you feel comfy, some famous authors  such as Jane Austen violated some of the grammar rules, i don't imply that we should all fall to the sin of committing errors in the language we are using, i'm trying to say that mistakes can happen and we should learn from it, a non-stop learning process, to improve and be consistent of error free composition.

2. Eloquence
- the smoothness in conveying your thoughts through a written prose is one hell of a challenge, i feel irritated whenever someone asks me to repeat what i've just said, it's like i blurted out the wrong words. What more, when it comes to writing? If you think back, most of us are allergic to technical books and literature, why? primarily because it's boring and monotonous.
One of the great traits of those lovable writers makes you indulge into their stories, it compels you to flip open the dictionary and look for the meaning of their chosen words in their literature and prose.
Eloquence is synonymous to fluency. To be fluent means to use the language in an effective manner with crystal clearness to the receiver.

3. Time and Patience
- Success cannot happen overnight, if you're looking for an immediate traffic in your blog, then change your thoughts. Readership and audience in a blog ripens over time based on the quality of what you write. Dreaming your blog to be on the top search results of Google can be realized. it's a matter of time and patience. Always inject the passion of thinking the benefits of being consistent in writing. There are surefire ways to get your blog to be successful and gain wide readership but the most effective one is having it founded by the virtue of patience and consistency.

For those who are always on the go in enhancing their verbal and linguistic intelligence, it's best to navigate through these waters, the constant practice and application of these 3 factors discussed above must be memorized by heart. Mustering these qualities will bring you to a level that you won't regret. 

How about you? What do you have in mind?


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