Monday, December 21, 2020

Airpods Pro - I caved In (delayed post)


Last October 2019, i posted a kind of pros and cons article if it's worth getting an Apple Airpods. (this was the blog i wrote back then: Airpods - Is It Worth To Grab One? )

Welp, it just occurred to me now, that it took me a year to decide - ha ha ha! Let's not go into the detail what pursued me to get one.

Three months ago - October this year, i finally caved in.

With my 3 mos using this little baby - i must say, am gonna rate it as 5 out of 5 stars.

These are the main drivers why i luvved it!

1. Seamless connection to my iPhone, Car Stereo, AppleWatch & my MBP

- no doubt, it's one of those domains that @Apple is good at, the tremendously flawless synching/talking/easyset-up between its platforms. And i'm just .... hands-down impressed to it.

2. Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode

- it's not fair to compare this because i never owned any high-end earphones or head-phones (ie) Beats or Bose, until this one came. But i'm really enjoying - pretty ecstatic always whenever i'm using this lil babe.

3. Wireless! period

- yeahhhh!!!! Gone are the days of the tangling wired earbuds. It has improved my productivity a whole lot.


Below's a shortclip of my self-vid while walking/jogging wearing the lil babe back in November 1, 2020.  Another cool thing? - it doesn't fall off easily despite the rigorous run or jog activities.

I even use this lately in my bike rides.

extra caution: make sure that you activate "transparency" mode while doing your physical activities (jogging, running, walking, biking, cycling, aerobics, etc).

How To Operate (excerpt from

take note: you can't adjust the volume by taps or press; instead, use Hey Siri commands.

Battery Info (excerpt from
batteries by default are consumable, take care of your gadget by keeping it learn when to charge together with your iphone dashboard/notif

I'm not really a huge Apple Fanboy, but in case you are also deciding to grab one, why don't you try the Airpods Max?

And to save you from googling, as of this time - these are the prices:


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