Saturday, June 30, 2012

Untitled Martian

Rain and teardrops
dripped together in a muffled scream
of reverberating madness
as it pour in a rhythm
Where shall she ran?
Where shall she go?
To undo the magic
that sparked from within
is this to end?
or this to expand?
it could pop
in the head
in the heart
to bring
to bring
a captive
of relentless dreams


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sleepless in June's Heat

Elusive, O you slumber!
Mind at play
Body in disarray
Sweat drippin
From the heat smokin'
With the hammering thuds
Of the nearby fixture
All the more
The eyes to stare
On  the white ceiling

Come now
O sleep
To peace I shall rest
But nowhere
Are you passing
None at all
My stupor
Acquainted to jam
My creative thinking


Saturday, June 09, 2012


I'm so damn bad!!!

Every teardrop is a waterfall.

If you're in to the alternative genre, you knew that the second line of this post is a song title. But why did i say i'm so damn bad? Because i realized that i stepped beyond the border far enough for me to look back that i can no longer run back in a flash.


is all that i await...


is my only hope...

KSA: Lookin Back, camping in the desert

... it's two am here in the desert, we're on the outskirts of riyadh saudi arabia, the atmosphere is  essentially satisfying for the cold air is caressing my face, bringing a chilling to the bone icey coldness, nevertheless it is bearable and it's as if i'm in the brink on the endurance of letting go. 

All my comrades in adventure were asleep, deep into slumber below the shine and smooth glare of the smiling moon towering above the desert. The clouds were mere paint of imaginations playing around the only source of light in our surroundings (our small fire got burnt out, and the headlight of the car got turned off). It simply is a perfect romantic ambience, yet the feeling of solitude cannot be denied.

Up next, on our way to the RED SAND... the shot below is courtesy of Romy.