Wednesday, February 17, 2010

That fire within you...

This goes around well….

“We have stumbled, our spirits have been crushed, our hearts bleed, and we have lost”. And the counter vail … We’ve learned to stood up, we’ve healed our selves, we have taught our hearts to beat again, we fought our way back and continued pacing.” It’s just like movies with happy ending.

Digging deeper, we could see them vividly.…

At first were just small steps. He tried to stand with just one limp limb, weak and hesitant. Mustering all the strength to carry him and walk… Both hands are grasping, numb and cold but still trying to clutch to anything that there is. They are fiercely holding on. And so on. Those are pictures of survivors that we see in our minds. Wounded but turned victorious from experiences that we, per se, had gone through.

It is easy to see in reality…

There is the athlete. For him, hard training and giving a good fight is the challenge. There is the soldier. Always staking his life in a war. There is the mother. Embracing a most noble profession. There is the youth. Unending in going through the natural cyclic process of finding one-self identity.

From the observer’s eye who have seen….

This fighting and struggling is caused by the fire within us. That fire is the burning desire to win, the zeal to succeed in the battle, the ardent yearning to reach the end. The unceasing spirit to outlive what is weighing us down.

Every person has fire within them. For some it is burning high, blazing. For some, it is waning…bleak. What keeps that fire burning within us is fuelled by our unique individualism. Keeping that fire burning is tantamount to winning, to succeeding, and to reaching the end. Recognizing our individual fuel will unquestionably sustain that fire within us.

An eye-opener…

If you are not an athlete, neither a soldier, nor a mother nor a youth, - who are you and what keeps that fire burning within you?

I would like to recommend 2009 Warner Brothers’ motion picture “Up”. The burning fire within was best displayed in the roles of Carl, the young boy scout and Mr. Fredriech, the old widower.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guarding Yourself With Temptations

(Note: You are reading this short story created circa 2010)

I met this girl named wholesome... she has been a friend from a long time,  however, we did not get to know each other so close. So the friendship formed wayback so long ago was a matter of fact the usual "Hi and Hello conversation".

Due to unexpected circumstances, our paths have crossed again.

Wholesomeness  can be defined in a lot of different ways and meanings.

Here's one thought I wanna share that this wholesome lady has shared the last time we met. 
Our conversation has something to do in guarding your faith, to stand your ground, and not to falter. I persisted that we are still humans, we cannot be perfect and will never be. So there would be times that we go astray and commit acts of iniquities. I told her one big example... temptation. And how does she deal with temptations? She asked me one arresting question? 

"Kaw ba, laging lumalapit sa bangin? Eh alam mong mahuhulog ka dun pagka sobrang lapit ka, sa isang iglap at maling paghakbang lang, hulog kana..."

What she is pointing here is, don't go near to temptations, as soon as you identified it..., leave and go away while it's early. It's like at a high plateau... at the end of it is a cliff, don't go near the cliff because it poses danger and death. Before its too late falling from that cliff, save yourself from the damage and never be near it. She emphasized that never ever be close to temptations because humans are easily tempted.

So true!

I realized, being in the state of unworthy threshold of actions, consequence would occur that you will repent in the end. Then again, it still depends on you, if there are set of principles you are following, morally and spiritually, then you may consider the above example.

Bottomline is, conscience speaks for itself..., in your solitude or lying in bed as you enter slumber, I'm sure you get what i mean.

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

the attitude of faith

it takes a lot of guts to overcome the fear of failing and or rejection. these past few days, i was torn between two opposing forces that could ruin both friendship and on one of my org's responsibility. my impulse was to settle in ignoring the situation and just leaving it behind, the "come what may" scenario got me into the mood, "let it pass" thinking is my first reaction. but as the hours passed, my mind races into unsettling disturbance.

then i decided to have a choice... in the back of my mind, i planned to just leave the situation behind. that is, to go unnoticed and not involved into deeper public relations with friends and at the same time ignoring my responsibilities in one of the org i'm in.

yet as i lay down i bed that night, the footprints of worries and conscience of guilty feeling was the last of emotions i felt as i've entered dreamland. Despite my mind saying "settle down",  "it's already planned", "just wait for the realization, it's going to be alright"; somewhere deeper in me, an attitude tells me that it's not right to abandon such responsibilities. and i slept with that thought in the back of my head.

i woke up around 9:30am, not too much time to consider if i will change plans and fulfill my responsibilities, yet this strong will of purpose jolted out like a burst of energy within me to reverse the plan.. to change it the last minute and go back as the normal guy to attend this and do this as it was expected of me.

i just can't resist the urge to fulfill my duty that i was able to prepare myself in 15 minutes and took the taxi and all went i go. 

this small phase of scenario in my life that i've shared is somewhat extraordinary, as i was inside the cab, thinking what has gone wrong? why i am back again and not sticked to the plan last night kept me thinking all through out, not only from my ride but even after the event. when i went home, writing this blog, it occurred to me the realization of having the attitude to fight for what is evil and prevail from it. i was searching the right context of how this realization got through. i was forming the right word that could best describe what has happened... 

and i call it faith. 

how about you? has it ever occurred to you dismissing such a plan made-up, only to flip it in the end?

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Friday, February 05, 2010

That Loving Feeling

Love topic is one of the most untiring things to explore and discuss. but let me tell you my perception when it come's to this extraordinary virtue called LOVE.

For some, feeling is synonymous with love. 
  • You’ve looked at each other's eye and you felt like your heart skipped a beat. And there, it is love.  
  • You touched her hand and you felt like an electric volt has run through each others veins, and there, it is love. 
  • You merely see his back, and your heart lurch like an urchin, and bingo! It is love! 
Those are the feelings they associated with love. Since they felt that way, therefore that feeling is love. In conclusion, they are in love. 
When such feeling become extinct, or ceased due to some reasons, then they would say they fell out of love. There is no feeling anymore. I want to be out of this relationship.  
Feeling a wonderful and intoxicating emotion towards the opposite sex is often mistaken as love. Then they are deceived.


Love is more than just a feeling. 
When there is that magical feeling, and then you loved-when the feeling has gone, so is your love. When you love, you eventually learn of the feeling, and then when the feeling is gone, you love still. 
"Feeling" is very weak and unstable basis of love. It is because, feeling varies. It changes. It weathers out. 
Love is choosing to care even when the feeling has gone. Love is choosing to understand without a question. 
  • Love is choosing to share even when at the least. 
  • Love is choosing to commit even when you found out of the imperfections. 
  • Love is accepting both the good and the bad.
  • Love is learning to meet halfway. 
  • Love is choosing to stay together and hold on till the last. Love never fades whatever it takes.

Let me quote the verse from Corinthians, 
"love is patient and kind;  it is not jealous or conceited or proud, love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep record of wrongs; love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth. Love never gives up; and it;s faith, hope and patience never fail. Love is eternal...."

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