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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Star Crossed


Love is a verb.

It's watching you dance and staring at your smile.

It's the way i can't look away.

Love is noun.

It's the warmth i feel around you and your presence i always miss.

Love is something i would shout out loud, knowing i couldn't.

and Love is an adjective.

It's how sweet you smell and the gentleness of your touch.

Love is how lively you make me feel.

K, i can't wait another life,

one where we belong together.

One where i can love you, 

but not only in silence.

˜UnsentLetters from u/melancholicbaby

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

You Made Me Cry...


You made me cry.
It caught me so off-guard because you haven't done anything to hurt me.
Quite the opposite.
You broke me wide open and shined light on the ways I've been settling for less in my life.
You somehow managed to do this with minimal words.
This sounds so lame but it was truly your presence that stirred so much up inside of me.

F*ck, I'm crying right now thinking about you.
The way your eyes gently pierce through my defenses, straight to my essence.
The way you listen and absorb little details in conversation.
The warm, buzzing energy you radiate when you're close.
Your goofy laugh that sprouts up when you let your guard down.
You are truly remarkable.

They say you rarely remember what a person said to you, 
you remember how made you feel.
Even if our story doesn't end up being romcom and even if we end up as background characters in each other's lives,
I'll always remember how you made me feel.
You've changed me for the better and that's a pretty good reason to cry if you ask me.

_written by: u/kaleidoscope-Vision

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Wistful Smile


I blinked my heavy tired eyes

In fleeting seconds hope I would find

Your smiling face that brings delight

To my once aching heart. 

Just like a mist, readily gone

That's how you synced your time to mine

In just  few seconds you were gone 

Now I am wishing I crossed your mind.

Yes, that's what reality is!

Hellos and goodbyes are said inevitably

Hoping your plans went well with you

That is what my hearts desire for you.

guestpost by ThinkerBelle

|photo by billymacdeus @ Manila Bay|

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Waiting Moonlights


Waiting Moonlights

It's the calmness and the arresting peace; 

layered by the soft breeze of summer.

waiting moonlights, one summer evening.

a quarter to seven -- dusk, maybe?

Maybe i want to see the glorious moonlight; 

trying to surface from the transcending clouds.

Lights, slowly... willingly shining upon.

a witnessing sight to wonder, somehow.

And there you go, finally smiling... 

your moonshine - - - beyond profound.

Indescribable, as you get to manifest the

exquisite beauty, leaving me speechless.

~billymacdeus ® poetry

Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Immortalizing You

Civilly, shooting stars are falling beside your gaze, even on your shadows; actually... at all angles,
but you didn't care.

you kept on shining your glow, to the darkest of the nights, and you generously shared your iridescence

i was amazed -- as usual... things like:
your super duper nice ability to magnetize my attention-- they way you make your point,
the way you flash your grin-- at times arresting me with longing to lock you in my arms,
your listening skills--allowing me to express further my trains of thought,
the way you convince (and the way you influence) at all levels, was truly impressive -- a proof that you're a wide reader.

i could go on, and on.. describing you, and the list will be endless
and i will never get tired - i guess,

it just so happened, like a bat of an eye -- "kisapmata" in the Filipino word --- our intimacy, how it blossomed.

i'm happy yeah, and i could feel the mutual happiness too, on your end.
it's a fulfilling sense of euphoria... if there's anything beyond that description; i admit --- that should be it.

composed: June 11, 2021
~bmvd ® poetry

Wednesday, February 02, 2022

I Love Trees

I love trees is an understatement, of course i will always love you --

Silent as a dead in the middle of the night -- you can be that!

Vibrant as your leaves get to sway by the winds, rustling and yet, gentle -- you can be that!

Deaf-mute witness, to what is happening around the block -- you can be that! 

Provider of shades, without complaining -- you can be that!

A refuge of comfort, when the sun scorches the skin, willingly soothes -- you can be that!

Thank you, is all i can say...

Dearest Tree.

billymacdeus ®poetry