Saturday, September 26, 2020

Yesterday's Me


To You, who is in the past

I blame myself for not doing things you wanted me to

I, too, blame myself for doing things you don't want me to.

But as i remember, we were in the process of becoming.

I think we were in the stage to become.

I now see we are in the stage of choosing to let go.

I don't blame you, i blame me.

I see you're happy, i hope i am too

I see you're sad, i hope i am too.

I see you're proud, i am too.

I see you're ashamed, i hope i am too.

To you who is in the past, 

always remember, i am me now

because you were me.

I miss you, and i hope to see you soon, 

or maybe not!

~ Ezra