Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Dreamless sleeps
Wandering mind
Broken rests
Un steadied slumbers

Yearning thoughts
Unmatched resolve 
Flickering hope
Realities checked

Flowing laughters
Impeccable deeds
Smiles unfading
Serenity achieved



“When considering a man's motives, remember you must not measure his wheat with your bushel. He may not be using the same standard at all”

- The Fool's advice to FitzChivalry

(Assassin's Apprentice by Hobb Robin)

Friday, June 06, 2014

Love letters for Eleanor

'Twas the changing of the seasons
When our eyes locked for the first time
A transition of August bridging the 'ber' months that're approaching
I don't know if it was coincidental - 
That when our paths have crossed,
'Twas also the time when the caress of the wind brought some intimate chill

The time when…
The coolness of the earth is at its best

The time when…
The emptiness of my heart seem to vanish

The time when…
All I felt was meeting you with excitement

At first i thought it'd all go away
The feelings of longing
For you to be around my sight
Every minute, every second, everytime
But I guess I was wrong 
For I can't dictate, the spirit of the heart


Thursday, June 05, 2014

TIL Heart's Nature

Somewhere in the chapters of the Old Testament, it conveys that the Heart is deceitful in nature and desperately wicked.

Since the dawn of civilization, the first humans have been inclined to go against the will or the rule of the land. In reflection to the present times today, where murders, wars, famine, crime and the escalations of horrendous activities of mankind, it equates to the fact that human being is innate to profess a negative aura toward behaviors. It's as if doing wrong is the normal expectations.

Is there a chance for mankind to be directed in the right path? To gain a frame of mind in piloting the newness of life?