Monday, September 30, 2019

Difference of Helicopter, Airplane and a Drone

Last night I learned some basics of aerodynamics in a very fascinating way of how the mind can imagine.

After reading through the summary, make sure you watch the bonus video in an attempt to solidify your thoughts on the difference of how mechanically made flying objects such as airplanes, helicopters and drones could defy gravity.

So normally in order to make something fly, you need something called lift
Of Airplanes...
Lift is a force that counteracts gravity - it's why planes need wings to take off and stay airborne. Without wings they're just really fast buses. The wings, and the general shape of the plane, defines how aerodynamic it is - how easy it is for it to go fast, basically. By going fast, the airplane generates a steady stream of air for the wing to slice through. This is how lift is generated. It's why airplanes can't just stop in the middle of the air, and also why even if both engines die the plane can continue flying for some amount of time - it still has some speed remaining, and until that speed goes below a certain threshold (known as a stall), the wings will continue generating lift and keeping the plane up. 
Of Helicopters...
In contrast, helicopters don't really generate lift as much as they generate thrust. Missiles and space ships work in the same way. They simply produce a force that moves them in a certain direction - whether that's up, or sideways, or down, or whatever. If that force is strong enough to counteract gravity and air resistance, it can move wherever it wants. Think of it like letting go of a blown up balloon - it has no wings or engines, but it still moves really fast in all sorts of ways.
Of Drones and Quadcopters... 
Quadcopters are basically helicopters, but now there's 4 rotors (hence quad). Thus, they can do everything helicopters can do, in even crazier and faster ways.

Here's the video...

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ps: thank you @nexuist for the crisp but clear details.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Two Years Wasted

Love story inside a story... hear this out readers.

It's actually a true story...
It hurts to talk about it
But wanna know the funny part that's not very funny to me?

She was cheating on me the whole time
If I had put the some amount of time i spent focusing on some girl into my degree,
I would have had much better grades and more money to show for it
But no!
I got f*cked

Two Years wasted...

I was making good money as well i could have bought a new car
and have afforded a new apartment closer to the city
But no!
I let what appeared to be true love screw me
I just lusted after her like some pathetic loser
While she took my money and spent in on vacations with her other guy
while i thought she was away on work trips
I'm so broke because of her
I would have been well off
No I'm still in school finishing my specialist degree

My only advice - never trust anyone
Not even your family
Be competent
Then you'll never have to rely on anyone
or anything to make you happy
She may have broken my heart but she'll never take my pride
Sure thing

I really sought revenge, I did
I had it planned out for months
But then i let go
I let go of my hatred for what she did to me

Straight from the heart,

(This is a guest post with permission from Gumbo, lifted from Discord; thanks for reading)

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Expanded Maternity Leave Law in The Philippines (Mga Detalye)

Eto ang pina-simple at translated version ng Expanded Maternity Leave sa Pilipinas.

RA 11210 - One Hundred Five Days o 105 na araw na ang Maternity Leave ng mga kababaihang manggagawa sa Pilipinas with full pay mula sa employer.

a. Puwedeng mag-extend (on top of the 105 days) ng additional 30 days subalit wala itong bayad.

b. Para sa Solo/Single Mothers, puwedeng mag-extend pa ng additional 15 days bukod sa 105 days at 30 days.

Sino-sino ang covered sa expanded maternity leave?

a. Female Workers in the public sector - mga manggagawang babae sa gobyerno
b. Female Workers in the private sector - mga manggagawang babae sa mga pribadong kompanya
c. Female Workers in the Informal Economy - mga babaeng trabahador ng
d. Female Members who are voluntary contributors of SSS
e. Female National Atheletes

Infographic courtesy of SSS


Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Tips Sa PagCommute Tuwing Tag-Ulan (How To Tips In Commuting During Rainy Season)

Kahit September na sa Pilipinas, di pa rin natatapos ang rainy season natin.

Sakop pa rin tayo ng pagbugso ng habagat at moonsoon season. Bilang isang commuter, share ko po ang tips galing sa official page ng Philippine Information Agency.

Siyempre, mag-ingat palagi. Maging alerto sa lahat ng pagkakataon - baka ang katabi mo may amoy sa kili-kili; matuto kanalang na magpasensiya at lumipat ng upuan pag nagkataon.

~ billymacdeus

Apple Watch September Challenge

Game on! For the sake of fitness and lean body this September challenge is an easy peasy!

Will update this post as i progress and to see if this’ll be achieved at the end of the month.

+ + + + + +

Here we go, before September ends, recording this as another milestone.

- billymacdeus

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Hongkong Crisis - It Now Involved Terrorism

5-minute read

There are other things to worry in our country but i couldn’t help to be disheartened on the current crisis that Hongkongers (citizens) are going through.  The account of real time danger they are having now is harrowing; that even with the coldest of hearts could fall into unspeakable surprise by how the authorities are treating these citizens.

Here’s a graphical description of how they are terrorized. A picturesque of suffering, pain and pleadings of mercy especially when the OP (original poster) mentioned that these innocent folks who were not rallying/protesting knelt and beg the assaulters to stop.

This reddit post reflects a raw, unfiltered experience of a Hongkong Citizen; trying to voice the severe condition they are in and at the same time, trying to move the reader to at least do something in any way they can to appease and help their current situation.

I chose to post this in my blog because it feels that i am obligated upon my knowledge of this piece of truth to share to my audience no matter how big or small my followers are that somehow somewhere, a part of a nation in this earth is at a stake of difficult time. A state that life and death are the major players bestowed to each individual. Where no one can tell that any moment, any second, their lives have been or spared or they have already breathed their last.

- billymacdeus
(If it’s not too much to ask, please repost for awareness)