Monday, August 15, 2022

9 Ways To Be Effortlessly Confident

1. Start Working Out.

Nothing will increase your confidence like daily exercise.

You don't need to go overboard. Just 45 minutes of exercise per day can go a long way.

The increase blood flow and endorphins that are released will boost your confidence like nothing else.

2. Work On Your Appearance.

Make time for a basic grooming routine, and learn how to dress properly.

It's not difficult, simply wear clothes that compliment your body type.

3.  Adapt strong body language.

Body language has a huge impact on your confidence.

Negative body language can make you more nervous, unconfident, and awkward.

Stand tall, shoulders back, and keep your head up. 

4. Work towards your goal.

Achieving your goals will contribute greatly to your feelings of self-confidence.

This type of confidence stems from your abilities instead of vanity metrics, meaning it's here to stay.

5. Own Your Achievements.

Once you've reached your goals, it's important you own them.

You'd be surprised at how many people never talk about their accomplishments.

6. Change from Negative to Positive Mindset.

Simply thinking positively can change everything.

Instead of focusing on everything that can go wrong, start focusing on everything that can go right.

What you focus on, often becomes reality.

7. Practice Gratitude.

When you practice gratitude, fear disappears and abundance appears.

It's important to think about all the things you have to be grateful for, instead of what you don't have.

Stop approaching life with a negative mindset, and things will change.

8. Learn to Visualize

When you visualize something over and over again, your mind begins to believe that it has already happened.

When the situation finally arises, your brain thinks, "I got this!"

Remember that you get what you focus on.

9. Stick with Healthy Habits

Stop eating junk food, cut down time spent on social media for the sake of entertainment, use social media to acquire knowledge, increase smartness level.

Quit extensive hours of gaming.

Stop watching porn.

Quit recreational drugs.

Although they may seem harmless at the time, your bad habits have immense effects on your confidence and mental health.


--post lifted from The Male Architect in Twitter, with some added insights from bmvd

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Official Ten Code (ie) 10-4

Ever wonder, if there are other other 10-codes out there aside from the famous 10-4 (Ok, Message received / Roger!) ?

Welp, here you go for the other 10-Codes, gathered from a cuppa-coffee print with a 4-decade age:

10-1 Receiving poorly

10-2 Receiving well

10-3 Stop transmitting

10-4 OK, message received

10-5 Relay message

10-6 Busy, stand by

10-7 Leaving air

10-8 In service

10-9 Repeat message

10-10 Transmission complete

10-11 Talking too fast

10-12 Visitors present

10-13 Advise road/weather conditions

10-16 Make pickup at

10-17 Urgent business

10-18 Anything for us?

10-19 Nothing for you,

10-20 My location is---

10-21 Call by telephone

10-22 Report in person

10-23 Stand by

10-24 Assignment completed

10-25 Can you contact

10-26 Disregard last info

10-27 Moving to Channel

10-28 Identify station

10-29 Time up for contact

10-30 Does not conform to FCC rules

I wonder what happened to 10-31?

10-32 I will give a radio check


10-34 Station in trouble, needs help

10-35 Confidential info

10-36 Time check

10-37 Wrecker needed

10-38 Ambulance needed

10-39 Message delivered

Same...I'm wondering what happened to 10-40?

10-41 Tune to Channel

10-42 Traffic accident at

--compiled by Mac from cuppacoffe printed image lifted in reddit

Saturday, August 06, 2022

iOS16 How To Tie-Up Focus On Your Lockscreen?


iOS16 offers again another cool customization on the lockscreen, which is to add or tie-up the Focus feature  (Sleep, Work, Gym, Personal, etc) on your desired lockscreen.

Given that lock-screen can have multiplicity, each lockscreen can be customized with:

1. wallpapers

2. depth effects and 

3. fonts

4. widgets

5. Focus

and the good thing about  #5 is you can add "focus" into it - depending on your mood.

Hit the play button to learn more.