Thursday, September 30, 2010

The IT Crowd

"If you type google into Google, you can break the internet, so please no one try it! even for  joke"
Jen Barber (IT CROWD)

(SPOILER ALERT: Don't continue reading, mild spoilers ahead)

After 2 days of internet hiatus due to a temporary cut-off in our wifi line, i'm back again in the blogosphere.

Yikes! So i was bored to death during those two days without me connected to the cyberspace (well physically on my laptop eh!). And if you'd ask me how did i managed? I'm thankful to the company of Jen, Moss and Roy from the hit comedy series of Channel 4's the IT CROWD.

It would be an understatement to say that this super duper cool show is addictively flavored with so much wit and amusement that surely tickles the elusive tastes of uninhibited creatures. Well yeah! Before i got overseas, i prolly had watched twice, thrice of the two seasons back then of the IT Crowd. And during the two days off with no wifi in my room, thankfully i had those it crowd videos for the iPhone which then saved me from absolute boredom.

The one's below a classic from Jen and Denholm....

There were six episodes in each season, leaving me with hunger after doing a series marathon of all the episodes. I couldn't stop laughing out so hard and loud literally. Season three is so terrific; sad to say though that Denholm just had one appearance in an episode. His character died in season 2.

For those tv series fanatics who were accustomed and have been indulging so much into drama, crime scene actions and vampire saga love stories; shake up! and mind the other genres of today's hottest comedy team - The IT Crowd. I bet you won't regret after you'd watched an episode.

Folks, i hate to say this but, Jen's expressing of ideas, is just so impressively convincing. Take a look at this.

Tastefully, this comedy series has been my favorite of all time. It's surely an epic. A buster for those lonely moments that you may seem to forget the world for a while. 


Monday, September 27, 2010

How Would You Know If Someone Loves You?

"When marrying, ask yourself this question: Do you believe that you will be able to converse well with this person into your old age? Everything else in marriage is transitory." 

Okay stop right there. Your eyebrows are arching already. A close friend PMed me asking ... how do you know if someone loves you? can you tell if inlab na sayo yung tao? 

Without question and beyond doubt, she was referring to a romantic kind of love. I'm no expert when it comes to love and romantic relationships. I only had a few romantic relationship experiences; can be counted in the fingers, so when i tried to answer her question, my thoughts are not in a solitary expression, so i rested my fingers from typing on my keyboard and procrastinated in replying her back.

Hours passed and i'm infront of my screen again, trying to compose and gather my thoughts about the private message. My mind still in chaos, i can't really start my reply, and as if i cannot form the words trying to pop in my head on how to expound and give a clear and sound advice..

So i turned to my blog and here am i. I'd like you to share your thoughts re the above simple inquiry. When it comes to love topic, each of us has their own say, but my opinion really is, when it comes to love in relation to the question above, Love attains its true meaning between the two involved persons when there is a sincere affirmation of vows (i'm not talking about marriage vows)- i'm referring to the expression  of a passionate "i love you" (mostly from the males) and the romantically inclined answer of "i love you too" (from the females). Without those beautiful, emotive and definitive exchange of discourse, love, i guess wouldn't come in full circle. Despite the actions that depict love; despite the fact that action speaks louder than words. When it comes to love, there must be a full closure of verbal communication. Nonetheless, it'd just be an unfinished business - that creates an aftermath of someone hanging on the air. (that situation is kinda hard, isnt it?)

How about you? if you just dropped by on this blog and reading, might as well share your thoughts, I'm hoping that your responses would give peace and sobriety if not enlightenment to the really simple  yet meaningful question posted. Ciao.


Saturday, September 25, 2010


"From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. "

There are times that i'm afraid of change, it suddenly creates a biting sensation in the deep recesses of the mind. It tries to make hollow emotions just by thinking of the future upon enacting such specifics in what you've been accustomed to. The effect ofcourse is relative to the point of view in each of us. Yet, i'd consider that the heart suffers the most... (rebuke me if i'm wrong).

Just recently, I made a course of change in my routinary Friday's activity, at first it was so difficult to come up with a solid decision; it's like a "to be or not to be" thinking. Executing just by the thought of it makes me realize immediately the goodness or the profound joy of being part of it; not wanting to let go suddenly springs out to hold back in making that step forward.

I have to change location, this is a big issue besides the fact that i'm leaving my friends and people who are close at heart i've known and cherished by the instrument of faith. I call these brothers. But thinking out of the box, the pain cuts deep because of the mere thought that change is going to happen where i have been part of that whole, and leaving is absolutely creating not only tinge of melancholy but a whole lotta courage to face the resolute theme of "parting ways".

So what has made me push in realizing this step? It's easier said than done, really! When i asked my duly respected mentor and brother in faith to get a transfer out; i find it hard to speak, like there's a puffiness in my throat that doesn't let me speak it out. I had to rake in through my memory lane of the pros in changing loc. Thus i achieved the courage to simply put my declarative in a sentence; i looked into the eye but i could feel the sudden change of atmosphere in us. (or probably i was dreaming?)

I learnt that to make the change happen, i have to think of the advantages it has to offer. Focusing on it, envisioning the physical big picture, creates excitement and allure to command those emo thoughts to die in peace. Letting the flow of the "i like to make it happen" feeling into an intensifying action.

There you go, i left and bid my goodbyes. And i'm into this new location now. Meeting new people, learning forever in this life.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still Burning

"A certain recluse, I know not who, once said that no bonds attached him to this life, and the only thing he would regret leaving was the sky. "

(Context: Feels like more than a headache when your work done wasn't saved at all, take note this happened back in 2010... when the live blogger app was in its early stages of auto-save feature)

I was fuming out last night because it took me almost an hour to finalize my blog about the bed intruder song. Everything was set, the you tube videos have been embedded and my quote heading has been placed but in an instant, all the words i typed and htmls I've edited suddenly vanished. I just don't know why. And the bad thing about it was, blogger app got frozen..., worse? The autosave feature did not take effect when i checked on edit posts.

I could be blamed but i still can't get at peace to it with the lost work gone. (scratching my head again lolz).  I lost momentum now in re writing the bed intruder song blog. I wish i used my OneNote in composing my entry but ugh!!! I really wanted this blogger's WYSIWYG feature that's why whenever i'm making a post, I always use this live blog editor of blogger. Just like right now, im doing it again, while my eyes is darting once in a while to the save now button if it's really auto saving once in a every few sec.

By the way Prinsesa, if you're reading this, i've added an additional one or two white fish on the side gadget as you've requested lately. I reckon u love white, lest your favorite color huh! Mine is yellow.

Wrapping things up, my mind is somewhat eased now by the regret I felt last night about my lost post.  It's basically true, once and for all, that letting out what burdens you somehow alleviates the feeling in a lighter shade. Melting it down to pure solitary sobriety.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Bread Ties (What Does Its Color Coding Mean?)

"The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread. "

Did you know that you could actually tell which bread is the freshest when you're buying in the grocery store?

Bread is delivered fresh to the store 5 times a week and each day has its corresponding code via it's twist tie or the plastic tab.

What do the bread twist tie colors mean?

Monday    -    Blue
Tuesday   -    Green
Thursday -    Red
Friday       -    White
Saturday  -    Yellow

Most bread makers color-code their twist ties to indicate what day of the week the bread was baked. This is useful for a couple of reasons: 1) It lets consumers know how fresh the bread loaf is, and 2) It signals to employees when to remove the bread from the shelves. Usually, there are five different colors, indicating the five-day delivery schedule (which skips Wednesdays and Sundays, supposedly because bread is not baked on those days).

CAVEAT: This is not always the case of all bakeshops but most of 'em follow this rule when delivering fresh bread to the store.

So the next time you buy bread to the grocery story, mind those twist ties or plastic tabs so you can benefit for the freshness of the dough.

Or better yet, check the date - when it's best before to consume... this is now the normal FYI in the PH grocery stores.

˜Lifehack Article by

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


"Slumber not in the tents of your fathers. The world is advancing. "
-Giuseppe Mazzini 

the footprints blown by the gust of winds
retentions in the past forgotten and buried deep
only to get resurrected like soul from a crypt

to yearn companionship lest solitude embrace
fear not, to endless imagination of unhearken cries
trust not, to seamless and genuine lies

restlessness in bed till dawn
to win the ending repose of a lonely tone
and miss the pain to which it brings alone

'tis so hard to make at peace
and now the puzzle's left undone
now close thy eyes to see you gone

so lost in mem'ry that now is time to heal
but how? when everything is so unreal



Sunday, September 12, 2010

Top 2 Free iPhone app of the week

(app images courtesy of Apple's appStore)

My top 2 picks for this week's free iphone app themed about survival and practical applications. Emergency cases like how to clot a gashed wound is indispensable, i had an open cut on both of my hands sometime last week. The china bowl inside the kitchen cabinet suddenly slipped as i opened the locker, causing the bowl to shatter into pieces as it landed on the tiled dashboard, in my attempt to catch by saving the bowl out of my surprise, i felt a sudden pang of pain on my right hand as blood squirted on my middle finger. I looked at my left hand as well, only to get taken aback that it was gashed also. I washed my cuts on a running water but the bleeding just won't stop. 5 minutes, 6, minutes, 7 minutes, and blood is still coming out.

In pain, i managed to navigate through my iPhone's wikiHow survival kit. All the rest are explained there how i managed to clot the blood from my fingers.

On the plus side, this WikiHow app is so convenient that you don't need a wifi or data plan on your phone to view the helpful articles.

And the 2nd app i'd like you to DL is the free HowCast application. This is an accidental win actually, i happen to cook most of the time these days, without hesitating to check some how-to's in making things easier in the kitchen, it dawned on me this wonderful tip on how to perfectly unclad the eggshell of a hardboiled egg. Hahaha! So that was how i discovered this Howcast app.

Sit back, the topics here are not only for kitchen how-to's; it gives a plethora of subjects. Even a how to deal with a Flasher is in it. (i was laughing out loud literally while watching that howcast video about a flasher). I thought this app is just so visual and brief. The briefness is curt but it wont leave you unsatiated with what it has to offer.

I'll post some juicy apps that i know you'll love, t'will make your testosterone and estrogen levels humming. See you next week for the two apps i'm talking. :)


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Missing an elusive nightmare

"Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put. "

Okay, i dunno how to describe this, it's not getting emo but the below just so best depict what is going on in me. Right at this moment....

the image is courtesy of POETIK (a free iphone app)


Friday, September 03, 2010

Don't Catch Me If I Fall...

"the most beautiful things are those Unseen"

Touch me when you're away
pained by the distance
of longing and tenderness of grey

see me when you're gone
muddled by the tear drop
only in the vents of courage

feel me when you're weary
of heart; so long been empty
to quell thy mind's serenity

hear me when you're nowhere
echoes to burn no further
let live my spirit aloft

kiss me when you're crazy
to seal my never-ending love
just in time for life's surrender

will you hate me when i'm gone?
for worse i feel no more
of devouring the fire and sore

will you miss me when i'm gone?
for the moments uplifted our souls
carved into the breath of the winds

will you remember me when i'm gone?
if only the leaves could unfall
to frailty of nothingness

will you love me when i'm gone?
for deep of blue cannot compare
the bliss you have shared so rare....


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September wishes

If wishes were fishes we'd all be throwing nets. If wishes were horses we'd all ride."
- Douglas Horton

So, the "ber" months is here in our footsteps. Good tidings are on its way to full bloom. It would be worthy to note once again at the start of this month for wishes, dreams, desires, hopes and wants. I don't really care if all these wouldn't be realized, what matters is the joy it brings in achieving or taking steps in seeing it in reality.

- How about getting myself an iPad? We'll see if the budget could squeeze in for this "gadget luho ng katawan"

- I blogged last August about petting a dog? Oh well, i get to see a somewhat a golden retriever while having a walk sometime a week prior to my birthday, the odds on this dog though is its color which is black, he was alone under a tree trying to rest, my impulse was to get near him but i stepped back thinking that i could get harmed or bitten; nonetheless the master is nowehere to be found. But then, surge of pity came over me as i walked past through this Canis Familiaris specie of animal. I'd include this in my September wishes that i could play with a dog or a pup.

- Holidays are coming after Ramadan, i'm hoping to get myself unwinding outside the city and would love be in deserted places or a deserted beach; just feeling and contemplating about nature and its beauty.

- That hopefully, i could maintain heroic acts inside my mind; sticking to principles and having an unwavering faith.