Monday, April 24, 2017

Dear Love

This is an unsent letter, ages - long ago. Instead of letting it hidden in the archives of draft materials. Let be it known to the world.

... and as you read this, i fervently hope to your sustenance of happiness and peace.

Dear Love,

I intend to do this everyday, to write you love notes... because i feel that it's worth it, it's something that we can go back to when our days are older, when our grey hair will shame the strength of the youth for its beauty and elegance. Yeah, i can't help but smile seeing us, together, holding hands on a pathwalk in a park, feeling the breeze, the winds whispering its thoughts to our cheeks, when we are older.

I don't know, but, it may be just a coincidence, that i get to think to write you this lovenote or loveletter, whatever you may call it, on this Heart's day. I don't believe in Valentine's Day actually, but I'm doing this not to impress you nor to go with the flow of trends nowadays but because, simply, i love you.

You know? I can't really get enough of you, all these years, my affection, admiration and respect to you has never waned. In fact, it seemed, greater. Yeah, i guess, i'm in this phase where post maturity in our relationship has reached its sustained bliss - that even the simplest things you do, i get to appreciate all the more.

You are beyond indescribable. Not only that you are beautiful or shall i say .... ravishing but you are my life. I don't know how to deal with the world if i'll lose you. I've been to different extremes of life's challenges but you have been the greatest and the most sublime conception that happened in my life.

Baby, i love you not only to the moon and back, it may sound mawkishly sentimental, but i don't care. I just love you with all my heart. I know you can feel me, the intensity of these words as you read it in your eyes, but please let me have the affirmation, that as you read this, your heart is full of joy just like my heart is, where both, our hearts are beating rhythmically, to the dance of sweet emotional attachment, more than intimacy, more than love - our fate, our destiny to be with each other, forever and beyond eternity

With all my heart,
- -


Sunday, April 16, 2017

What Have I Learned In February 2017

#Edited - because i thought this was published last March!

You bet! I thought i am not true to my promises, but seriously, i really thought this article was published - because i set it to auto-published on the settings but then it failed!

Here's the original scribble:
February is a time for me to enjoy the benefits of calmness, after what i've been through last January - where the accident happened, now is the time to relax and indulge with the effect of peace after the storm.

#1. I learned that it's really damn hard to move on. Somehow, all you thought was you're over that person but in the recesses of idleness, you get to still think of those memories both of you shared, which in turn puts you to long and miss again. To the point that even the slightest of scents you smell brings you back to that state of "i wish we are still together" moment.

#2. I learned that leadership is a never-ending battle to strive for excellence in a 360 degree angle. You will never perfect the art of leadership, for as you see your flaws and the flaws of other leaders, you get to learn - again and again.

#3. I learned that letting a woman fall for you is always too late for you to know that you unknowingly shared your "real you" without any pretenses, leaving you astounded because you never thought that she will be so into you after some time. And then making you realize nothing because you've done nothing at all to let her fall, only to get shocked again that she has been hurting because you can never fall again.

#4. I learned it is effin hard to get sick, especially when you're alone. No one does, or will take care of you but yourself.

#5. I learned that waking in bed clothesless is the best thing thus far.

#6. I learned that the BIG 1 (the impending earthquake in Metro Manila) is really really scary, I had the chance to attend the training awareness of a non-government org (NGO) about this topic, and it crumpled my knees freakishly. I mean

#7. I learned that driving cures, or shall i say, comforts the wounded mind, or heart. At least for the time being, but it does transcends you to a different state as you pass by the road, endless or not.

#8. I learned that shower thoughts are mostly the byproduct of your analysis of previous experiences, encounters or thought-processes you've been through. And then - if you have the courage to realize those shower thoughts, you'll end up winning those battles again.

#9. I learned that February is just another month, about to pass - no such huge fuss but reminding me that time heals, not only on the aches of heart but of the mind.

#10. I learned that in every storm - it will always pass. With it, it's how you go through it (may it be violently reacting, or strategically overcoming it) that matters - because after all it's being done, you get to appreciate that results will always matter in the end.

'till next Learning for the month of March.