Saturday, July 24, 2010

Smile (why is there a need to wear it?)

"SMILE an everlasting smile... a smile can bring you near to me."
~ Words, by the BEEGEES

It's a matter- of- fact that SMILE has this sense of protractability-effect to the other person once you initiated it. Everyday does it happen, we just don't notice how its consequence has stirred the behavior of the other person; nor we ourselves tend to overlook the emphasis and significance it has offered.

this SMILE-sincerity driven, spontaneously drawn out by me just a few hours ago while walking back home has been imprinted in my collective thinking that's why until now, im reliving the moment thru this blog.

it was a lonesome walk going home, with the air so blinding, mixing with the summer heat of the desert, almost making the skin on my face so malleable and about to melt but there is no sweat coming out of it. The roads and the paths are almost as deserted as a lonely dark alley... but alas, someone came in view, a walking soul like me with something in his hand. And in the background were cars passing by once in every 4 minutes...

Our paths has finally came to a full view with this soul around 50+ in age with a distance between us of prolly around 15 meters, out of nothingness, i drew a smile-unfull (as if shyly about to blast it out full wide open for the fear of not being acknowledged) and he made a slow, assisting smile widely open with a nod.

it was entertaining, so perfect a stranger, though i know for sure a fellow Filipino... amazing to know that my initiation of smile led to a positive response. and so i kept on walking... about to meet another nationality... i smiled. and he smiled back. with a nod as well.

methinks that living things attract fellow living things. where there is a living thing, you get to get pulled into the habitat of the other without prior knowledge that it does exist. Well, im talking literally.

same thing with SMILEs... it's a win-win impromptu act that generates equal response (though not all  times) in most cases esp in states of barrenness in environment. it feels great, who knows making 'em smile could be a moment of joy in a spur of the moment, completely letting 'em forget the worries they carry on their shoulders. Even at least just for a moment. It does count.

- dont wear your smiles like you want to flirt
- wear it spontaneously   :-)


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