Saturday, March 07, 2020

Corona Virus Code Red Alert from Dept Of Health

Breaking News po. All over the local news outlet of the Philippines.

This just came in, less than an hour ago, Department of Health recommended to the President CODE RED Alert of Public Health Emergency.

Keep safe everyone.

Panic mode doesn't help.

Aim to be healthy and take care of yourselves.


Monday, March 02, 2020

Martilyo, Pako, At Ang Aso

"May martilyo, may pako, anong tunog? Pokpok"
ating inaawit noong tayo'y bata

May martilyo, may pako, anong sunod?
pangakong pinako mo, naiwan sa mga tala

Mga pangakong sinambit mo sa akin noon,
Mga pangakong pinaniwalaan kong matutupad.
Mga pangakong pinaniwalaan ko noon,
Mga pangako na tila ba ay nilipad

Ang dating ilog na malakas ang agos
Ngayo'y isa nang disyertong hindi inuulan
Tinapay na malambot at sa init ay nakakalapnos
Nagmistulang batong matigas,
binabato kahit saan

Ang sinigang na masarap at nakakakilig ang asim
Na kung inulam mo sa isang taon araw-araw
Ito rin ay iyong aaywan, wala ni isang tikim,
na mas nanaisin mong mamatay sa gutom o uhaw

Ito ang silakbo, hindi lamang ng aking balintataw,
kundi, pati ng aking umuungol na puso,
handa na ako na ika'y pakawalan, 
kamay ko'y ibitaw
King ito rin ang siyang magpapasaya sa akin;
hindi sa 'yo.

Sa pagkakataong ito, hindi na ikaw ang pipiliin
bagkus sarili ko na ang siyang papahalagahan
Ako naman ang aking pipiliing mahalin
Hindi na ikaw na ako'y sinugatan lamang.

(may part 2.... sundan ang susunod na kabanata sa panulat ni Lanz Aidan)


Be careful in your plenty, forget not - your Creator
Do not lose your loyalty;
may you ever be truthful -
with integrity

Be not like the children, any longer
With no certainty in their decisions,
like the waves tumbling down the shore - back and forth
always changing minds

Be not of service to two masters
For you'd be bound to love and hate - one or the other.
Therefore, your love must be loyal;
unwavering, ever steadfast

Never tire of being loyal
for there is a gift - this you must desire.
He will be good to you,
He will protect you from harm
He will rescue you from your supplications
Providing you a long life,
and great blessings will come -
with His abounding love.


Sunday, March 01, 2020

Taralets Bagets... Anyare sa February 2020 Ko?

February 2020, a month where most of my days were on offline mode because, on a personal level, i was so involved "ïntensely" at work and at church.

That is why, if you're wonderin?, i only have one (1) blog post for February.

It was a month of accidents, passions, and fervent hopes of faith, and at times, of losing hope:

- a month of business at work - that even weekends, i have to jump in to escalations and work activities, client initiated changes and other things important for the business to run.

- a month where it required me to be present on our daily devotional prayer at church as early as 5:00 AM Manila Time.

- a month where cramped schedules need to be unhinged in order for my priorities to be accomplished, giving up some opportunities which could have given me chances to further my work expertise but in the end, these were non-regrets from my part, because i chose what is closest and meaningful to my heart.

- it was also a month of unforeseen circumstances where it almost made me lose hope, maybe because leading the procession (church thing) was almost bailed due to an accident that could've jeopardize me walking the side aisle going to the choir loft.

it was a lost in translation at the start after getting my foot scraped falling from a retractable ladder while cleaning cobwebs. Aye! of all the times, like bisperas of BNH, i ran into an accident, and my foot (my primary tool to use for the BNH procession) was suddenly at stake!

but as my close friend tried to accompany me in the hospital, XRays and all, i made a firm resolve that this shouldn't hinder me from doing the procession of our Holy Supper.

(what's the mefenamic acids doing?) Nyahahahaha! I chuckled as i remember all these.

True to my promise, the day after my accident, i fulfilled my duty in the choir and led the processional with my foot injured.

It was a glorious experienced - church duty and event wise.

The 2nd round of me doing the procession at 6AM Sunday last Feb 23 was even more glorious. The pouring of the holy spirit through and through is unwavering. I'm at a loss with words to further expound in detail.

The 3rd round (my final) fulfillment of duty in the choir, still leading the procession for the BNH was one of the most unforgettable experience I have ever had to date. It was an English Worship Service, and from the devotional prayer coursing through the singing of the hymn for the fruit of the juice of the vine were exceptionally spiritual, filled with grace, and the power of the holy spirit was so intensely felt.

Those experiences were the highlights of my February. As i came to reflect - it was magically placed like, at first the missing pieces are nowehere to be found and when it's over, the puzzle was complete.

Giving me a sigh of relief.

I felt at peace, clean, and most of all edified - at all angles on my perspective of this life.

I wanted to close this post, saying my murmurs of prayer, a thankful heart, and conveying my gratitude for The One.


Malapit Na...

Ansabi mo? Pagod kana...?

'Nubayan, kala ko matibay ka! Lamya mo pala eh.
kaunting hirap lang nais mo nang sumuko
tumayo ka nga!
lika dito, pahinga ka muna.
pero saglit lang ha,
nagmamadali na kasi eh.
baka maabutan tayo na nagpapahinga.
'di naman bawal magpahinga pero
mas maigi nang maabutan tayu nang nasa paggawa
sakali mang dumating ang may-ari ng bahay
mas mabuti nang dumating siya na nakikita Niyang
nasa paggawa tayo ng kaniyang inaasahan

alam ko namang malapit nang matapos to
sandali nalang..
sana makatagal ka...
sabay nating sapitin ang hangganan
nitong paglalakbay at ng paggawa
ng inaasahan sa 'tin.
Wag kang mag-alala
halos, lahat ng mga tanda ay natutupad na.
Actually, lahat natupad na pala...
inaantay nalang natin, ang pagdating niya
kaya kung ika'y napapagod pa,
isipin mo nalang - naandiyan na siya,
sa mga pintuan,
wag ka nang malumbay...
wag ka nang manlupaypay...
tara na! Sige ka... baka maiwan ka pa.