Monday, March 21, 2011

How to check the software version of your Blackberry? (shortcut)

If you're getting antsy or you feel like going thru a long thread in finding out the software version of your blackberry (just like below)

OPTIONS > About 
ver 4 & ver 5

OPTIONS > DEVICE > About Device Versions
ver 6 OS

Here's a shortcut key on the qwerty keyboard to launch the About of your BB device.



and it should give you something like this:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Chess Fanatics, check this out!

Holy Smokes!!! this video is insanely attention-grabbing. Thought it was inspired by Harry Potter's first installment  movie - the sorcerer's stone, where the trio went to the battlefield as live chessman.

I certainly love the stop-motion part where the King and the Rook swapped places. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Youtube Symphony Orchestra 2011

To dispel the looming news of tragedies and heartbreaking waves of stories from CNN, i flipped the tab to Youtube and found this.

It was magical! everyone of us has the innate ear on music, may you be an unsung musical artist, an aspiring one, an amateur or simply a fanboy, well, here's a feast for our auditory senses.

Just a bit of FYI, Youtube has spearheaded in creating a Youtube Symphony Orchestra 2011 though video auditions, and now, the winners are announced. From 70 countries, only 96 were chosen. Mixed together to form and be united in the language of music and symphony - now born, the Youtube Symphony Orchestra 2011.

I'm utterly speechless while watching this indescribable and inspiring orchestra, it's a must-see! even if you're deaf... ;)

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Tips on how to survive a graveyard shift

Aside from the peril of travelling during the wee hours going to work in a call center, one of the most dreaded part of a tech support engineer or a customer service representative is enduring the 9 hour graveyard shift. (im talking about Philippine work time scene).

Officially, a graveyard shift is a work time schedule running through the early hours of the morning, specifically between midnight -- 12am to 8am. It's the time of the night where the skin is dank, where it's so hard to get out of bed as our body and subconscious are trying to enter the REM state, and most of all, when the world is totally silent, like a graveyard.

The list goes on and on relating to fighting sleep and drowsiness during a graveyard schedule, but my list here is designed specifically for the call boys and girls out there:

- Drink 3-4 cups of black/green tea in between your breaks
Researches and studies have proven that tea is rich in flavanoids - phytonutrients with anti-oxidant benefits. In turn, drinking tea aromatically touches the sensory nerves to promote relaxation. One of Lipton's slogan: "Clear thinking - Tea can do that";  is so true indeed!

- Get mobile during your calls

There'd be times when your head feels like banging on the desk board while emphatizing with your customer - it's like sleep is luring you to enter dreamland, the body feels like it but the mind is still active, enabling your oral abilities to convey your thoughts to the customer in a tiresome, lousy, indolent pace of voice. In times like these, get moving, stand-up and do some mild aerobic exercise with your headset on. It's what i call physical multi-tasking while on call. :)

- Take a power nap during your 1-hour break
Getting a 10-15 minute sleep during your 1 hour break revitalizes your senses. Instead of puffing those cigarettes, get into the habit of practicing this. I'm not in the call center anymore but i carried over this habit on my new environment - allocating a nap during my one hour break.

- Avoid setting up for a sugar rush.
It will only leave you exhausted. If you're really into sweets, don't eat 'em during your most zombie state of the night, instead, devour your chocolates during the last 2-hours of your shift

- Keep your bottle of H20 easily grabbed
I had a seat mate before and one of his rituals in starting the shift is filling in the small water jug (1 liter) and then neatly organizing it on top of his desk with matching napkins. Every now and then, he gulps, then go on AUX-break to go for the restroom. :)
Actually, it's one way to keep you moving and to defy lethargy.

- Get a sound, meaningful and really satisfying sleep before you hit graveyard shift
Easier said than done, there are ways though on how to get a satisfying sleep during the daytime, so as not to ruin your waking hours during the graveyard. I have tested physical activity that could really make you somber and be enthralled into a deep relaxation afterwards. Other's turn to massages but why would you bother if your partner is available?

Sometimes, we feel like quitting the graveyard or the night shift due to fatigue and exhaustion. The zombie-like feeling is a real crap on our nerves esp after the shift is over, that it occasionally produces a drooling -effect while inside the bus or the jeep or whatever vehicle you're in as you head home (unless you're the driver of the car). The bottom line is, the graveyard shift is STRESSFULL.

I heard this before, but then i realized, stress is a form of tribulation; tribulation begets patience; patience begets hope. Where there is hope.. there is love. Loving your work in the graveyard shift is still the best way to counter the difficulties that are norm already. Always find something that will inspire you to get your ass feet moving in going to the creepy silent night of the graveyard schedule.

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Monday, March 07, 2011

iOS 4.3: to update or not to update?

With the approaching release of iOS 4.3 for our iDevices, the inevitable is going to happen - unjailbreaking (at least on my part). As per the review of TUAW, there isn't much to see and crave for on this latest iOS update esp for the iPhone. In fact,  the update has been confined to iPhone 3GS onwards, excluding the recently released CDMA iPhone for Verizon. On the brighter side, it will provide a plethora of enhancements for the iPad. (Awesomeness for those who own an iPad).

These are the significant changes that we are about to experience on the new iOS:
- improved web browsing perfomance via Mobile Safari's injection of Nitro Java Script engine
- enhanced Airplay features
- iPad screenlock preferences
- iTunes Home Sharing
- Personal Hotspot (the iPhone4 only)

I've been posting iOS releases since i got a hand with my iDevice, The most dramatic and yet useful change so far that i've experienced was when Apple released the iOS 4.1. The update has simply metamorphosized my view and perception with iOS into a great i couldn't-ask-for-more  feeling.

I will definitely try this new update come March 11. Make sure you have dLed the latest iTunes already. :)

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The scare of having a fat stomach crushed by enthusiasm

There is an eloquence in true enthusiasm, let me credit that quote from my best-loved macabre author, Edgar Allan Poe. But how'd you quantify a true enthusiasm? It's more of like a subjective thought, yet, goin down to the bottom of it, this feeling of exuberance produces an effect of energetic easiness in getting things done.

It's the 1st of March, almost a quarter of the year is over again. I'm reflecting on myself what have i achieved so far this year... This could branch-out into a lot of aspects defined by the human intellect.

I could say with conviction that i'm succumbing into being a minimalist.

On the con side, it seems that there is no turning back in including rice on my food regimen again. I got so used to not having rice already for 3 months. i'd jive into it only during Fridays, or the times when my friends have to eat out for dinner - but these occasions are truly minimal. In effect, i achieved what i wanted on my stomach - a real flat one, without abs but the trimmed and toned one.

It's been always a gross thought of me having a protruding stomach (which is the norm nowadays) - /forgive me people :) . But really! i couldn't and wouldn't want a fat-belly.

But due to unavoidable circumstances, i've no choice but to eat rice everyday starting March 1st. My brain  suddenly signaled a red light! Thoughts inside me, imagining having a bulging belly immediately creeps in vividly. But Pysche is quick in thinking - it's time again to pump muscles and begin walking.  This will then lead to a more productive exercise back-to-back work out. Without this, there'd be no way to counter the scary balooning belly brought forth by eating rice.

Back to enthusiasm, i realized that this can be triggered by negative thoughts and emotions - It could make you feel alive and excited to realize a goal, or to sustain a goal you achieved by thinking about consequences. Consequence could lead to realization, but prior to consequence, the brain and our positive thinking, already channeled ways on how not to fall into a bad consequence, that's where enthusiasm comes in, to execute those ways into a good consequence. Until then, realization seeps in that you've achieve the goal without even noticing it.

It's your choice to make, how to activate your enthusiasm, that could lead to attain your wildest or maybe your simplest of dreams.

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