Thursday, August 28, 2014

Operational walls can be inverse

It's gone, your smiles unfading, like the pristine laughter of the children
Untamed, you are now, uncaring to every happening, like strangers again
Cold, you are now, no warmth, no passion, slowly vanishing the fire
Friends only, seemed the theme now, emptiness creeping 
Acceptance, impending, breaking bones, crushing hearts to nothingness
It's gone, you are now
It's goodbye, looming
Remembereth, things in the distant past.


Monday, August 25, 2014

TIL YikYakking

So, it's a Monday! A time to blast and enjoy again the remaining days of August 2014. If you've noticed, this month's overall aura is unusually amazing. It reminds us to observe YOLO, that for the  geeky part of you, life's too short to eject a USB drive safely!!!

Hoping you got this covered, enjoy your Monday and let's talk later folks.

It's raining a handful in the skyway, and drizzling over in C5; indeed, the selective downpour is amazing.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Late Post: thoughts of consistency

I admit, I have been negligent with my blog for a while. I'm sorry for not keeping this updated in a manner where it can contain at least from my vantage point - the expectations that I needed to share.

I will try but I will not promise, for me to regularly update this blog, and post images as deemed appropriate. And yet, I shall not account you to long for more. 

Start your own too, the field of writing is a work in progress that never stops. It's a field where you can benefit not only in moments of solitude but a channel to know thyself everyday.

As you write, forget the worries, and focus on the passion, to convey your emotions, veil it, through the power of words; show it through the power of words. Until then, you're still in command.


Platoon Leader

@hushpups with baby elea

-billymac (crunching bones)

Triumphs Over and Over Again

descant - the ears dread for it to stop
like the the syncing of the intertwines
where it craves to go on, a little bit more
encompassing bliss, as if it can be forever

anticipation - the mind wished to halt it
as the bearer of light, it somehow tires
melting like a candle, flickering
then it goes black, as if darkness is for real

poetry - it tickles, it's arresting
a smile imprinted, upon deciphering
the meaning of the written piece
mystery undone, as if thy can relate

grace - developed upon the conception
of sin
a neverwhere, a pointless origin
the harbinger of hope
no matter what, as if the end is near.

-billymac (contact me if you got this right)

Monday, August 04, 2014

Love letters for Eleanor

Baby Elea...

You're the one
I shall treasure
Until the end
When the last breath
Of mine
Shall be done 


Friday, August 01, 2014

Of Gifts from Eleanor

Thanks is all I've got
Smiles I can re flash
You're such an awesome giver
Of ur untiring care
I love thee, forever



And read the quote 
From McDonalds.

(Lifted from a midnight snack with KADIWA pamunuan)