Saturday, December 13, 2014

Game: 2048

The key to getting this game reach the 2048 score is the keeping of focus on one side of the square. Keep those numbers broken into higher digits as you match each tile to achieve the 2048 summation.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thank You, God

You never failed to amaze me
Your endless blessings I received
New work, and the boundless possibilities
Abounding in front of my eyes

Love, faith and hope.
Thank you God in eternity.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Toss Back from the Past

Blindingly hot
Humidity so high it could boil an egg

The wind that caresses my face seems like 
putting your skin so close to a furnace. 

You could feel the burning and tingling sensation..

(Thanksgiving July 17 2010)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Thoughts flowing even before it gets imagined
Aplomb - without doubt
Unceasing plea for mercy bestowed
Within reach - never depart

Askance no more, hope surging - like a light coming out from darkness

Stunned - for the promise is at hand
Exacting the debris of shattered hopes
Compacting in to a unison of greater faith
As I await...
As I await...

For love blankets the memories of the past and brings sustenance to what is yet to come.

Thank You, dear God.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I'll Carry You Homebound

Eyes of emeralds
Alabaster skin

Contentment spreads like the waves that never stop rolling 
on the shore

To nevermore...

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Letters to Eleanor

I have no life but this, 
to lead it here;
nor any death, but lest
dispelled from there

Nor tie to earths to come,
Nor action new,
except through this extent,
the realm of you

(excerpts from ms dickinson's)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Operational walls can be inverse

It's gone, your smiles unfading, like the pristine laughter of the children
Untamed, you are now, uncaring to every happening, like strangers again
Cold, you are now, no warmth, no passion, slowly vanishing the fire
Friends only, seemed the theme now, emptiness creeping 
Acceptance, impending, breaking bones, crushing hearts to nothingness
It's gone, you are now
It's goodbye, looming
Remembereth, things in the distant past.


Monday, August 25, 2014

TIL YikYakking

So, it's a Monday! A time to blast and enjoy again the remaining days of August 2014. If you've noticed, this month's overall aura is unusually amazing. It reminds us to observe YOLO, that for the  geeky part of you, life's too short to eject a USB drive safely!!!

Hoping you got this covered, enjoy your Monday and let's talk later folks.

It's raining a handful in the skyway, and drizzling over in C5; indeed, the selective downpour is amazing.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Late Post: thoughts of consistency

I admit, I have been negligent with my blog for a while. I'm sorry for not keeping this updated in a manner where it can contain at least from my vantage point - the expectations that I needed to share.

I will try but I will not promise, for me to regularly update this blog, and post images as deemed appropriate. And yet, I shall not account you to long for more. 

Start your own too, the field of writing is a work in progress that never stops. It's a field where you can benefit not only in moments of solitude but a channel to know thyself everyday.

As you write, forget the worries, and focus on the passion, to convey your emotions, veil it, through the power of words; show it through the power of words. Until then, you're still in command.


Platoon Leader

@hushpups with baby elea

-billymac (crunching bones)

Triumphs Over and Over Again

descant - the ears dread for it to stop
like the the syncing of the intertwines
where it craves to go on, a little bit more
encompassing bliss, as if it can be forever

anticipation - the mind wished to halt it
as the bearer of light, it somehow tires
melting like a candle, flickering
then it goes black, as if darkness is for real

poetry - it tickles, it's arresting
a smile imprinted, upon deciphering
the meaning of the written piece
mystery undone, as if thy can relate

grace - developed upon the conception
of sin
a neverwhere, a pointless origin
the harbinger of hope
no matter what, as if the end is near.

-billymac (contact me if you got this right)

Monday, August 04, 2014

Love letters for Eleanor

Baby Elea...

You're the one
I shall treasure
Until the end
When the last breath
Of mine
Shall be done 


Friday, August 01, 2014

Of Gifts from Eleanor

Thanks is all I've got
Smiles I can re flash
You're such an awesome giver
Of ur untiring care
I love thee, forever



And read the quote 
From McDonalds.

(Lifted from a midnight snack with KADIWA pamunuan)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Dreamless sleeps
Wandering mind
Broken rests
Un steadied slumbers

Yearning thoughts
Unmatched resolve 
Flickering hope
Realities checked

Flowing laughters
Impeccable deeds
Smiles unfading
Serenity achieved



“When considering a man's motives, remember you must not measure his wheat with your bushel. He may not be using the same standard at all”

- The Fool's advice to FitzChivalry

(Assassin's Apprentice by Hobb Robin)

Friday, June 06, 2014

Love letters for Eleanor

'Twas the changing of the seasons
When our eyes locked for the first time
A transition of August bridging the 'ber' months that're approaching
I don't know if it was coincidental - 
That when our paths have crossed,
'Twas also the time when the caress of the wind brought some intimate chill

The time when…
The coolness of the earth is at its best

The time when…
The emptiness of my heart seem to vanish

The time when…
All I felt was meeting you with excitement

At first i thought it'd all go away
The feelings of longing
For you to be around my sight
Every minute, every second, everytime
But I guess I was wrong 
For I can't dictate, the spirit of the heart


Thursday, June 05, 2014

TIL Heart's Nature

Somewhere in the chapters of the Old Testament, it conveys that the Heart is deceitful in nature and desperately wicked.

Since the dawn of civilization, the first humans have been inclined to go against the will or the rule of the land. In reflection to the present times today, where murders, wars, famine, crime and the escalations of horrendous activities of mankind, it equates to the fact that human being is innate to profess a negative aura toward behaviors. It's as if doing wrong is the normal expectations.

Is there a chance for mankind to be directed in the right path? To gain a frame of mind in piloting the newness of life?


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Remembering Robbie Williams

You win some
You lose some
You win and you can lead
You lose and you can guide
And the cycle goes on.


I knew what you did last summer

Swimming somewhere in Batangas Philippines...

I knew what u did last summer...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Eleventh of May, 2014

Tapestries, unadorned, suddenly
Of the unsaid, things
the mind can't measure...

When the sails come to halt,
leaving breathless gasps
from the gales of the unknown ...
only two hearts can imagine.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wednesday, March 05, 2014


My almost done paste...

Now switching to my first ...

Uhm, the latter is somewhat intoxicating - it's making me fall asleep esp if I used it prior to my sleep during the day.

Go figure why am I saying these. I'm not advertising - experience it. Just like the vanilla soap I blogged before.

- macdeuz (lifted from the past)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

INC World Wide Walk 2014

The rush of euphoria... 
It shall never be replaced
By the wondrous experience
To be amongst the crowd
Of the climbing, intensifying eagerness

#back in February


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Slowly Now...

Things I learned today, some have been experienced all along but it's sweet to know and to get a rush of reminder from people, especially those persons you've learned to trust.

- I breathe change... Changes I mean
- I feel you
- rotten tomato or tomatoes?
- momentum sustenance and the law of diminishing effect
- scoop (haha)
- multiplicity

Huge thanks to Boss Sarj and Nate for their constant guard in demonstrating operational excellence & compassion.

- macdeuz (lifted from meditation before slumber)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sa Tren Ng Isang Araw

Madilim ang kalangitan habang ang trapiko'y abala sa pagbuga ng usok ng mga sasakyan
Ang barya kong dala'y kulang ng 'sang piso upang ako'y makapag bus pauwi

Ang ngiting sumilay sa 'yong mga labi'y nag silbing alaala sa akin
Upang minsan pa'y aking gunitain kita sa piling ng mga panaginip

(Istranghero sa tren)

Sunday, February 09, 2014


Nostalgia - it's delicate, but potent.

A Greek word that means, a pain from an old wound. A twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone

-macdeuz (lifted from madmen)

Komiksbook: Kaching KaChing

Thanks to Ka Elda for giving this to me. Much appreciated. 

-macdeuz (lifted from gifts)

Friday, February 07, 2014

Tea and Talk

Just posting this to acknowledge Nathan's thoughtfulness - my boss.

I'm a fan of tea. My brand's Lipton, nothing expensive or extraordinary but I so appreciate these:

I remember Jed giving me some white teas of Thwinings from London.. I lost them though in the office, good thing I get to try one.

-macdeuz (lifted from gifts)

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Carry on and be the Light

It was like any ordinary day 
The leaves falling
Bustling traffic
& the sunlight shines brightly
Tanning thy skin

Thy furs bristled with excitement 
Slowly, enduringly 

Transforming into something divine
Thou art barely could walk
Rescue came - willingly
And yet
Thou art a beast

It was like any other mornings
Cup of coffee on one hand
A cellphone on the other
Thy computer screen
staring at thy face
Solemnly, with reverence

Thy head went mint blue
Serenely, satisfactory 

Rotting like the earth
Worm inside thy womb
Bees coming out from thy mouth
As a bittersweet sham

Thou Art a beast...

-macdeuz (lifted from jewels & crowns)

Monday, February 03, 2014

YouTube Capture App

Did you know that the YouTube iOS app cannot upload videos? 

It was a serendipitous moment when I was trying to upload the video of Zhander Cayabyab using my blog. 'Twas at that time that I began to realize that the YouTube app is only for viewing, sharing and liking - nonetheless.

And so I launched Safari for me to do the manual upload (because my laptop is out of reached) as I'm desperate to get my video capture pushed online. While I signed in to my YouTube account via google, it routed me to download CAPTURE.

It's simple, a minimalist app, ready to go with the option of trimming and adding sound clips using your library. Pretty much acceptable and awesome considering its infancy.

Way to go, Google. Get the app from AppStore...  I'm sure you'll love it!

-macdeuz (lifted from my iPhone)

Of Gratitude in Learning: Power Mac Center - Authorized Apple ServiceProvider

Note: thoughts and journalistic views below are solely from the opinions of the author and in no way related to his affiliation of groups, companies or sects he belong to.

Shiela Marie Flores and Juan Alden Diaz are two great minds and personalities interwoven to each other in delivering an awesome training for us via POWER MAC Center's learning and development department.

Just a segway, it never crossed my mind that Power MAC center, a certified retailer company for Apple Products in the Philippines has also caught up in the field of Learning & Development by giving solutions and service for seminars, trainings and certifications. I was only thinking that they are solely on retail business with awhole plethora of POWER MAC Showroom in the different malls of the country - and I was wrong. Indeed they have extended their reach to the different facets of Apple industry where Apple is out of domain in the Phillippines as of this writing.

Going back to Shiela and Alden, their tandem is one inexplicable rush of pure learning and expertise when it comes to OS X Basics, Troubleshooting and getting a person switch from Windows to MAC. The training was enjoyable with the hands-on  experience on macbooks, airs, and the live laboratory in handling and resolving conflicts or issues about MAC, both OS and Hardware.

I take this opportunity to thank them, to express my sincerest gratitude in them showing their expertise as well as passing it thru to my/our minds as learners of the trade. It was proven once again, that as you pass your wisdom passionately, you get to share not only your intelligence but the fibers of passion as well.

Kudos to Sheila and Alden for the well-executed skills in Mavericks Troubleshooting.

Here's the facebook page for POWER MAC Center.

And here are the links to subscribe on Sheila's and Alden's facebook.

-macdeuz (resurrecting from slumber)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Zhander Cayabyab ABSCBN reporter

Congratulating my friend and brother Zhander Cayabyab in levelling up to his career. He's a bonafide member of the Church of Christ in the Locale of Quiapo Metro Manila.

It's a sure thing that you'll reap more of these laurels. Praise be to Him for all your successes and greatness!

~macdeuz (lifted from Capture App)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Magic Thoughts From Afar

Simplify my thoughts, oh dear sleep
Untangle my worries & bring me closer
To your embrace, envelope me tight with your arms 

Make me stop counting sheeps
But allow me to meet your eyes

Until then, when I get to rest
Cover me with your blackness
For after a day's chase, I want to stop

But then, you won't let me
So now, I've got to ask
Will you marry me?

~macdeuz (lifted from my thoughts while in bed)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow White & the Polar Vortex

Your smell, teases me, to a greater bliss
as i moved, closer, to you and hear
your murmur, your breath takes away
my sorrows and obliterates my fears
for you are so addicting, removing,
my inhibitions, with your touch,
so gentle, that tickles, and assures me
that you are here, by my side.
Idle and beautifully handsome,
as nature describes it, that you,
are gorgeous, ravishing, radiating
with so much love

That i wish to fill in, further, deeper
until we reach, the highest, and the greatest
throes of passions, that no one has ever

And then, slowly, gracefully, i fell,
into slumber, and was awakened
by your kiss...
so gentle... it became, afterwards,
so passionate...
so passionate... that i never wanted
you to stop.

And then, we danced. And then we held
each other for a while.
Naked, undisturbed, 'twas as if
the stars are our audience
in the serenity of the waves...
below, the moonlit facade, of the blackness
of the earth.

-macdeuz (lifted from my thoughts, restless & true)

dedicated to you - my awesomeness!

Monday, January 27, 2014


Illumination; I am a candle
Brightly shining in the dark; weeping and restless
Containing the heat; enduring further the light
My wick seem to prove its purpose; eclipsing a diminish
As I radiate my light so earnestly; My body wears, ageing, melting
Light I give so profusely; Given freely with nothing in return
Welcoming the clear path; while my strength still lasts

~macdeuz (lifted from my OneNote)

Text of Intensity 7

This was saved in my blogger drafts, i was to publish it back in 2012. And i guess, it's time to get this out. It was all in the past. Afterall, the names involved with Billy are left unsaid. And so the story goes...

I don't know how to explain this... this text message that i received recently...
so i didn't reply at all...

~ macdeuz (lifted from the past)

Friday, January 24, 2014

January Giving

Posting this to acknowledge the generosity of my bosses and mentors Sarj & Nathan...

Thanks Nate for this...

And to Sarj who let me chose the tumbler from Starbucks 

Awesome, 'twas as if holidays are still around the corner.

-macdeuz (lifted from my iPhone)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Box app 2014

Just got this Box iOS app re downloaded and viola! I got a 50GB of free space.

Go hit the App Store to get yours!

Looks like Dropbox & Google Drive are instore for battle with BOX.

- macdeuz (lifted from my iPhone)

Of Gratitude 2014

There are things in life that are spontaneous. Gratitude and thoughts of gratefulness come in those moments when you receive gifts or when something's shared to you, especially unexpected ones.

Thanks to Arvin for the toolbox:

I'm grateful to Miks who shared this book:

and to JV who took the time and effort in sharing his chocolate products (may your business further flourish):

-macdeuz(photos lifted from my iPhone)

Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Be a salt
Be a light
Don't forget to smile

-macdeuz (lifted from my thoughts)

Friday, January 03, 2014

If Walls (stranger, elusive you are)

I felt the tear drop
Telling me of the unsaid things
It's the un named sadness where sadness doesn’t belong,
Nor happiness can identify.
It's the grey thin line between the two
That neither can scope

I call not emptiness
Somewhere deeper, but not deep enough
I call not even boredom
Somewhere shallower but not close enough
I can't place it in words

It comes when everything is so still
It comes when the music of the past played

Suddenly bringing flashes of longing
But nowhere nor no one to long to

It's strange...

If only these walls can talk
They'd know what I'm telling you
But in words it can never paint the picture

Probably, sometime soon
It will come to me

Afterall, it's a journey to discover

~ macdeuz (lifted from my OneNote)

a dedication to someone beyond compare.

Stuck in a Moment

A man without weaknesses serves only to make everyone else conscious of his own imperfections.

Tennyson's "He is all fault who has no fault at all"