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Submit Your Poems and We'll Pay You!!!

Why are we now accepting poetry submissions?

The art of poetry and expression through verse are slowly deteriorating. We want to light candles and spread the magic of poetry, tapping the minds and souls of individuals (gifted or not with words) with the one common goal - to bring satisfaction to the imagination of the past and this new generation by expressing themselves in writing poetry.

What kind of work is Macdeuz looking for?
We examine all work received and accept that which seems best. Currently, we give priority to poetry submissions. We encourage that you can submit poems written in Tagalog/Filipino or English or Taglish.

Does Macdeuz accept previously published material?
No. We cannot consider anything that has been previously published or accepted for publication, anywhere, in any form. Work that has appeared online is considered to have been previously published and should not be submitted. We do not consider simultaneous submissions.

Does Macdeuz pay money?
Yes. We pay with a minimum  of 100 pesos. You will receive a detailed instruction through email or a telephone call on how you get the credit for the payment of your work. All works submitted and published on this blog will be copyrighted by Macdeus. All rights will be reverted back to the author/submitter upon publication.

How do I submit my work to Macdeuz?
We will handle mano a mano on your submissions via email. Since we have just began in accepting literary works, you will be sending your submissions through 

We shall reply to your submissions within the day for receipt of confirmation. Give us a week to review your material and wait for our reply if your work has been selected or not. 
Once your work is selected, you will receive an Awesomeness Email to signify that your work will be published and along with it is the instruction on how to receive your payment. In contrast, you will receive an Epic Fail Email if your work was denied. We have these two standard communications procedure to be fair and square among our submitters, in order for them not be left hanging without enclosing the loop.

PS: if your work is published, we will link the author's name to its Facebook Profile (that's why it's important that you enlist your facebook page or your facebook url)

What file types can I submit?
Please submit files in one of the following formats only:
Word document (.doc) or (.docx) files
Rich Text Format (.rtf) files
Text (.txt) files

Please note that submissions are limited to four poems (1 file), and cannot exceed a total of 7.63 MB. Poems should be submitted in a single file, with poems separated by titles or page breaks. Aside from the poems that you are submitting, the file or attachment should contain the following information:
ALIAS/PEN NAME (indicate if you want to use your pen name)
WEBSITE or BLOG if any

When can I submit to Macdeuz?
A pre-requisite before submission, you must hit the LIKE button by going to the blogs's facebook page:

We are 24/7. We ask that you do not make multiple submissions: please wait for a response of either Awesomeness Email / Epic Fail Email to your submission before sending new work.


Wanderlust in Crossing

Cover and veil me with your utmost kindness
For I wish to be invisible from darkness
My heart implores your mercy
May your righteousness come to me
The flesh is but weak and helpless
That is why I seek thee under duress
Extend thy pity onto me
For I but humble and lowly
Let it pass these temptations fire
Yield me not to the cliff of dire


Happy Birthday Jhelly (2012)

Here's a toast for yah... a gorgeous happy birthday to you this 23rd of November 2012 - Jhelly Ann Suguitan.

your cousin

Street Child in a Slumber

On my way to for an early breakfast at 3 in the morning, i was struck by the image below.
Be thankful on the small things ... for these are the fleeting moments where your life composes most.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

of Death and Moving On

Guest post by Aris

Death is a five letter word which most of us fear, some deny it, others accept it as an inescapable process of life. There are those who were affected with so much grief, they think they'd never be able to cope, wallowing in the rhythm of lamentation and sorrow. 

As for me, I experienced turmoil and being challenged by the passing of my loved ones several times. Twice of those experiences almost broke me, leaving me a lifeless soul who lives in uncertainty, weltering in tears. But as I faced to move on and continue the journey, I slowly learned that death is an inevitable reality that no one can escape, that death shall always be the constant equalizer among us- the inhabitants of this earth. 
I would like to share the three experiences I had, dealing with the death of  important people in my life and how each experience changed me to be a better person.

I had the first blow of unmatched sadness when my grandmother died. She was diagnosed with cancer and was given a year to live. It had been difficult for me to realize the truth that she will be gone for good, Why? Because my grandma has been the instrument in raising me as a child. The fact that i was a teenager when this happened didn't reduce a bit of impact with my sorrow and pain. She has been my constant shelter, my provider not only in times of need but she's the one where i turn to when trials come my way. My sadness was indescribable but i had the courage to accept it easily. Maybe because I was still young, and was very brave to face any hardships in life. We still enjoyed her company for two more years until her final day came. I remember feeling pain in the first few months. But after that, I was able to easily move on with my life.

The second instance of experiencing a loss was truly heart wrenching, it was the day when my husband died. We were on the process of fulfilling our dreams as a couple when he was diagnosed of kidney failure. Both kidneys shrunk - a renal breakdown. His body cannot afford to undergo dialysis. I felt like everything was just being slapped onto my face and I cannot do anything to improve the situation. This time, it hit me big time and really broke me, not into pieces, but bit by bit of each broken pieces. My heart and mind went numb, unable to console myself just by thinking of his early departure in this life. I thought I would never make it, i was falling deeply into an infinite abyss of hopelessness due to the excruciating pain and sadness. When the heart is broken, it's as if the mind dictates that it's worthless to live any longer. I was thankful that there's a flicker of hope that was left in me. I nurtured that hope and has undergone with the enduring process of grieving and moving on.

True as it is, all wounds are healed by time. After several years of trying to face it, I finally started feeling happy again. I was able get back my desire to live. I will never be the same person as I once was, but I know that those losses made me stronger. Reality bites, wounds heal and they would leave scars.

The third instance that death found a way to challenge me was when one of my closest friends died just recently.  I was starting to heal from my past wounds when my friend so suddenly died of dengue six days after obtaining it. She was one of those people who helped me when I lost my husband and was always ready to provide motherly affections. I literally cried the whole day and was not able to sleep after I found out. I felt like I was dying too at that time. I was not able to go to work and consumed three big bars of chocolates just to feel better. I felt like I grieved not only for her, but also for the past losses that I had. Luckily, after mourning for one whole day, I felt better. I began to accept that everything that has life will experience death. And everything that breathe will one day stop breathing.

Each day, i realize how I treasure and put more value in companionship and give importance to relationships. I cannot afford living without building special connections to people. But I came to learn that connections and love should come from one's self.

We must understand that life is process, and death is a kismet of life. It is true that it crashes our spirits when we need to deal with the loss of our loved ones. But we should realize that at anytime, in any place and in any manner, death can come to anyone - like a thief in the night.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Mother...

November 18, 2012 - a beautiful Sunday, hot, but with the breeze of November caressing our faces, these winds will bring my thoughts, longings and best wishes to you despite the distance. So here's my poem dedicated to you..

Dearest Mother
I've always thought about you these days
for how long since we've seen each other?
months... years already.
i've forgotten the last spoken words
when we had our goodbyes
but your smile...
the last time i saw you
has been imprinted in my heart

Dearest Mother
i know, life has never been that easy
deep inside, and behind your grin and laughter
i could feel the weight and the tinge of forbearance
yet you never showed to us, the weaknesses
instead, you showed us how to care
you strove to show us the goodness in life
you instilled the virtues of lawfulness
you taught us how to survive

Dearest Mother
i missed you so much
that i want to bring you in my embrace
and hug you tightly in my arms
i may have not said those magic words all the time
you may have thought i never cared
yet in my heart i wish to be the best before you
to please and bring honor to you
albeit in little and subtle ways

Dearest Mother
I could never thank you enough
for your unending concern,
for the sacrifices you braved
despite the fragility
for the support in times of sadness
although we are only forlorn
for believing in our own capacity
yet we are only lowly
for the love
despite we're physically apart

Dearest Mother
Maybe your grey hair is now apparent
i could still remember when i was a child
that you'd ask me to pluck one of those
a lot more similar to those memories
made me realize suddenly
to be with you in your older years
to care for you
that it's now turn to serve

Dearest Mother
Worry not for i'd always be there
you may not see me as often now
but my heart goes with you nonetheless
that i've always prayed for your better health
that though we are apart
may you always take care of yourself
so that when the time will come
that we'll see each other again

i would say....
Dearest Mother,
i love you so much.

If you're reading this, have a great happy birthday! I apologize for not fulfilling my promise to be with you this week of the year 2012 to celebrate your birthday. I'm sorry for i chose to be with my work, i'm sorry that it's too late to change my decisions. But all along, you know how much i love you. In prayers and in thoughts, we are one. May you take care of yourself and your health always and most of all, the faith you have instilled to me.

- Billy Mac
November 18, 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012


This video has gone viral ...

Of Stitches and Burns

The ceiling stared at me

Unblinking, slowly enveloping me
As I hear my heartbeat
Contemplating, lying in my forlorn bed
Yet the ceiling sees my agony
Searing, thru my own eternity
Unmuted, the whiteness of the ceiling clear
Understanding without me explaining fear
Sympathizing on my silent whimperings
O! Ceiling ... Wished you'd carry the weight on my wings

I sided on my left
The wall embraced me so abreast
Almost feeling my breath
So close to the walls' caress
Four inches away my face against the wall
Telling me to go ahead... Cry and let it fall
The tears rolled down on my left of cheeks
Silently the wall intently watched so quick
Together, ceiling & the wall heard my sobs
The wall almost pounded with utmost throbs
I laid on my back and there the ceiling saw
The redness in my eyes ...
The vestige of tears
With marks, slow to heal
Poems they said are all unfinished
Like this memory carved not missed

(You taught me to experience the bliss of muted ecstasy - witnessed by the ceiling and walls, with eight corners opposite each other to form the so-called "Room")

How to Configure your Gmail to a Mail Client like Outlook

With the overrated scandal about the Petraus affair - the CIA general from the US who was caught red handed due to his email trails about an extra marital affair via Gmail, i think it's just about timely to write Email Configurations; how to port your emails to Mail Clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird or Alto Mail.

It's imperative that you use your Gmail account to do this because IMAP and POP are free for Gmail users. As for Yahoo fanboys, you have to let your Gmail account fetch those emails from Yahoo first then configure your Gmail for Outlook.

Click the link below for a step by step process:

Thanks to Google Mail Help!


(by the way, it's so frigginly hottie hot with someone right now.. hehehehe)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sails and Hiccups of Yesterday

Inch by inch thy smile faded
With irk, thy hands trembled
Pushing away the monotone
Of lies... Of lies.. Of lies
Unsettled, thy intent to cause grief
Along the way, like the stillness
Of a windless night..
Thy curse, rebounded
Back at thy face, poker, sad
Luminous as the calm lake
Terrorized with oblivion
Of being forsaken, ignored and battered
Swimming, into a whirling "i can't believe" thoughts
Nowhere to go...
But whimper in sorrow
Crunching, barely bearing insanity
And yet, redeemed
Again by a mere realization
Of the power of intimacy

in here, i'm applying the rule of a persona poem - it's a dramatic monologue spoken in the voice of a character created by the author. the above poem was made by putting myself's feelings to another entity. It's best not to elaborate further to veil the mystery behind it.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Fantastic 4 of the Internet

If you're wondering what composes the fantastic 4 of the Internet?

It's no other than:


Hit the link from techcrunch who's the villain.


The Road Less Travelled

Indulge, in the magic of neverwhere...

Love Poem by Linda Pastan
I want to write you
a love poem as headlong
as our creek
after thaw
when we stand
on its dangerous
banks and watch it carry
with its every twig
every dry leaf and branch
in its path
every scruple
when we see it
so swollen
with runoff
that even as we watch
we must grab each
other or
get our shoes
soaked we must
grab each other


i guess, not everyone's appreciative anymore of poetry nowadays, the love for the visuals brought by instagram and DSLRs are so rampant, they induce immediate delicacy to the mind.

but how about feeding your heart? Or when are you going to wake up for you to feel the endless intoxication brought by your sense of imagination?

Happy Birthday!!!

A big shout out and great happy birthday Greetings going out to:

Ms Lorie Gabatino on her birthday this November 12, 2012

Ms SarahMarie Villareal on her birthday last November 10, 2012


Multi tasking on ITIL and Shutter Island

I'm currently reading ITIL reviewers and Shutter Island.

I didn't understand the movie when i watched Shutter Island starring Leonardo diCaprio, all i deciphered at the end of the movie was that he was the a psychopath lured to enter the island and be one of the patients.

I'm trying to figure out now, from the novel, how was the story presented. Was it from the point of view of Teddy? and with this, has  the movie stick to the book?

Meanwhile in ITIL review, my exam is due at 3pm today - Manila time.

Say your goodluck for me...



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Web-based Instagram is here

It's beautiful. It's neat. It's graphical.. It's eye candy!

What more can u ask for?

Instagram web is here.

Have you got yours yet?

Check mine's:

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Adobe Photoshop Express for iOS

I recommend you to download PS Express for your iDevice.. Quite neat and easy to use as an editing app for your photos.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Conversations with my Brother

SUNDAY November 4, 2012
I was busy double checking my hymnal book this morning after i arrived from the house of worship when my phone was suddenly vibrating, i forgot to turn it off - it was my brother calling me.

Absent-mindedly, i said hello and he immediately caught my attention when he muttered that he dreamt of me last night - dead! Oh wow! is all that i could say - laughing.

So we had the brief chat and kamustahan. He went serious again telling me to be careful, telling me to take care. Although i was in happy spirits, i couldn't help myself thinking of what he said. He's a sweet brother, a cool and caring one. We get to talk twice or once a week since we're both busy with our own lives now. I am suddenly flushed with nostalgia of our childhood in the northern province.

I brushed off the impact of me hearing the news that i'm dead. And we ended the call laughing to each other, him teasing me that i could get stumbled in the choir loft. Me reverting to him that he should take care too. Letting him know that i must go since i have to prep myself for the worship service

Contemplating now about the incident earlier this morning, i have come to be at peace of the situation. That death of course is inevitable - whatever the cause could be. Natural or incidental or accidental. But to think about it, you can't ignore the scary feeling or at least a tinge of restlessness. For most of us do not think death in a daily basis, nor we try entertaining it in our thoughts. It's simply macabre, a taboo ever since. But i guess, the vital question is, are you ready to die? Are you prepared? What lies ahead after death?

For me, death is just but a sweet slumber.


Happy Birthday Viel

Scorpio's month. A lot of my friends are celebrating their natal day.
Here's one for Viel ...

Have a great one!!!!


Twitter to instagramize itself

Just read from that bird with the whale is trying to morph its services ala Instagram.

Although we know that it uses URL shorteners to host images and videos, they're planning to make it a appear as is on the tweet feeds. Imagine the like of Instagram's image feeds.

Are u excited about it? Twitter aficionados?



Wear it?
Or was it there?
Now what!
And you're
Something neat
Let's say
It's wifi
It's common
Something proprietary
And push
It back again


Friday, November 02, 2012

Stealing the Abrupt

I'm awake because i still have the sanity
to think

and to quench the drool of ecstasy
is to yield

but my heart says no...
never, never, never can it be

and yet, i indulged
and yes!, oh yes, i lost.. again.

Tell me now,
how to kill the remorse

Tell me now
O wind of wisdom how to repent

To close my eyes
and just forget

Of the nightmarish
tinge of the flesh

Afraid now... once again
the next step, what's the consequence?

Save me! oh please, i beg...
My troubles may rest incessantly

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Daylight-Saving Time aka DST

Why is this important although we're in the Philippines?

It's a must-read for those in the call center industry.

Click it here.. (Courtesy of and

ITIL Training

What's keeping me busy these days aside from my night job?

ITIL .... 2 -3 more weeks from now and the exam will commence..


Thursday, November 01, 2012


Courtesy of 9GAG

PS: download the iOS app of 9GAG from the AppStore