Saturday, March 19, 2022

Beautiful Strangers: Woman In The White SUV


The dawn hasn’t broke yet.

The blackness of the previous night still blankets the surrounding. A reddish light of the lamp-posts in the subdivision, the still trees lined up on each side of the paved road, the beautifully built town houses…everything gave a tranquil vibe. 

Not lonely, not scary, just serene. 

That’s how I felt while walking. It’s 4:30am, just me and the calm dawn. Passing the roundabout, a headlight shone behind me. 

I angled half of my body to glance back and check what’s behind. It’s a handsome big white SUV. 

I stepped inwardly since I was slightly within the driving lane. To my surprise, the car decelerated beside me while the window is being rolled down. 

A woman behind the wheel slightly ducked her head and peeped to the window while saying “sabay ka na palabas” with a friendly grin on her face. 

I was hesitant at first, however considering it was a woman, I shyly replied “okay lang po ba?" with an unsure smile and she said “of course” reaching to the door handle so it would open for me. 

Once inside, she introduced herself and casually asked about me. It’s supposed to be a 5-min ride. However learning that we’re both northbound, she offered the 45-min ride. She talked most of the time-telling stories, about her work and her life. 

I was just there listening,  nodding, speaking once in a while.  Gauging from her look, the woman was a bit older than me, definitely someone from the upper class, with a casual but classy demeanor. 

That  ride has long ended, approximately 5 years ago, yet I’m still awed by it. It was an unbelievably great morning. The woman was kindhearted and trusting. 

“How can I repay?” to the beautiful stranger.

® Real-Life shortStory by Shyla

Waiting Moonlights


Waiting Moonlights

It's the calmness and the arresting peace; 

layered by the soft breeze of summer.

waiting moonlights, one summer evening.

a quarter to seven -- dusk, maybe?

Maybe i want to see the glorious moonlight; 

trying to surface from the transcending clouds.

Lights, slowly... willingly shining upon.

a witnessing sight to wonder, somehow.

And there you go, finally smiling... 

your moonshine - - - beyond profound.

Indescribable, as you get to manifest the

exquisite beauty, leaving me speechless.

~billymacdeus ® poetry

Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Immortalizing You

Civilly, shooting stars are falling beside your gaze, even on your shadows; actually... at all angles,
but you didn't care.

you kept on shining your glow, to the darkest of the nights, and you generously shared your iridescence

i was amazed -- as usual... things like:
your super duper nice ability to magnetize my attention-- they way you make your point,
the way you flash your grin-- at times arresting me with longing to lock you in my arms,
your listening skills--allowing me to express further my trains of thought,
the way you convince (and the way you influence) at all levels, was truly impressive -- a proof that you're a wide reader.

i could go on, and on.. describing you, and the list will be endless
and i will never get tired - i guess,

it just so happened, like a bat of an eye -- "kisapmata" in the Filipino word --- our intimacy, how it blossomed.

i'm happy yeah, and i could feel the mutual happiness too, on your end.
it's a fulfilling sense of euphoria... if there's anything beyond that description; i admit --- that should be it.

composed: June 11, 2021
~bmvd ® poetry

Sunday, March 06, 2022

Top 3 Reasons Why Most Millennial Titas Are Still Single (2 of 2)


guestPost from Thinkerbell
“The best thing is to be respected, the next, is to be loved; 
it is bad to be hated, but still worse to be despised.” - Chinese Proverbs

(read the first part here)

Pangatlo, is a side effect of the second reason. Because I've denied vulnerability, I'm struggling to connect emotionally

According to experts, this is one of the most important factors in any successful romantic relationship --- connecting emotionally (deeper level). 

  • Or pwede din, I cannot connect emotionally because we simply don't vibe. 
  • Pwede din I haven't really met that single person whom I can connect effortlessly. 
  • On the bottom of this, I know I have difficulty in deep  emotional connection, and I have low emotional tolerance.

There are many other reasons why our Titas are still single. These are just a few reasons, speaking from my own experience. Others have their own, or, maybe some, can relate to this three reasons stated earlier.

These personal realizations does not guarantee for me to have a successful romantic relationship now, nonetheless, I am at least aware, unmasking my true self, opening-up more. And thus, continuously doing my homework on the how-to. 

Is it too late? The pressure of time is actually bothersome. However, committing at a later time is more agreeable than having one in the earlier years which surely would have been in vain.

To sum it up, it takes openness to fully understand ourselves before we can understand others. 

It takes willingness in us to own ourselves so we can give it to others. We've read it in many pages, and it takes experience to totally understand the meaning of it. 
  • So just keep it up. 
  • Hang in there self. 
  • We're on our way Titas. 
  • Be patient. 
  • Pray for the one, and work on being the one.

~ Thinkerbelle ®

Saturday, March 05, 2022

Top 3 Reasons Why Most Millennial Titas Are Still Single (1 of 2)

~ guestPost from Thinkerbelle

As rain breaks through an ill-thatched house, passion breaks through an unreflecting mind [Dhammapada]

Being a single Tita is now becoming a "thing". Tita meaning, you're middle aged adult behaving like the typical middle class Titas. 

Unlike in the 80's or 90's, reaching that age unmarried is now more common. Was it their personal choice? Is it possible to have emotional mutation due to environmental issues? Or maybe it's the side effect of social developments? Be the judge...

  • Bakit nga ba sila may "The One, tapos ako wala? 
  • Bakit sila me jowa, ako wala? 
  • Bakit ang romantic relationship ay isang malaking hiwaga para sa akin? 
  • Bakit ang ilap ng pagibig sa akin while all along I believed in the purest form of love? 
  • Bakit nga ba? 

Hindi naman daw ako panget lolssss! And I felt normal naman, like I laugh when they laugh, and I cry when they cry, (if that's enough basis of being normal). Baka something is wrong with me? Hmmnn, re-phrasing it so as not to demean ourselves, what is it that I don't understand?

So yun na nga mars, salamat sa almost a month na ecq nung 2019. Marami itong negative effects sa karamihan especially its economic impacts. On the other hand, looking at the silver lining, this still time has given chance for people to really soul-search. Sa maraming kababaihan na kagaya ko, very career-oriented, kinain na ng araw- araw na kaabalahan ang buhay, ang me-time para sa pagmumunimuni ay isang luxury that we can't afford, or maybe we simply put aside due to it's least importance. And that community quarantine has put a stop to everything, forcing us to do something out of nothingness.

So bakit nga ba tita wala kang jowa? Eto na nga. 

Una, hindi ko priority, kasi hindi ko masyadong tanggap na kailangan ko. Sa pakiramdam ko, kaya ko naman kahit wala akong jowa. 

  • "Darating man sila.., hindi kung hindi". 
  • That "strong independent woman" thought, over-ruling my life. 
  • Adding the fact na maraming pakboys lolssss! Not all, naman po. Peace guys! In simple terms, I don't live with the sense of interdependence, and not because I have a negative conditioning about men. 
  • Interdependence, in the sense... na most of the time, I can manage all by myself, out of free will, and out of maturity - lifted from the basis of sustaining that image and attitude -- strong-willed-independent-woman.

Pangalawa, I've denied myself of vulnerability -- it was rooted from childhood. Something that I used to protect myself. A defense mechanism. I was so used to it that I simply ignore my emotional side. 

  • It's easier to feel numb. 
  • Less drama. Less complications. 
  • Things are easier to understand and manage using my brain. 

(the downsides of not confronting self-vulnerability)

  • Not acknowledging my vulnerability is tantamount to denying my true sense of self. 
  • This is one of the keys to understanding others as well. 
  • So I am missing this part. I have difficulty in understanding others. 
  • Yung lagi na lang akong manhid. Lagi kong late ma-realize na may pahiwatig pala si koya. I've missed a lot of chances I guessed? Baka I already had my TOTGA and too late now. (TOTGA, in case you didn't know is "the one that got away")

Pangatlo (read the next post to be published on Sunday, March 6, 2022)


7 Uncensored Truths You Need To Start Doing


Ignore: Lust, envy, news, opinion, status

Find: Love, Effort, Clarity, Truth, Freedom

Emotional detachment gives you more clarity.

That's why you make better decisions when you care less.

It gets harder to focus on your ambitions if your finances are messy.

Get them in order first!

Always assume that people change, not necessarily the way you would like them to.

In the end, you will attract who you deserve.

More stimulation will not bring you happiness.

Happiness is found in loving relationships, meaningful work, and peace within your own mind.

Travel, talk to people, love, make mistakes, overcome heartbreaks, self-reflect

You will eventually "create" yourself.

Once you've "made it", keep a low profile.

Very few people are happy for you.

Others just want to take advantage of you.

~ lifted from @LiveYourImpossible