Monday, August 27, 2012

September 12: Watch Out!!!

What come's comes in your mind when i say September 12th?

August 27, 2012

PS: think of it this way, pure elation and excitement

Worthwhile Tweets (August week 4)

"Dissatisfaction lies dormant until dreams awaken it"

"Nothing is sexier than a girl who knows how to take control"

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference"

#WorstFeelings Seeing your crush flirt with someone else

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe"

"A person with priorities does what matters. A person without priorities does what is urgent"

"To lengthen thy life, Lessen thy meals"

"if you think education is expensive, try ignorance"

"It's not so much what you say that counts, it's how you make people feel"

"A river cuts through rocks not because of its power at a given moment but because of its persistence over time

August 27, 2012

Sunday Madness & Heroic Acts

I woke up with a naughty smile on my face, i dunno why but everything's so light, so tender, so painfully wonderful i couldn't describe the satisfaction and bliss i'm feeling. It's a Monday morning. I still couldn't believe what happened last Sunday. Purely awesomeness, it was a busy, tiring day... and yet it's worth it.

I was able to proved once again last Sunday that heroism exists not only on the battlefield or in public but also inside the head.. in the ability to face unpleasant thoughts.

I hope to spend more time with Thy highness, though our eyes just locked, conversing in the unknown language of the heart. A fleeting moment and Sunday was gone.

Till we meet again....

August 27, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Phrases of the Week

- this came from Jops originally, we were using it and t'was trending when we were on training with Paul along with SR batch 2. It has something to do with a cross of hyped-techy amusing behaviour. And then, i read "When the Wind Blows" (by James Patterson) last week, which had made the vigor increased for me to apply this meme to my daily conversation.
"you're such a freakazoid!!!"

- i've been trying to let this float consistently for the last two days of this week and it's still a WIP (work - in - progress). Courtesy of Chris, i guess i failed to mimic the correct accent of saying it out loud. Whyyyzzz Guy!!

- it has been a long journey, been using this way back early this year, it just dawned on me lately that this word can be viral, a sheer giver of positive energy whenever you want to give a pat on the back, or even just a wonderful idea that comes in to action.

August 25

Apple gets $1 Billion over a patent war with Samsung


The late Steve Jobs once said... "Android is a stolen product"

A tweet from Samsung today... "Today's verdict should not be viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer"

The lawsuit against Samsung is an implied war with Google - the maker of Android operating system for smartphones. (ice cream drool)

Read the full article from NYTIMES

What Now?

Benefits, benefits, benefits. For those who have a foresight, it means that Android developers, engineers of the iOS rivals would get more in to action of being creative, innovative and inventive - which in turn would realize the infinite possibilities of realizing those seemingly impossible to-do gadgetry for the future of smartphones.

My other two cents, imitation is the best form of flattery. Way to go Apple!

August 25, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

Microsoft's New Logo

For First Time in 25 Years, Microsoft Updates Logo

(photo from New York Times)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

6 Commonly Confused Words

(August 18,  2012)

I was skimming wall posts of friends in Facebook last night and i came across with this comment on a picture with a gorgeous Victorian house background, it said "Where there that?"

I can't help but smile and laugh - the comment wants to convey "Saan yan?" in Tagalog. True to my senses, the comment was imprinted in my mind and it inspired me to write this post - 10 commonly confused words 6 Commonly Confused Words. Then it dawned on me that i too, sometimes fall in epic wrong choice of words. 

I certainly wanted to improve, and it served me right when my mentor provided feedback that i tend to utilize hifalutin adjectives and phrases that poses confusion and misnomers to ideas i wanted to convey.

The list is based on my observation and reading experiences from emails, to published and unpublished articles, not excluding text messages and other forms of communications in our daily lives. 

Check it out and learn..

1. Affect or Effect
There's a still fine line between these two especially when "effect" is used as a verb.
Effect as a verb means to bring about or to accomplish; while affect means to influence.

"It affects me to share my personal trauma to strangers, because, it effects to remember the wounds in the past"

2. Allude or Elude
Elude is to escape
Allude is to make indirect reference

"The gentleman eludes his ex because escaping her alludes to freedom"

3. Can or May
Can is for ability
May refers to permission

4. Farther or Further
Farther must always be used when talking about distances.
Further is most suitable for quantities of time.
"We ran farther down the sloping hills"
"I discussed the topic further with utmost deliverance"

5. Good or Well
When talking about attitude, use "good".  I feel good today.
When referring to health conditions or performance, it's proper to say 'I am feeling well now" or "She performed well on the stage"

6. Irregardless or Regardless
There's no such thing as irregardless.

Writing and speaking clearly can surely deliver results. You'd get your "bottom line" delivered without the consequence of frustration, ambiguity and inconvenience.

.. and most of all, it eliminates the mockery and inside funny moments from the reader or receiver of your thoughts.

August 18, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Searing madness of discernment
Accountable thoughts of forethought lamentations 
of the uncertainties
in this world
Its precariousness
Its fleeting happiness
Where the possibility of fulfillment
Seems to disappear
In a surge of a snap
Allowing a momentous
Flooding of loneliness
Erasing past inspirations
Enveloping darkness
Going down
Spiraling low
Tossing deeper
Into a deluge
Of pure sorrow.
Refining the senses
The coldness
Of the journey's
Last cry.
Tickin of the clock
The dampness
Of the air
Bringing images
Of solitariness
Of desolation
The heart
To a silent
Of anguish
Of torment
Resting no more
To the tune
Of old melodies
Once again
The gloried
Unspoken reflections
Things left unsaid
In spoken words
Where ink
Shall be the witness
And the bearer
Of truth
The sponge
To set the flow
Of emotions
Be buried
Once and again
In a thousand train of thoughts
Moving in a tow
Of suddenness

August 14, 2012

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Habagat 2012

Torrential rains…
Poured down unrelenting
Grounds, soaked
Waters shimmering
The  skies turned gray
Darkness enveloped the plains
Raging… raging
Pelting rain from the heavens
Further, deep down
In to blissful wetness
As the winds, ravaging faces
Bringing utmost chill
To everyone's countenance

Thou! no tempests coming
But Lo! These rains so fierce
Making my fellowmen
Worried and alert

Drainage clogged
Wastes under duress
Jumbling the raw flesh
And the unwanted pests
Mixing, creating gross
Inevitable mess
Rain swarmed nonstop
Water level getting high
It was only ankle deep
But Lo! Now it became steep

Pools of water unceasing
Now the Flood is coming
Children began to wail
Adults began to panic
The water is rising
The current is furious
Raging, tearing
Each way it touches
Engulfing each area
That is devoid of volume
Lashing as if a dragon on fire
Submerging things…
Burying lives...
Strangling the light of hope
Into a lesser piece
Until it flickers no more

Flash floods...
The metro is a waterworld
Nearby towns
Stricken in terror
In pain and hunger
Where people climbed to their roofs
To seek shelter
From the open skies
And yet it gave no compassion
For the rains become uncontrolled
Bringing forth anguish
And of adrenaline rush
To survive
To cling on
To the unseen forces
Brought by nature's wrath
This untamed…

(This was made amidst the pouring rain last August 7, 2012 - an unprecedented flash flood strike Metro Manila and nearby towns, sending chaos and testing once again the unity and perseverance of the typical Pinoy)

Friday, August 03, 2012

Voice Pilot Questions

Who would want to listen to an audio on the internet without visuals except for  a prelim or blurb posted as is in the blog.

I'm going to try one these days in August 2012.

They always say i have a tempered, modulated and sexy voice...

Trying to upload now and doing some more research

Promise that ill keep this posted.


Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Prose & Consequence

Elation to marry
the minds of unhindered truth
reversing the unrest
chided by eloquence

Nothing can ever purify
but the mercy within
no water can ever hold
only the love bestowed

Reminders of purity
flames forever singed
yet no less than it thaws
desires of lust beknownst

Cry o'er no more
screams o' fellow soul
forlorn appease entail
regain the moment's wail

Shattering ad libs
Illusionist's climax
sinner's admonition
unpampered caress

Fill the dripping ode
grappling almost true
scented vibes to mask
undying firmness due


PS: i normally compose on the spot using my 3 year old screen. However, this post was scribbled via the Notepad of iPhone, i have to just copy and paste it since my notes are syncd on the iCloud... fasho!!!