Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Corona Virus Outbreak Online Tracker - Infected Locations Dashboard

I came across this website from one of the lifehack sites in my feed.

It's not a simulator.

It's an online dashboard that tracks location of the outbreak of the infection.

It's a live outbreak tracker on which locations are already infected

It was designed by US' John Hopkins Hospital

I'm am unsure how the data is updated or how it was fed to this tracker, most possibly, the hospital associations have their own committee in accurately feeding it to John Hopkins.

Here's a screenshot:

click to enlarge

Here's the website url. Feel free to share.

Corona Virus Online Tracker

- Don't get obsessed with it
- Take precautionary measures, prevent as much as possible
- Consult your doctor when symptoms appear


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  1. The spread of this Wuhan coronavirus is really alarming. Even healthy person is not exempt from this mysterious virus because it can spreads through direct and indirect contact. Let's hope that the accelerated coronavirus vaccine be ready as soon as possible to help the people and stop it from spreading.