Saturday, June 19, 2021

Consistency At Its Finest

I am to write this, without further reservations, because it is but right and truthful. I feel that it needs to be aired-out digitally, or could be printed whenever pleased by anyone - who'd come to stumble this written piece.

So it's the year 2021 - - more than a year, since the outbreak of the COVID 19 Pandemic last year-March 2020. A lot has changed; as in a lot - more importantly on how people harness or sustain their spiritual needs.

Just as we eat and drink everyday, to nourish our physical bodies, so does our need to fulfill and feed our souls through the spiritual activities that we must abide by to, based on our faith, beliefs, or religion.

While most, if not all are scared, apprehensive and doubtful on how to perform religious obligations across the country - - (whereas you can't blame them, for safety purposes) there is quite a distinct organization that is fearless - as soon as the PH government approved for mass gatherings and religious activities (30% none the least), and that is, the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo).

With all honesty, and without prejudice - despite me being part of this church, I do feel and say with conviction that the members are being taken cared off on their spiritual needs, properly and without haste.

The non-interruption of the House Worship Services across INC families are truly helpful - in a way, that could strengthen one's persistence to the everyday battles this journey of life has to offer.

I missed writing.

As i've said earlier - i'm going to write this thought-process - not to please someone from inside the Church or just so, for the sake of showing-off, or even for the sake of you-must-know-and-accept-this-truth-blah-blah, but because i wanted to express what my heart and eyes are seeing, in action, in the execution of the members of the Church of Christ, not only in the Philippines, but all throughout the world.

I shall be unwavering to narrate these first hand experiences - coming from yours truly.

On point... today commenced the yearly Holy Supper, that the church has been holding since its foundation (from Christ's era... and now to, this Christian era - re established in the Far East).

I am a living witness how the power of the Holy Spirit is within the Church, trickled down to each of the members congregating on this special occasion.

A time to be purified, a time to be washed with unclean-ness, a time for renewal, a time for the receiving of mercy and gifts of blessings from Him.

In order to gain the fortitude once more, to prepare thyself once more for the journey to come, until the end will come to last... there in the New Jerusalem - - a promised land for those, chosen ones.


PS: According to elders and documentaries, the church endured two different world wars, and their worship services back then never stopped... It was always consistent, even now.

Be delighted! Be calmed - if you are reading this, and you are a member of the Church Of Christ - your election of the faith is true.