Sunday, May 26, 2024

May 10 - Remembering Brother Felix Y. Manalo - 138th Birthday

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The Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) is commemorating the 138th birthday of God's Messenger in these last days. We, here at the QTpodcast and billymacdeus' blog are in unity with this celebration. The church worldwide holds simultaneous evangelical missions highlighting the teachings about pagsusugo.

The Prophecy and the Messenger are important teachings of the INC; it's a unique doctrine that no other religious organization could properly justify using the Bible, except the INC. To expand this claim, let's draw some proof quoting these verses:

John 6:29 

“This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.”

Hebrews 5:4 

"And no man takes this honor to himself, but he who is called by God, just as Aaron was."

II Corinthians 10:12 

"Not that we dare to classify or compare ourselves with some of those who are commending themselves. But when they measure themselves by one another and compare themselves with one another, they are without understanding.

For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends."

Deducing from the above verses, INC believes that the sending of "with authority to do the work of God" is something that is not new, it is actually a teaching shared by Lord Jesus. The calling of being a messenger is also supported by God himself, just as he called Aaron. Hence, it is not as simple as declaring one self that "I am sent by God", the approval and supporting evidence should be there.

This claim of "authority to preach His words" is properly supported by INC with conviction and faith through the Last Messenger in these last days - Brother Felix Y. Manalo.

Whenever you are interested, or challenged with this statement and claim, we offer you peace and to be kind-hearted with an open mind.

It is best to talk it over live study, and face to face to an INC minister, for those who want to delve or dive in deeper with this doctrine or teaching.

Feel free to drop us a message, and we'll be happy to coordinate with you to the nearest INC Chapel or Locale in order to schedule you a Bible Study.


drop us a message via for us to assist you for any questions or clarifications by directing you to an official minister of the gospel. This platform is a vehicle to reach out to people who are in search of truth regarding spirituality.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Ang Kuya Namin sa Work - Starbucks Experience

Ang ultimate kuya ng Plaza E at Aeon building - Kuya Ruben.

Kuya Ruben is one of the members of our housekeeping services in the corporate company I work for during the night.

Magiliw siya at palabati, kaya madaling makapalagayang loob. Minsan nabanggit niya, "dipa ako naka experience magStarbucks".

"Simpleng request naman kuya" kako, kaya nung nagtugma sked namin, we went to Starbucks and guided him kung anong gusto nia orderin and explaining a bit kung ano ung frap vs iced vs hot drinks.

I wanted to post this because I wanna relive how his reaction was pagtuntong namin sa loob ng SB; I could feel the excitement and eagerness. While walking towards SB Northgate, abot-abot ang pasasalamat niya, in a happy and yet, sincere manner.

Iba talaga kapag nakakapagpasaya ka ng kapuwa mo; being the harbinger of compassion and kindness is profound.

I initiated to take a pic of him, which i forgot to share immediately. This happened back in December 2023 pa, almost  6 months na ang nakakalipas. Tagal na niya ako kinukulit to send the pic; all along, I thought one of my one-downs already shared the pics noong sinabi ko na, "pa-send to (SB picture) kay Kuya Ruben"; since we were'nt friends sa FB back then.

So when i bumped into kuya last week sa shift ko, he reminded me to send the pic. And the rest is history.

Salamat Kuya Ruben for making our workplace a better place to work for, everyday, by being the instrument of cleanliness and orderliness, always keep up your positivity and smiling with a service.


Sunday, May 12, 2024

Patuloy na Magbigay Kasiyahan sa Diyos ang Kaniyang Bayan

For me, listening intently to the texto of Brother Eduardo V. Manalo has always been a pleasure, and likened to a deer in search of water.

Ang paksang diwa of the Church's 110th anniversary: "Patuloy na Magbigay Kasiyahan sa Diyos ang Kaniyang Bayan" was magnified and shared with great emphasis to signify its importance in these last days for the INC members' journey towards salvation.

Firstly,  ang pagbibigay kasiyahan sa Diyos ay siyang inaasahan Niya mula sa Kaniyang mga hinirang. This is a basic requirement for the servants of God, because it's all tied up to the bigger picture - ang pagdating ng Panginoong Jesus -- na kaalinsabay ang napakalakas na ingay sa langit, na ang apoy ay wawasak sa araw, mga bituin, at sa kalawakan -- na ang pagdating ni Jesus ay nasa pintuan na.

Second, ang pagbibigay kasiyahan sa Diyos ay konektado kung nais nating matamo ang kaligtasan. Sapagkat ang pagliligtas ay napakalapit na, at nagbigay ng babala ang Bibliya sa mga magaganap; ito ay natutupad at patuloy pang natutupad:

- digmaaan (i.e.) 1st World War - July 27, 1914; 2nd World War - September 1, 1939.

- alingawngaw ng mga digmaan

- titindig ang banasa laban sa bansa

- ang kalikasan ay magdurusa

- lindol

- natural na mga sakuna

- tag gutom

Ang mga kaganapan sa itaas ay inilalarawan na gaya ng paghihirap ng isang babae sa kaniyang panganganak. 

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Another reason why it is important for God to be delighted with us - "Ang panginoon ang pumapatnubay sa atin sa landas kung saan tayo lalakad, at pumuprotekta sa kanila na nagbibigay kasiyahan sa Kaniya."

One great example of this is the King Hezekiah - ginawa niya ang mabuti at tama - siya ay sumunod sa Dios. Nagpumilit siya na sumunod sa mga batas (laws) at tuntunin (rules) ng Diyos. Hence, the king receive good and great things in this life.

Ultimately, ano ang pangako ng Diyos sa mga nagbibigay kasiyahan sa Kaniya?

- patuloy kang papatnubayan ng Panginoon.

- bibigyang kasiyahan sa buhay, gaya ng bukal ng tubig na hindi nawawala.

Hindi naman kailangan ng Diyos ang mga biyaya, kundi tayo ang nangangailangan; gaya ni Haring Asa na naging malakas at hindi natakot gumawa ng mga reporma (inalis ang mga diyos-diyosan sa mga pagsamba noong unang panahon), siya ay nakapagbigay kasiyahan sa Diyos, at siya'y tinulungan, naging mabuti sa kaniya ang Diyos.

Tinutulungan ng Diyos ang mga may ligalig, nabigo, nabuwal; binibigyan Niya ng sapat, mga pangangailangan, walang hindi hinahangad kundi tayong lahat ay maligtas. Kung tayo ay nakapagbibigay kasiyahan, gagaan ang lahat na ating mga pinagdaraanan.


Saturday, May 04, 2024

How Often Should You Get a Pedicure?

According to Men's Health (a well-respected magazine for men), an average person should get a pedicure at least a month, (yeah! that's once a month).

It was shared with caution though, depends on how fast your toenails grow, you should get as often as you like. A pedicure, couple it with a footspa is the most effective way to maintain your feet hygiene, keeping your nails fresh and clean.

Given that it's summer time as of this writing here in this tropical land - - The Philippines, it is just normal to wear sandals most of the time. Show case your flipflops and tsinelas, and bring it on--but are your toe-nails ready? Then it's time to get that relaxing and comfy-feeling footspa.

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Friday, May 03, 2024

Nosetalgia - The Power Of Scent

The best remembrance of memory is when it's locked and connected through certain smell or odor; this can be recalled easily by the mind when that scent comes up again in the future.

Ever wondered how the scent of burning firewood on a cold weather, brings back nostalgia in the days when you put your hands together to get it warmed during the early hours of morning by directly putting your hands closer in the burning fire of the "dalikan" - an Ilokano term for a stove, a hand-made potted clay which is used for heating, cooking, and even warming your face, body, or hands.

My Lola used to wake us up along with my cousins when we were kids as early as 5:00 am during the ber months in our province. She would let us taste the "siggit", a rice soup which was lifted from the vapors of the boiling rice being cooked from the stove.

Alongside the burning firewood in the stove, we would place our hands near it, close enough to warm the chilling morning December breeze.

Dalikan - Stove (image courtesy of Ilokano Ak Facebook)


How about the scent of a freshly cut grass? It suddenly transports you back in time when you get to be early going to the school grounds during elementary days, prepping for a flag ceremony - with the fresh feeling of morning dew, smelling the wave of this sharp but fresh smell of grass all around. 

It was indeed reinvigorating - when you suddenly smell this pungent odor of grass, it seemed like you're back in time enjoying the greens and sceneries of non-polluted environment.

There's a plethora of examples in the power of scent -- its ability to trigger emotions and memories, locked up long ago, suddenly bringing it back in a snap, as if you are there in that moment in time again.

This property of scent is so magical that even a vague whiff of certain smells, will evoke a strong visual images in our minds and taking us back to a fond memory - may it be a lulling craving of good-old-days happenings, or some tragical moments in our lives.

According to research, the strong connection of memory to odor is primarily attributed to having access of the central brain structures such as the amygdala and hippocampus, which are involved in regulating emotions and emotional memories. Compared to the other senses, the sense of smell is so potent in activating the brain wires to call these memories tied to specific smells when those memories were made.

So, the next time you want to have a memory imprinted, couple it up with a strong odor -- surely, this will trigger those brain circuits to come rushing alive, transporting you back in time.