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Mga Benefits Ng Paggamit Ng Apple Watch

You don't know what to do with your hard-earned money sitting in the bank and not earning a dime every minute? Why don't you invest in a tech-gadget for your health and fitness.

Ang malaking katanungan, iPhone user kaba?

Kung ang sagot sa taas ay OO, sige po, basa sa baba.... sorena kung hinde - pass muna daw. 😝

Apple Watches - Series 5

If you're looking for reasons to pull the trigger, I don't think “why use a watch instead of my phone?” is the question you want to ask. You don't use it “instead of the phone”, but it does do some things better. Here's a list of some examples (you've just given me a reason to go into full fanboy mode, so buckle up):

  • Go for a morning run with nothing but the watch on your wrist and AirPods in your ears. Yes, no phone. Control playback and volume from your watch, skip or select tracks, sync some music or podcasts onto your watch and listen to it offline, etc.
  • Use Apple Pay with NFC super quickly without pulling your phone out. Double press the button, wave your wrist over the terminal, done. I've been using this feature for months and still feel like I'm in a sci-fi movie every time. Cashiers sometimes go “woah, what?”
  • Use Wallet on the watch. Tickets, boarding passes, everything. Tap-tap-show-go in. No getting anything in and out of your pockets. No more “hold my pop-corn and drink, gotta scan our tickets”.
  • Shopping lists. Your both hands can be occupied, but you still can just tap your watch to cross out an item and go on to the next aisle.
  • Control volume on any Apple device that's currently playing back media by rotating the crown. Most importantly, control the volume of AirPods. I believe using AirPods without the Watch is just an incomplete experience.
  • Unlock your MacBook by just being next to it.
  • Set timers for cooking with your nose. Life-changing!
  • Instant voice memos.
  • Control smart home from your wrist.
  • Remote camera preview and shutter button. Forget about shutter timeouts.
  • See who is calling, decline or answer right on the watch. Even without AirPods, in speaker mode. Great for quick “omw, love you” style talks.
  • Walkie-talkie can be really fun under the right circumstances.
  • Use health features. This thing makes you wanna be healthy, close those rings and get those awards. It motivates you and gamifies your exercise habits. It reminds you to stand up often. It tracks your heartrate, hearing, and even sleep (with pretty cool third-party apps). You can run, go to the gym, swim with it. These small things add up to a point where they change your life by making you constantly aware of your health, like you're your own Tamagochi. I was kidding about “life-changing” cooking timers before, but this here is not even a joke.
  • It's a cool flashlight. No, really. It's always on you, you just turn it on with a tap or say “flashlight”, and you have a light even if your hands are occupied or your phone is in another room while you're finding your way in the dark to go pee at night. It's surprisingly useful!
  • Alarm clock that only wakes you up by vibrating and no one else.
  • Look at the watch and instantly ask a question or give a command to Siri. It's not always convenient or appropriate to do, but when it is, it's really super cool.
  • Complications. This should be a separate list, or a post, or even a subreddit! You can get so much useful stuff on your wrist, it's insane. Invest some time into building a library of apps and arranging complications into one or several watch faces, and you'll have a magical multitool that's always on you. Calendar, weather, shopping list, timer, stopwatch, calculator, currency converter, countdown to a notable event, Shazam, step counter, hydration reminder, your (almost) live subscriber count in a social network, anything you can think of. And using all this is just “look at your wrist and maybe tap once or twice”, not “pull out your phone, unlock it, find the app, launch it, wait for it to load, do what you needed, lock the phone, put it away”. There are times when you just deem a task unworthy of all those steps — you'll realize how many times a day that is only when there's an alternative.
  • Apps. Here's a list of some of my favorite WatchOS apps I compiled a while ago. AW apps are mostly pretty robust and feel great to use, WatchOS is a strong platform.
  • Notifications. Seriously, seeing a notification instantly is much more different from having to dig for the phone each time than you might think. You glance at your wrist and instantly know if the notification requires your attention, it takes you a split second and exactly zero effort, and you end up taking out your phone much less.
Buy watch bands! This thing is an accessory, and if you want, you can make it look and feel fabulous. There are plenty of affordable third-party bands out there that arent's that bad, but then there are expensive bands made of premium materials that can be a legit fashion statement. Express yourself and all that.

Perhaps a single given item on this list is not very significant (although some of them really are), but they add up to create something that's more than the sum of all features. If you set everything up thoughtfully, it changes the way you perceive your digital life. Apple Watch is legitimately my favorite piece of tech from the 2010's, and even with all its popularity I still feel like it doesn't get enough credit.

If this list still doesn't have you excited, then maybe the watch is honestly not for you. :)

Apple Watch Series 5

Chalamat 🥰 ng madame sa reddit user who compiled the list. A very interesting list indeed, it made solidify my conviction that my series 3 will soon be upgraded to series 5. Ehhhhhh!!!! 'bala ka jan.


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