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Monday, December 24, 2018


Everything seemed alright,
Everything was insight,
But it seems to get tight,
You seem to be out of sight.

It was all my fault, my dear,
The dramas you always hear,
The nights that your eyes tear,
It was everything that I fear.

Didn't mean to drop the plate,
Didn't mean to change our fate.
Maybe I'm too late,
Too late to catch your plate.

In a distance, I saw your smile,
It was bittersweet from a mile.
I haven't heard your voice for a while,
My eyes seems like the river Nile.

Forgive me if I have failed us
For I was stranded in my chaos.
I hope there will be no fuss
Between the two of us.

I'm delighted to see you're happy,
Though I'm not the reason for it, frankly,
It's good too see you're still witty,
Good to know you still have that beauty.

I'll be fine with my life, my love.
I'll seek inner peace and the white dove.

Guest Post From Aidan
(He authors this personal blog In FB: “Silakbo Sa Balintataw