Saturday, August 20, 2016

That Feeling of Elation (spiritual impact)

Before i will cap this day, August 20, 2016 into its final completion. I can't help but to smile and be thankful.

It was a blessed one, another satisfying experience that came my way in the daily fast-paced journey on this earth. I slowly shunned posting my thoughts in my blog for a while, but today, it's different. I want to capture the sensation and experience i felt today. Despite me coming from work on a Friday shift, the wee hours of Saturday - the 20th, it made me excited as i am to partake in assisting a holy baptism in the church. 

It was all the more joyful to note that this occasion equates to a milestone when it comes to executing the spiritual fervor because i deeply revere the fact, that my God is happy to see good deeds abounding from his servant - that is, fulfilling the teaching of sharing the faith across the land. And it came to a meaningful moment as the days and weeks of labor handling my fruit reaches the day of holy baptism.

Simply put, a conviction in the mind conveys that i for one was able to deliver what was ecpected of me in the area of missionary works.

I dont think there is more noble greatness than to share your faith and see it bears fruit in the shorto span of time.

As the angels rejoice on each soul being saved, what more Could it be better to witness and feel that you were made as an instrument for someone to enter the Church of Church.

A very blessed Satursay despite the rains - it's worth it.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How To Set-Up Emergency Contact On Your Locked iPhone?

Imagine this: so you ran in to an emergency situation, the only point of reference they have is your phone/mobile - BUT it's locked! People cannot access your phonebook, and your wallet doesn't have the emergency contact information as well.

It's a dead end!!! Specially if you do frequent solo backpacking or most of the time, you're doing solo flight.

To come prepared, there's a (native) APP in iPhone that allows anyone to contact an emergency # even if the phone is locked. With smartphones being handy and serving as a daily tool nowadays - something you can't leave behind before going out of the house, it's best to tweak and take advantage of its safety uses.

To setup your iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Open Health App
2. Tap on Medical ID and create one.
3. There's a field to enter your Emergency Contact Information
4. Once all is setup, test it by locking your iPhone and tapping "emergency" on the lower left corner; then you'll see the *medical ID, tap it and it'll show your basic info in case of emergency.

I hoped you find this useful.

Till next time.