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Monday, November 06, 2017

When I Stared Up Above...

The vastness of luminous dark grey, opened widely
as I stared above the skies.

with a moving tinge of white cottony clouds,
slowly passing through the starry backdrop
of blackness from above

and the distant full moon just alone, shining -
as if a huge marker of guiding light
from the passing clouds

with a ringless rainbow surrounding the dimmer light
creating a magical awe-effect to the mind
what a beautiful scenary, to look at -

on a peaceful guarding of the house -
for the Beloved.


Monday, April 24, 2017

Dear Love

This is an unsent letter, ages - long ago. Instead of letting it hidden in the archives of draft materials. Let be it known to the world.

... and as you read this, i fervently hope to your sustenance of happiness and peace.

Dear Love,

I intend to do this everyday, to write you love notes... because i feel that it's worth it, it's something that we can go back to when our days are older, when our grey hair will shame the strength of the youth for its beauty and elegance. Yeah, i can't help but smile seeing us, together, holding hands on a pathwalk in a park, feeling the breeze, the winds whispering its thoughts to our cheeks, when we are older.

I don't know, but, it may be just a coincidence, that i get to think to write you this lovenote or loveletter, whatever you may call it, on this Heart's day. I don't believe in Valentine's Day actually, but I'm doing this not to impress you nor to go with the flow of trends nowadays but because, simply, i love you.

You know? I can't really get enough of you, all these years, my affection, admiration and respect to you has never waned. In fact, it seemed, greater. Yeah, i guess, i'm in this phase where post maturity in our relationship has reached its sustained bliss - that even the simplest things you do, i get to appreciate all the more.

You are beyond indescribable. Not only that you are beautiful or shall i say .... ravishing but you are my life. I don't know how to deal with the world if i'll lose you. I've been to different extremes of life's challenges but you have been the greatest and the most sublime conception that happened in my life.

Baby, i love you not only to the moon and back, it may sound mawkishly sentimental, but i don't care. I just love you with all my heart. I know you can feel me, the intensity of these words as you read it in your eyes, but please let me have the affirmation, that as you read this, your heart is full of joy just like my heart is, where both, our hearts are beating rhythmically, to the dance of sweet emotional attachment, more than intimacy, more than love - our fate, our destiny to be with each other, forever and beyond eternity

With all my heart,
- -


Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Empty (Part 2)

A Note To Readers : Read this aloud in a perfectly silent room, feel the emotions, it's worth experiencing. (~billymacdeus)

Empty (Part 2)

I stared at the empty wall. 
It was all messed up, 
I can see what were before myriad attempts 
at decoration; 
but they were destined 
to either not last 
or worse, 
I succumbed to the floor 
contemplating over 
what I had just done. 

It felt right at the moment 
it also felt like 
I let go 
of something important 
that it was foolish to do so. 
I bowed my head 
over my knees, 
my forehead flat on it. 

I knew I wanted 
to cry 
but I guess 
I just was tired 
and sick 
of this 
that I cannot 

I'm tired
of all the pretenses 
that I've told myself 
and others. 
I'm tired of 
holding onto 
the fact that 
all I that I ever had 
were temporary. 
I'm tired of
this goddamn thing 

I knew before then 
that it was somehow a dream come true 
but as with all dreams, 
I must wake up. 
And I just did – yet every once in a while, 
I find myself 
dream again...

~Mikez Magtibay

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Monday, January 30, 2017


How come?
I get blinded
By the tears
Brought by
Your smiles
At my downright
In adoring
Your boring self.


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Empty (Part 1)

Empty (Part 1)

I knew it was coming, 
but the only question was when. 

Little by little, piece by piece, 

I reluctantly defaced the soothing wallpaper 
that I had so painstakingly pasted 
on the wall. 

Inch by inch, 

I slowly bore my nails 
into the fragile paper 
and started tearing 
it apart. 

I cringed 

and reveled at the same time 
hearing the sound of ripping paper - 
as if my hands 
were moving on their own volition 
while something deep inside 
is telling me to stop. 

Until the day 

when I finally tore the last piece of it 
only it did reveal the plain, 
grey paint behind. 

Patches of color 

splattered along the now barren wall, 
but that's just what they are, 

Little blotches of faded colors 

which only reminded me that a wallpaper 
is not 
what I needed 
but something more adherent, 

It reminded me that 

not a day ever 
was I able to find someone 
to paint the wall with.

~Mikez Magtibay

Go check his newly elected blog
Mike with a 'z'

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Lovestruck En

(this is a guest post from someone named Jing Wang)

Lovestruck En

Because of you,
I learnt people can fall in love at first sight.
Love comes unexpectedly like magic when looking at your eyes, and
Life is a gift from God created in His own image.
You are like that star not ever seen but closer to my heart already.

My big boy,
Confession of my thought

Dear, you are so charming and I do mean it.
Expect the arrangement by Almighty as it is mysterious and it won't be put asunder.
Ultimately, it extends from one to both the moment God approves for it.
So let the heart go on and share the love we have today as it stays right here.


Notes from me:
Anyone is free to submit their prose and poetry. It will be yours, credited to your name or your desired pen name, you can even be tagged anonymously as you like.

You may send it thru any of the following:
2. Message me in

Regards and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Isosceles Triangle

I became to be fond of the isosceles triangle
A dreamy and bouncy one
Reverberating as i touch, the isosceles triangle
So sweet and lovely one.


(Okay, dont be judgmental yeah? Hahahaha!)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Seven Times Seven? - I asked ...

You were angry at me, untiring.
Like the waves' infinite rhythm lapping on the shore.

Unforgiving, despising at my flaws.
Like the fiery sunlight, beaming on my window.

That reminds me, of how we got awaken
By its brightness
Under the sheets, our arms entangled,
In embrace

Now, you're gone...
A message from you, so deeply longed for.
Like a land, so barren
Waiting for the rain.

It has ceased now, i moved on.
Forgetful not, but acceptance and carrying on.
Have settled, none the less.
At the break of dawn, though.
I can hear my soul...
Its echoes
Its murmurs
And its cries.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Just Before Dreamland

Before i drift into slumber
Memories of not so long ago flashing,
On my vision, blurry now..
Almost my eyes would totally close
to sleep
But in between those blinks
I knew i smiled
For i saw your face smiling
But sleep keeps on pulling me
Although i wanted to still see
You, even in fragments
On my tired mind
Trying to prolong
The fleeting encounter
But what can i do?
My arms flailed tenderly
And slowly it stopped
And my eyes are closed now.
Yet in my consciousness
You are there,
Smiling back at me again...
And i knew my lips too,
Managed to smile back at you
And so at that fraction of a second
When our eyes locked
With each other -
That's when i knew
I went off
In entering dreamland.
With me is the calmness
For i know,
that when i
Wake up, and return to sleep
to rest...
I shall see you again.

... Just before dreamland



The walk to home is like the feasting of the eyes
on a lush green valley, scenic and adorable;
breathtaking, incomparable.

The walk away from home is like the hopeless
shouting for the pain at least to stop;
excruciating, leaving you - teary eyed.


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Anchor Of The Heart

Feign the loss luster into a clamor of hope
For in this world-- gorged with sorrows and pain

Quit not your fight, no matter how hard
For it is just in the mind

You can succeed - command your heart!
And so your thinking thus align

To the virtue, and the dictate
of, your heartbeat.