Friday, April 30, 2010

So what's the fuzz about Jejemons?

The first time i spotted something related to a Jejemon post was when i was browsing Facebook and came across with the shortened URL post from ChesterTam, i did not bother to click the link but somehow it has left a mark in my ram(rather memory lolz!) because it has a subtitle something about Gibo (candidate for president on Philippines' 2010 elections). At that time i'm still clueless what the heck is that word. 

Then Days passed, i was checkin' my GoogleReader and checkin' out ChicoGarcia's blog when my vision caught the term Jejemon again. This time, the RXmonster jock has blogged about Jejemon in full detail. Only then i came to unravel the truth about that word.

The train of thoughts in the past suddenly flashed cuz i was a text addict back in the early 2009 with the aid of my Smart simcard, and i could vividly remember replies from some of my friends such as...
- "je je je je je"
- "eOwH! muzhtahhh kha nha powh!!
- "sL33ph t!ghhhht

At first, i got irritated by those messages, cuz im the guy who uses T9 on my old Nokia phone. Seldom i reply text messages through Tagalog cuz i find T9 very useful, the predictive text input is amazing cuz it speeds me up in typing, elsewhere, it's my way of enhancing my spelling skills. And i swear, i think i replied rudely to one of the text regarding "je je je je je", saying WTF is that "je je je je"? and i got a message conveying. 

He he he he.

Now, to make it in full circle, i came to realize that the Philippine government is quite serious in eradicating this Jejemon mania nowadays. 

I've no objection to that. However, it seems like the feedback i'm getting about Jejemons are too much harsh and discriminating. Imagine, some bloggers and some peeps are tagging these Jejemons as low-IQed individuals and profiled as expressing idiocy over the net. 

IMHO, i feel that there's nothing wrong with being a Jejemon(clicking this link will take you to a fictional story about jejemons) . In my perspective, it's their way of expressing their creativity. It's like understanding the meaning of their words in another level. Trying to challenge the norm in thy mind of the ordinary person who is not a Jejemon, or a person who is a first time reader of the Jejemon language. Somehow, if that first time guy, was able to decipher the content of the Jejemon language, prolly he has that same level of thinking to the Jejemon message sender.

I know a friend of mine, who's an internet gamer aficionado. And back in the Philippines he was using the Jejemon language whenever he's texting (back then, Jejemon is unknown to me). I never considered him as a low-IQ guy, infact, i've a big respect for gamers. I know, i know... logic that is, not all gamers are Jejemons. But the thing is, these guys/gals who are using the Jejemon language shouldn't be tagged as low-IQed peeps. Everyone has the right for the freedom of expression. If for some reason, you have a friend like one,  and you cannot stand their way of conveying their thoughts through the Jejemon style, then give feedback or criticize.

..and take note! "Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man's growth without destroying his roots" - Frank Clark

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

... This LOVE (part I)

"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind;
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind"

... This LOVE (part 1)

our feelings rushed
without minding 
the consequences
leaving me breathless
as our eyes locked the first time
it was you who approached
and i felt this wild thing
yet so profound!
this Love...

i could sense 
that the spark is mutual
though ...
i did not advance enough
yet sleepless nights troubled me
for your presence, i longed.
this i cannot bear
so my shyness disappeared
for i know
i should be with you
to offer you my feelings
devotion and i implored
this Love...

you did not fail me!
and i was at my happiest
splendid that is!
nothing more i could place
a word so indescribable
this joy - immeasurable
and thus, you answered me
deep down i can't get enough
& so i prayed
this Love...

Friday, April 23, 2010

The passion to write

i had surfed my first blog which is undisclosed publicly(thanks to blogger for this option) , i had started this blog back in February of 2009. i could feel the smiles forming on my lips while reading through my post last 2009. Some of it were deeply moving- experiences back in Quiapo, malibay and sampaloc metro manila, some were profoundly funny, some were bluntly ruthless on my iniquities (lolz).
Good thing about it, i've recorded those thoughts, those life-moments which i could vividly remember as i was reading each post per month. 
I gotta confess that i learned a lot from those experiences. it's not only nice to get entertained by those records but it's giving me a wider angle now (@present) on how to further my dealings, my actions, my perceptions and my attitude in dealing LIFE.
I believe i could not enumerate all those lessons here on this post.
but there's one thing i want to share or deliver here.
that is,
- The Passion of Writing
i admit, i wasn't born with a golden spoon in my mouth. i came from the rural area in the Northern Philippines and going to college is quite a real sacrifice for my folks although my university is public(which is actually affordable), i could still sense how hard my parents is struggling to get me to the university. no one trained me to speak english or write english. My native language is ilocano. I can hardly speak tagalog/filipino in college (lolz) but i'm proud that i can speak english and write fluently since high school. 

I'm finding the root cause how i came to acquire that skill, it has all started from books. my aunt is a teacher and a librarian, we have books in the house, and those were my friends (most of the time). i learnt how to appreciate- how authors such as Maupassant, Irving, Allan poe, Shakespeare, Keats, Plato, etc...deliver or convey their emotions and thoughts thru their literary pieces. my writing has improved further when i began
composing poems back in high School of 3rd year and 4th year, too bad i lost my notebook where i kept everything.

Come college, i totally abandoned my gusto and flair in writing and  my english speaking skills has slowly subsided Because i enrolled in engineering, i had to deal with practical app, designs and equations ... somehow, the spark of writing is still within me.

What's in it for me then? about writing and recording these stuff via blog?

The primary reason why im doing it right now is the satisfaction it gives to my heart and mind. That after releasing my thoughts through writing, it's like offloading some of the burdens i have in a day-to-day basis. It may not be applicable to you but i believe it soothes the ever-craving mind of non-stop chaser of knowledge and wisdom. 

Everyone of us is capable to learn. It may be hard at first but be inspired by this fact: as the saying goes "in order for you to walk, you must crawl first".

Monday, April 19, 2010

Undisturbed sleep

It's almost a week now, that im getting undisturbed slumber giving a fresh feeling after i wake up in the morning. I could feel my nerves stunning with eagerness to meet what the day has to offer. Really, i'm quite delighted by these thoughts and how i feel lately. The last time i felt this was the last time i was in love. (lolz)
I tell you though that, that is not the case right now. i'm still speculating what is causing this enormous joy oozing outta me. I could remember that i started detoxifying my body cuz i read one article some time last week about eating fruits with an empty stomach. I guess! that could be causing it huh?!
Like, even before eating my lunch i simply make time to eat one apple or banana and i wait for 20-30 minutes before attacking my main course. That same procedure is done after i wake up in the morning, gulping my 1 glass of water first and then cook for my breakfast, eating one fruit, head straight to the shower and then have my full breakfast. Finally, same thing's happening before dinner, 1 or 2 fruits munching before the main course.

Additionally, the timeframe between eating the fruit and eating the main course does also matter. this has managed me to subside my hunger and appetite.

i'm not promoting this but i just wanna share to you. It gave me wonders and my gut feeling says, it's really IT that's giving the fresh feeling in the early morning to start my day. ;)

Friday, April 16, 2010

"walang manloloko kung walang taong nagpapaloko"

...while on a breakfast  with my friend Francis today, he blurted out, saying that "i'm not convinced with the thought - walang manloloko kung walang taong nagpapaloko". I suddenly stopped chewing the fish in my mouth (lolz). Cuz i know for the fact that this "saying" has been absolutely true.

i got into the bait of saying "it depends"... my first thought of elaborating it was to tell that it still depend on the person who's giving the favor, that is- if he's doing it for charity or out for compassion probably!

He later expounded that there are just people out there who are naturedly good, borne-to-be their weakness is to help others and be generous as much as possible. And later on the crossroads, he(those peeps outhere) will meet someone else who will later abuse his profoundly given wealth of generosity. On the other side, this man tagged as "abuser", why in the hell would he had the nerve to take advantage of the weakness of the other man?

And i bluntly said, it was his choice! He got the opportunity to take advantage and he will do it. And so it all boils down to ATTITUDE then, i reckoned..

I think i've said enough.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Learning to count the blessings

i didn't learn much today, it happened that time is quite slow, the usual busy hush of office work on the first day of the week hasn't been felt. nevertheless it was a one fine day moment to cherish. something accounted for a not-so-important day to consider but reality check, it was a smooth day. No weary and angry customers. The work load is light. had to laugh and enjoy such jokes and 'lil stories from my officemates.

evening's almost perfect, after having dinner with yesterday's left-over food from the fridge, had time to browse and surf the net, especially twitter. one way to pass and let the food digested. for after 2 more hours, headed straight for my 30-minute work out. Sweat all-over my body, enjoying every muscle throbbing, aching, until it became  hard.

and finally, i had my shower- a warm one, it took 12-15 minutes probably. and finally taking my  laban fresh milk mixed with fruit mixed juice.

oh well, what else?

oh yeah! it rained, not that heavy but it poured. it touched and flowed on my skin as i was walking from the outside halls of the villa building.

so, that was it! a one whole day to end, with a prayer of course, before i enter dreamland.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Saying I Love you

As i am writing this, it awes me to realize how great the love of a mother. Memories of the past came flooding in to my train of thought as i look back in my childhood days, i being growing-up, during my college life,  as a working individual, and farther i went thru this journey of life, where i finally get the hang of being independent from the arms and cares of my family.. especially from the reminders and advices of my mom. Although the gradual change of not getting in touch with her seems unimportant on my part, time has never faltered to  come where i suddenly feel the longing of being in her unwavering care and concern.

Lucky are those who felt the love of their mothers, for this is the most basic kind of love any human ever could get and experience. It is just then righteous to reciprocate this love. Not only by the things in this world but most of all, to be emotionally connected, and letting her feel that time may pass and distance may be immeasurable for both of you, the fact still remains that you did not forget her.

When was the last time you said "i love you" to your Mom?

Friday, April 02, 2010


"If we could just slow down enough to consider what's true and real, and always try to understand the way other people feel"

Above line was quoted from The Dash by Linda Ellis. A stanza in the poem that means a lot as you interact with other people. Most of the time, we tend to forget putting ourselves in other's shoes. Losing empathy, losing the real sense of connection.

There is more in being harmonious relationship to others than doing the ultimate side jokes and pranks in titter-chatter which are mostly the cases these days. There is more in maintaining human nature's courteousness... for this is a measurement of greatness, on how you have treated the lesser man through love and courtesy.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool's Day

Since when was April Fool's Day got established?
As per articles from the internet, the first prank has originated way way back in the old times where it has commenced reading  the lines of Chaucer's The Canterburry Tales, take note! this is year 1392..

Whenever this day come, it made me think of watching MTV and all my VJ idols wayback in the early years of 2000. My knowledge with April fool's has began with MTV, they have this show before like MTV Most wanted, where you have to write and ask a song via mail, enclosed is your artistic, hand-made, carefully styled made -of- anything creative invention, which then showed and read by the VJ, and if you're lucky enough to be the "request of the day", you get to get a great sing-song and perks from the jocks themselves and MTV.

Ah, those were the days when a passing day is just a slip without so much pressure, where the first day of April got to be so funny and anxiously tremendous. For why?

At these times where adulthood is at it's peak, it seems like life has been a serious journey, i can't help but feel being somber and meditative on the past.

It does not hurt, for once in a while to be a fool sometimes. Again, i may not able to convey what i want to tell you here but i'm sure you're getting my point.

;) live life everyday as if t'was your last...