Saturday, October 19, 2019

AirPods - Is It Worth To Grab One?

Simula nang maging uso ang bluetooth headset at wireless earphones, specifically - AirPods... naging parang statement of fashion na ito. It appears that you look "cool" when you're wearing one of those wireless earphones.

Besides that point, wearing those (or say - using those) would let you experience a world of "Ahhhhhhh" moments whenever you'd listen to music or podcast, or simply using it to receive or make a phone call on your mobile device.

Based from UX (user experience) and reviews - the crystal clear sound it produces is like a devouring feast for the ears; a pleasant experience - an impressive one, you would like to have it again and again.

Yep, so the main grabber, why it's now a de facto to use AirPods is because of the sound quality.

Just like the Animoji below, it depicts the happy face of wearing a wireless earphone without the hassle of tangled wires - (welp, I made this Animoji using the iMessage app from the iPhone).

Animoji wearing AirPods made from iOS 13

There are several factors that we have to consider before deciding if you need to go wireless.... The three tips below should help you decide if you're on the threshold of buying or not - if you still have second thoughts

AirPods ranges 9000 - 14,000 PHP as of October 2019 (with Wireless Charging Case)

1. Can you afford the price?
I am just being blunt. Direct to the point kumbaga, since this should be the major factor when grabbing a pair of AirPods. If it's within your means and your budget allows you to - then go ahead and buy.

But if you're just going to use your credit card and allow yourself to fall in the fake usage of purchasing power... I think you should try stepping back and decide wholeheartedly.

2. Are you careful enough?
These quite miniature sets of gadgets can be easily lost and stolen. From statistics of lost AirPods, it's roughly around 35% of the pie because of carelessness from owners.
I for one, I'm kind of vulnerable when taking care of these types of belongings. Possibly, it would take me two weeks before I would lose it due to forgetfulness or simply because I'm not paying attention enough.

So, make up your mind - are you always self-aware of your gadgets and obsessed to always care for them? - If you are that type, the go ahead please.

3. Usability or Entertainment?
At the beginning of this article, I pointed out being "cool", one wearing AirPods - but does that really your driver in purchasing one?

Shouldn't you reflect if there's a "need" to buy one? How often do you use wireless earphone? Are you always on the go with a plugged-earphones? Are you constantly on FaceTime or talking on the phone?

If the opposite goes that you rarely use earphones and still prefer to use your mobile phone holding it near your ear, then you already know the answer.

Bottomline? It's still you who'd decide. Goodluck!!!! 



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