Saturday, October 19, 2019

Just Before Dreamland

Before i drift into slumber
Memories of not so long ago flashing,
On my vision, blurry now..
Almost my eyes would totally close
to sleep
But in between those blinks
I knew i smiled
For i saw your face smiling
But sleep keeps on pulling me
Although i wanted to still see
You, even in fragments
On my tired mind
Trying to prolong
The fleeting encounter
But what can i do?
My arms flailed tenderly
And slowly it stopped
And my eyes are closed now.
Yet in my consciousness
You are there,
Smiling back at me again...
And i knew my lips too,
Managed to smile back at you
And so at that fraction of a second
When our eyes locked
With each other -
That's when i knew
I went off
In entering dreamland.
With me is the calmness
For i know,
that when i
Wake up, and return to sleep
to rest...
I shall see you again.

... Just before dreamland

billymacdeus' poetry ®

a blogpost throwback
drawing credits to @apple (instagram)

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