Saturday, October 05, 2019

Oreo - Ewan Ko Anong Tawag Dito (Comments Please!)

I don't know what's this called... (yes the picture below).

Is it Oreo Iced Cream?
Oreo Iced Drop? (makaluma ahahaha!)
Oreo Iced Stick? (mas luma!!! hahahah!)
Oreo Popsicle? (Ewan ko talaga!)

Kanina kase, I passed by Mercury Drug to grab a drink - because my water bottle is empty therefore I felt the urge to get a bottle of H20 but ended up grabbing an Apple Juice.

Am About to go to the counter to pay when suddenly within my peripheral vision I saw the shades of deep blues compartmentalised in to small rectangles from the see-through ref of Mercury Drug where iced-creams, and the likes were displayed.

As I came to a closer look, I saw Oreo-labeled rectangular shaped ala Magnum sized items. I grabbed one and didn't mind further what it was.

As you can see on the packaging, it's just OREO with nothing else to depict what it could be. Pero sa isip ko, I thought it's the same like Magnum Ice Cream Sticks. So siyempre dahlia mejo mainit ang panahon kanina, I was craving to taste an ice cream flavoured Oreo.

At di naman ako nagkamali... masarap siya! Lasang Oreo (LMAO!!!!) Siempre naman, Oreo 'yung tatak. Pero TBH and seriously speaking, ansarap niyaaaaaaaahhh. (incidentally putting the "ahhhhh" for you to imagine how satisfying it is on the taste, texture, and after feeling of swallowing a bite of this Oreo-nique kind of dessert bar.

Welp, what can I say? I've a new favourite. It's pricey though, it's 61 PHP (more than $1)... What's goodie about it? It crumbles like the real Oreo biscuits, it's like you're eating an Oreo biscuit that's sooper soft to the taste while you get to feel the effect of dunkin an Oreo biscuit in a warm milk. Nasabi kong warm milk dahil whenever I'm dunkin my Oreos I make it a point it's a warm milk para mabilis siyang lumambot. (Nyahahahaha!)

So, parang ganun 'tong Oreo Ice Drop na to - malambot siya pag kinain kalit kagagaling lang sa ref. I think you should try it and compare your experience as opposed to Magnum Ice Cream.

If the Oreo PH team is reading this, please ascertain what's the proper naming - so when I get to ask from a sales person's perspective I can immediately put a name of what I wanted to buy. Yun Lang.

~ billymacdeus


  1. Where's mine.. Magnum Classic ok na. Smooth chocolate coating that crack as it breaks and revealing the velvety vanilla ice cream... taste like heaven.😋

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