Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Salamat 2019, Welcome Sa 'Yo 2020

Eto ang last post ko for 2019, at magiging last post of the decade para sa blog na 'to.

The year that was. Truly, i cannot enumerate one by one the highs and lows; though as i reflect, down the memory lane, the truth remains steady for these two observations that have been consistent in this yet to be finished journey, called life.

1. Our lives are infinitely interconnected to one another. Even the non-human race, more so, of all the living things that surround us, no matter where we are - are all inter-related, direct or implied, will always have the cause and effect across the populace - in this earth, in this universe.

Imagine a simple gesture of "Thank You" given by a total stranger while you are walking toward the parking lot of a mall because you gave a signal that he can take your parking space as you are about to leave.
And that moment of handshake, a no big deal for you, it took less than 30-seconds between you and the stranger to part ways.
But without that 30 seconds, you could've been part of a road accident nearby. If you left without handshaking with the stranger, you may not be breathing any longer. Who knows? Probably rushed in to the emergency room because of a car wreck.

Small things like stopping at a garden to witness the beauty, and smell the aromatic fragrance of roses and flowers around, gave you a sudden glimpse of new perspective. Inspiring you to let go of the heartaches and deal with it head-on.
Which then allowing your loved ones to nourish because your mood and outlook in life has shifted in the positive aura, giving them an awe of wonder on how you've changed, on how you've strove to fight; a good fight without harm, without resentment but pure aim of overcoming the obstacles removing hatred and pain. Influencing them to grow, to deal with life like how it needs to be, to laugh, to cry, to accept defeat if that is to be, to grin and smile without fakeness because of the triumphs you reaped along the way.

All these, on a macro and micro level of incidents, could be accidents, or happenings in your life, one way or the other, it has affected those lives surround you. Eventually, a ripple of effect goes on and on. Intertwining, sometimes, entangling to one another. And the journey or flow goes on.

2.  What You Believe In (what dictates your principles) - the foundation of your moral compass will direct you to who and to where you will be in the future and to what your end-result is in the human race.

I call it - faith, no matter what your faith is - as long as you are not faithless, i'm sure you will have the courage to face 2020 head-on. This is where your true powers would come from, will you be facing the battles driven by faith, principles and morals?
Or, will you go with the flow (most of the time) and let destiny lead you... (hopefully without regrets)?

Note that a decade has passed, your principles and conviction in dealing with uncertainties and victories have been molded (it would've been a strong foundation by now) - allowing you to practice more of it, allowing you now to easily execute these morales you have built in dealing life.

(ie) how do you consistently strive for integrity at work?, or the way you are faithful to your significant other (SO) - can you now easily do it without blemish, day in and day out?

I understand, we are just humans - prone to our weaknesses and errors at times. But what burns these for us to nurture the opposite and encourages us to stay true to our foundation?

It is faith.

Yes, do not lose the spark, the flame, and always rekindle it so that even when hope is almost at the edge nudging us to fall on the cliff, remember that the power of faith can move mountains, it can also lead us to fly. And soar high.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Monday, December 30, 2019

Nakita Ko Kung Paano Mamatay Si Rizal (A Vivid Masterpiece From The Eyes Of A Drummer In The Firing Squad Of Rizal)

This was sent to me through a groupchat today, my personal experience is quite heart-wrenching because when i was reading the account, it felt like i was there - witnessing the scene of how our beloved hero embraced his death.

Nanikip ang dibdib ko habang tinatapos ko ang artikulong ito. Nanariwa ang pag-ibig muli sa ating bansa at sa mga kabutihan at kabayanihang ipinakita ng ating pambansang bayani.

click to enlarge


There is one eyewitness to Rizal’s execution whose observation was told to a journalist in 1949, or 53 years after the event. A man named Hilarion Martinez, then 72 years old, relayed to Alberto Mendoza of the Sunday Times Magazine what he witnessed during Rizal’s execution.

In 1896, a then 20-year old Martinez was a member of the Leales Voluntarios de Manila (Loyal Volunteers of Manila) and was assigned to the drum corps. Martinez and his fellow drum corps members accompanied the condemned man from the time he left Fort Santiago until he reached Bagumbayan. Because of his role in the drum corps, it is said that he occupied a good vantage point from which to observe the execution. Martinez’ complete account is reproduced below:

“It was six o’clock in the morning of December 30, 1896, when we woke up at our quarters at the corner of Sta. Potenciana and Magallanes Streets, in Intramuros, to attend the execution of Jose Rizal, about which we had been briefed the day before. We were in the Leales Voluntarios de Manila, a semi-military organization under the command of Capt. Manuel Leaño. Our immediate officer was a youthful Spanish lieutenant named Juan Pereira. I was twenty years old then, and a member of the drum corps.
“We marched out of Intramuros through the Puerta Real, or where Nozaleda (now General Luna) Street out through the walls on the south, clad in our cañamo uniforms and with our cajas vivas strapped around our waists. We proceeded to what is now Padre Burgos Street, under an overcast sky and a biting December morn.

“Bagumbayan is not the Luneta now. The waters of Manila Bay still reached the other side of Malecon Drive (now Bonifacio Drive) where the new Luneta is located. The Luneta of those days was as far back as the site of the old Bagumbayan police station, near which lush bamboo thickets grew.

“As we rounded the corner of P. Burgos and General Luna Streets, we got a glimpse of the cuadro, a square formation of about ten companies of Filipino and Spanish soldiers. The former occupied the inner portion of the quadrangle, while the latter were at the rear. This formation was strategic because the Filipino soldiers’ position within the cuadro signified that the Spanish authorities wanted Rizal to die in the hands of the Filipino soldiers. If the latter disobeyed the command to fire upon Rizal, the Spanish soldiers positioned at the rear would fire upon them.

“There were civilian spectators, too. The side of the cuadro near the bay was open.
“As we approached the quadrangle, we saw some Spanish military officers earnestly talking in low voices. Rizal was nowhere to be seen – yet. Not having had a glimpse of the man before, I began to wonder what he looked like. I remembered how my mother told me Rizal was so learned, nobody could poison him as he always carried with him his own spoon and fork with which he could detect whether his food was poisoned or not. I heard too, of his fighting for our (Filipino) cause aside from legends that were beginning to be woven around him.

“Soon the small crowd heard the muffle sound of our approaching vivas draped with black cloth during execution ceremonies. A slight commotion broke out at the right end of the cuadro near the bay as some soldiers with fixed bayonets entered followed by a man in black, his arms tied at the elbows from the back, on his head, a derby hat or chistera, on his sides, a Spanish officer and a Jesuit priest.
“When I saw the man, I knew he was Rizal.

“A group of Spanish officers who were standing nearby opened into a semicircular formation or media luna. Then a Spaniard (we would learn later he was Lt. Luis Andrade, one of Rizal’s popular Spanish defenders and sympathizers) affectionately shook the latter’s hand. When Rizal was near the center of the quadrangle, the mayor de la plaza, a colonel, announced at the bandillo: “En el nombre del Rey, el que se levante la voz a favor del reo sera ejecutado.” (In the name of the King, he who raises his voice in favor of the criminal will be executed.)

“A deep silence enshrouded the whole assembly.
“We in the drum corps were about seven paces behind Rizal who then faced the bay. Our commanding officer approached us and told us should Rizal attempt to speak aloud, we should beat our drums hard to drown out his voice. I looked at Rizal. He was of regular build, unshaven, quite pale, perhaps as a result of his confinement but he was visibly composed and serene. A Jesuit approached him, said a prayer and blessed him. Then a colonel approached him too, as our commanding officer ordered us to move two paces backwards, and the firing squad of six Filipinos came forward and took our former position behind Rizal. With visible effort, Rizal raised his right hand which was tied and took off his chistera or derby hat. My heart beat fast, as in all other executions I had witnessed before, I felt tense and nervous. Amidst the silence, Rizal moved his head very slowly up and down, his lips moving as if in prayer.

“Then the commanding officer by means of his saber, signaled the firing squad to aim. Then the saber dropped and there was a simultaneous crack of rifle fire that shattered the stillness of the morning. Jose Rizal wheeled in one last effort and toppled forward with a thud, his face towards the sky and his derby hat thrown ahead. He had fallen in the direction of the bay.

“Many of the reos [condemned criminals] had been caused to kneel and be hoodwinked before they were shot on the head. But Rizal was spared that humiliation.
“Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a small dog appeared and ran in circles around Rizal’s fallen body, barking and whimpering. This incident would much later be the subject of our talk in our quarters. Some of my comrades were quick to conclude that it was a premonition of a coming misfortune.

“Then the capitan militar de la sanidad (medical officer) stepped forward, knelt before the fallen man, and felt his pulse. Looking up, he beckoned to a member of the firing squad to come forward and give the final tiro de gracia, another shot done at close range. I thought I saw a faint haze rise from Rizal’s coat, but it might be a wisp of the morning mist. Seeing the body before me, I felt weak.

“The officers began to show animation again. They fell in formation and marched to the tune of the Spanish national air, the Paso Doble Marcha de Cadiz.
“As was customary in past executions, we filed past the body to view it for the last time. When we were commanded ‘eyes left,’ I did not shut my eyes as I did at the sight of the several reos whose heads were blown off by rifle fire. I wanted to see the face of the man for one last time. Rizal lay dead on the dewy grass. The day had started and I realized that I was gazing on the face of the great Malayan; that I was witnessing history in the making.”

[Source: Alberto Mendoza, “I saw Rizal Die,” Sunday Times Magazine 29 December 1949, pp. 10-11.] |Emil Justimba

Alarm Clock Used In The Past

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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Harmony Of Voices In Two

"I think the best duets are those where there's a dialogue back and forth, and then the two singers go into a thing together"
-  John Prine

Let's get this scrutinized, but lo and behold! I was taken by a breeze with the harmony. As a member of the choir - i could comment based on my musical experience that these two did ROCK IT!

It was amazing.

No bias or sorta keeping it afloat for the sake of giving praise because he's part of our English Choir Group at church, but indeed the blending and the apparent chemistry soars.

I can also sense a coolness of innocence from these two - out of singing the song but it radiates the trueness of spirit.

Rock on!!!!


Saturday, December 28, 2019

Ipinagbabawal Na Mga Paputok 2019

The time has come. Paputok here we go. 🤜🤛 🥳

Let's be self-aware at magpa-alalahanan ang bawat isa. Sa mga bibili at papunta palang sa tindahan ng paputok, narito po ang mga "prohibited firecrackers" mandated by DILG.

Alam naman nating hindi regulated ang pagbenta ng paputok sa ating bansa, kaya let's give proper information nalang as part of awareness campaign, para makatulong sa kapwa at hopefully makapag-inspire ng tamang disiplina sa atin at sa sambayanan sa pamamagitan ng social media.

Mga Paputok Na Bawal Gamitin/Ibenta/Bilhin:
  1. Piccolo
  2. Watusi
  3. Giant Whistle Bomb
  4. Giant Bwang
  5. Large Judas Belt
  6. Boga
  7. Kwiton
  8. Goodbye Earth
  9. Goodbye Bading
  10. Hello Columbia
  11. Super Lolo
  12. Lolo THunder
  13. Atomic Bomb
  14. Atomic Bomb Triangulo
  15. Pillbox

Wish ko lang, ang listahan sa itaas, sana di na ito ibenta or bilhin ng mamamayang Pinoy - para sa kapakanan naman natin ito at para sa mapayapang pagsalubong natin sa bagong taon.

Ingat palagi, mga kababayan!


Monday, December 23, 2019

Umbrella Academy Season 2

I would have been angry @Netflix if it wasn't!

With reliable sources from our friends at spoiler tv. These are the season 2 upcoming episodes.

Episode 2.01 - Right Back Where We Started
Episode 2.02 - The Frankel Footage
Episode 2.03 - The Swedish Job
Episode 2.04 - The Majestic 12
Episode 2.05 - Valhalla

The rest are yet to be announced.

If you're not a comic fan but have seen Netflix's Season 1 and fell inlove with the plot, storyline, characters and, or just into time travel genre, i bet you can't wait to know when's the date for season 2's streaming in to the entertainment giant.

Speculations, besides the fact that there is no official trailer yet for season 2, more or less its airing would be 2nd quarter of 2020.

If we get a glimpse of the trailer this January (it's within the doors), we're truly lucky - that means it could air at an earlier date within the 1st quarter.

Five's got the juices; if you can get him talking at least even a clue - Goodluck with that! Netflix gonna kill him if he shout out a spoiler without blessings from the company. Otherwise it's gonna be staged as a publicity.

In the meantime, enjoy this siblings' portrait as we patiently wait for Season.


Sunday, December 22, 2019

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

For those who are yet to watch Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, i highly recommend that you watch it in 4D.

The fun, movements, thrilling adventures, smells, and animation in 3D is worth the experience.

Make sure you watch it till the end, even when the credit rolls, because in there you'll find the answer why it was titled, "the rise of Skywalker"

And Chewy !!! He was dead, but.... (no more spoilers promise)

Dropping my thanks to my buddy Sieg who treated in the cinemas last Saturday night.


Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Pinagtagpo Ngunit Hindi Tinadhana

and... the title says it all. 🤜🤛

reposting from where else but reddit'


Monday, December 16, 2019

Camouflage - Beach Girl Baby

When the waves allow you to drift farther, like my thoughts drifting far far away
'twas a momentous, almost romantic feeling i am yet to look forward to
and no! im not in a hurry to end this dream-like almost surreal feelings of happiness
because when u came into my life - reality is no longer reality
but it became an unburstable bubble that i will not wish to disappear
for the rose clipped in my breast pocket is just simply an adornment
not to make my vanity in the summer days or the winds of Amihan tis December
but to look forward that in all the four seasons of loneliness i have endured
for the longest time, will be an everlasting days of spring festivities 
that i shall bury in my grave.


Sunday, December 15, 2019

Ang Kinis Mo Ahhhhh!


'tis the season to get fat and beef up those already fatty fats. Nyahahahaha!

I once learned that laughing at fat people in the gym is like laughing at someone in the hospital with cancer.

That was my friend sharing to me the learning experience...

So in retrospect while driving, i asked him... so what's the difference between the fat person and the one with cancer?

He said..."the fat person goes to gym to get fit and sees results through consistency, while the one with cancer is in the hospital to get cured, along with a hope in mind, a hope that someday his illness will be gone."


Ako'y Iyong Hinirang, Isang Tula Para sa Pasalamat 2019

Ako'y Iyong Hinirang
guestpost by Lanz Aidan

Ama na aming Diyos, purihin ka!
Sapagka't isang taon muling iningatan,
Isang taong muling kami'y pinagpala,
Na hanggang ngayo'y iyong hinirang.

Ngayon ay nagdiriwang ang iyong bayan!
Umaawit kami ng papuri mula sa aming puso
Nang ika'y mabigyan ng ibayong kagalakan!
Kami'y mananatiling tapat sa piling mo.

Sa iyo kami ay nagsusumamo, Ama, dinggin mo.
Hirap at hinagpis ay iyak ng sanlibutan
Ngunit, kami'y patuloy na tinulungan mo,
Kami'y pinagpapala sa kabila ng kahirapan.

Salamat, Ama, hindi mo kami itinatakwil
Sa kabila ng aming maraming pagkakasala at karumihan.
Sa iyong pagpapahinuhod, hindi ka tumitigil,
Banayad mong nililinis kami sa aming kasalanan.

Ama, kailanman ay hindi kami naging dapat sa iyo,
Sa iyong pagmamahal na dalisay,
Ngunit kami'y minarapat mo.
Aming buhay nagkaroon kabuluhan at saysay.

Ama, muli mong ingatan ang iyong mga anak.
Tulad ng aming inawit, muli kaming maglalakbay.
Ama, iyong masdan aming mga yapak,
Nang aming marating ang inaasam naming tagumpay.

Ang tahanang inihahanda mo sa amin,
Na aming pinaka inaasam marating,
Ito ay tagumpay sa amin,
Sa Bayan Banal ikaw ay aming makapiling.

Lanz ®️
for Year-end Thanksgiving 2019

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Epigrams from The Picture of Dorian Gray (Part 3)

This is my 2nd installment capturing the epigrams and thought-provoking passages from Lord Henry and Basil Hallward from Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Read on and have a great delicious treat. I had this categorized for two characters - Lord Henry and Basil Hallward.


Lord Henry's:

"for there is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about"

"But beauty, real beauty, ends where an intellectual expression begins. Intellect is in itself a mode of exaggeration, and destroys the harmony of any face"

"But then in the Church they don't think. A bishop keeps on saying at the age of eighty what he was told to say when he was a boy of eighteen, and as a natural consequence he always looks absolutely delightful"

"He is some brainless, beautiful creature, who should be always here in winter when we have no flowers to look at, and always here in summer when we want something to chill our intelligence"

"The one charm of marriage is that it makes a life of deception absolutely necessary for both parties."

"Being natural is simply a pose, and the most irritating pose i know"

"Ï want you to explain to me why you won't exhibit Dorian Gray's picture. I want the real reason."

"And as for believing things, i can believe anything, provided that it is quite incredible"

"Consience and cowardice are really the same things, Basil. Consience is the trade-name of the firm. That is all."

"Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is far the best ending for one"

"I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their good intellects"

"A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies. I have not got one who is a fool. They are all men of some intellectual power, and consequently they all appreciate me.

"The value of an idea has nothing whatsoever to do with the sincerity of the man who expresses it.

"The probabilities are that the more insincere the main idea is, the more purely intellectual will the idea be as in that case it will not be coloured by either his wants, his desires, or his prejudices."

"I like persons better thanks principles, and i like persons with no principles better thanks anything else in the worlds"

"It is only the intellectually lost who ever argue"

"It is a sad thing to think of, but Genius lasts longer thanks Beauty"

"The worst of having a romance of any kind is that, it leaves one so unromantic"

"Those who are faithful know only the trivial side of love: it is the faithless who know love's tragedies"

Basil Hallward's:

"there is fatality about all physical and intellectual distinction, the sort of fatality that seems to dog through history the faltering steps of kings"

"It is better not to be different from one's fellows. The ugly and the stupid have the best of it in this world. They can sit at their ease and gape at the play."

"Ïf they know nothing of victory, they are at least spared the knowledge of defeat. They live as we all should live, undisturbed, indifferent, and without disquite."

"If I like people immensely, i never tell their names to anyone. It is like surrendering a part of them. I have grown to love secrecy"

"Secrecy... It seems to be the one thing that can make modern life mysterious or marvellous to us."

"The commonest thing is delightful if one only hides it"

"Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter. The sitter is merely the accident, the occasion."

"It is not he who is revealed by the painter; it is rather the painter who, on the colured canvas, reveals himself."

"The reason i will not exhibit this picture is that i am afraid that i have shown in it the secret of my own soul"

"Ï have given away my whole soul to someone who treats it as if it were a flower to put on his coat, a bit of decoration to charm his vanity, an ornament for a summer's day"

If you've enjoyed this from Chapter 1, go ahead and continue the epigrams from my first installment by clicking this link.

and here's the part 2

Until next time.


Lola's Death Anniversary - Missing You

isang tula para sa isang mapagmahal na Lola

antagal na kitang di naramdaman,
ni kahit sa panaginip di ka man lang dumadalaw
kahit sa gunita, parang nakalimutan mo na ako...

2012 - nang ikaw ay pumanaw...
ako'y nalungkot, umiyak at humagulgol
akala ko'y wala nang katapusan-
ang nadarama kong kalungkutan

subalit totoo pala ang sabi ng ilan-
ang panahon ay nakakapaghilom
ng sugat...
mga sugat na iniwan ng nakaraan

ngayo'y bigla kitang naalaala,
nagmessage ang nanay ko-
sinabing death anniv mo pala
ako'y nabigla at napatigil...

parang kailan lang, nang ikaw ay pumanaw
dagli kong naala-ala
ang yong suot na mahabang saya
sa tuwing may pagsamba

kayganda mong pagmasdan-
pinuri pa nga kita noon,
habang tayo'y papunta sa kapilya
naglalakad, at ikaw ay napatawa

nagunita ko tuloy ang 'yong ngiti
na siyang nagbigay sakin ng pag-asa
pagkat kung may lumbay at hapis man noon
yaon ay pawang nawawala, sa 'yong masaganang pagkalinga

malapit na akong grumaduate noon sa college,
pangako ko sa aking sarili, ililibre po kita
itre-treat sa jollibee, lalabas at kakain at mamamasyal
subalit di mona pala ako maaantay...

bigla kang pumanaw,
ni dika man lang nagpaalam...
ngunit ako, ako'y naging saksing buhay
kung paano mo kami iniwan.

masakit man sa aking damdamin
subalit kailangan kong tanggapin
ngunit masaya ako, sa kabilang banda
pagkat natapos mo ang 'yong takbuhin

alam kong naging busy na ako...
di na kita nadalaw sa 'yong puntod
tuwing ako'y umuuwi sa probinsya..
pasensya kana..

nais ko rin sanang sabihin
na kung andito kalang...
ikaw' sana ay lululan
sa aking sasakyan

di kana maglalakad,
papunta sa palengke
o pag bumisita sa 'yong mga kaibigan
pagkat ika'y ihahatid ko, upang dikana mapagod

pero alam kong payapa ka na diyan
kung saan ka man nakahimlay
ang alam ko, magkikita pa rin tayo
pagsapit doon, sa bayang banal.

ˆbillymacdeus ®️
(why am i being so emotional while writing this?, i thought the pain and heartache have long gone but the truth is, it's still there. Or, am i just feeling emptiness and longing?) - 🤜🤛 tell me your thoughts!

INC Year End Pasalamat OOTD Day1 (Saturday)

Today marks the #IglesiaNiCristo Year-end Pasalamat (Thanksgiving). 
Allow me to capture the shine and luster of #OOTD of the brethren posted in #instagram.
Since it's a two-day event, posting this initial installment referring to this Saturday event.







The feeling of gratefulness is beyond immeasurable. And what do you do if you feel that way? Your heart is full diba?

And your mind oozes with so much emotions, down to your heart, radiating to your body. Which is all the more just right to prepare your clothes, or outfit on that special occasion - the Thanksgiving day.




These pictures are solely owned by the sisters/brothers in Instagram. Affixing their own usernames captioned on their picture for credits.

Pasalamat is an event of the Iglesia Ni Cristo happening worldwide simultaneously - it's a special worship service themed in exultations of hymns and praises, of offerings, of listening to a special sermon, and of prayers - because of His great abundance of love, mercy, and compassion.





For it was tasked to the people of God, in Romans 12 verse 1, "I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship"




It may not be as lavish as this world has to offer, but content of the heart does matter the most. For this is just an initial or part of the preparation worthy to His sight. Be of a living sacrifice before Him.

Happy Thanksgiving brethren, salamat in sharing your pics via IG. Be proud of your election.

Tomorrow is my tupad, ako naman. 


Thursday, December 12, 2019

Roads and Conversations

billymacdeus' poetry ®

Pusang Gala Na Nakakabighani

I dunno, but this is so satisfying. The meters to awwww 🥰 ness is indescribable. Wait! It's not even the "adorbs" factor of it.

There's something inexplicable about it, yet, there is something to it that feeds your innermost desires. Not sure what's the term but staring at it makes you feel glorious, satisfied and scared at the same all at once.

Just my thoughts.


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

New Philhealth Contributions - Anong Kababalaghan eto?

According to reliable sources, this was effective since December 7 this year. To be honest, i don't even know how much  is my monthly contribution of Philhealth.

But it's worth noting below these changes and scheduled increment up to 2025. Lakas maka-forecast ni @Philhealth ah!


Sunday, December 08, 2019

Bakit Nga Ba Tayo Nag-break?

Minahal mo ako noon, 
ganun din naman ako sayo 

Pero bakit nga ba tayo nag-break?  

Nagkahiwalay ng matagal na panahon 
at muling nagkabalikan 

Pero bakit nagbreak tayo uli? 
  • Siguro hindi sapat ang I LOVE YOU at I MISS YOU. 

  • Siguro hinanap ko yung I TRUST YOU, I UNDERSTAND at yung IM SORRY.

  • Siguro, wrong timing. Marami tayong gusto sa buhay na sa sobrang eager nating tuparin ang mga ito, nakakalimutan na natin ang isat isa. may priorities ka, meron din naman ako. wrong timing nga lang siguro.

  • Siguro, baka hindi ako. O baka hindi din ikaw. Baka hindi talaga tayo para sa isat isa. Baka kahit ilang beses nating ipagpilitan ang sarili natin sa isat isa, hindi talaga tayo para sa isa't-isa.

  • Siguro, mahal mo pa siya at hindi pa ako handa. lagi tayong nag-aaway. lagi tayong nagtatalo sa mga bagay-bagay. baka hindi talaga tayo dapat magmahalan. baka ginawa tayo sa mundong ito bilang magkalaban. baka hindi tayo lovers, baka tayo ay boxers.

  • Siguro, kailangan na talaga tayong mag-break. Baka pagod ka na, pagod na din ako. Baka kailangan nating huminga sa sari-sarili nating mundo. Baka kailangan na nating maghanap ng kani-kaniyang mamahalin. Malay natin baka pagdating ng panahon tayo parin pero hindi pa sa ngayon.

˜VNZ ®
(guestpost submission)

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Konting Respeto Naman Po

Earth - 4.543 billion years old

Man - 6 million years old

Sana kung nababasa mo ito, maging responsable tayo sa paninirahan dito sa mundong ibabaw. Mga simpleng bagay na dapat gawin tulad ng listahan sa ibaba - nawa'y magawa mo ng buong puso.

  • Itapon ang basura sa tamang lagayan

  • Wag nang ikalat pa sa kung saan-saan (kahit gaano kaliit man ito tulad ng candy wrapper)

reddit image grab - climate crisis advocate

  • Limitahan ang paggamit ng plastic

  • Hanggat maaari, wag bumili ng mga bagay o nakabalot sa plastic - limitahan ang paggamit sa mga ito, sapagkat habang may kumukonsumo, mas nagkakaroon ng need ang mga manufacturers para gumawa pa. Kung at least mabawasan ang paggamit, bababa din ang rate ng paggawa ng plastic

  • Kung nasa tindahan ka at ibinalot ni ate/kuya ang binili mo ng plastic - ibalik nalang ang balot at hanggat maari ay magdala ka ng eco-friendly bag (tulad ng recycled bags o bayong o paper bags)

  • Bawasan ang paggamit ng bottled water na plastic. Wag nang bumili hanggat maaari. Magdala ng sarili tumbler (carry-on thermos). Nakaka-save kapa ng pera kung di ka bibili ng plastic bottled water.

  • Ugaliing malinis ang ating kapaligiran.

  •  Mag-tanim ng puno. Sana taon-taon nakakapagtanim ka ng puno, kung wala kang time, try mong sumama sa mga tree-planting activities or ung mga buto ng pinagkainan mong mga prutas, i-try mong itanim 'yun. There's 80% chance na tutubo siya para maging isang puno. Kwento ko lang, ung buto ng avocado, 🥑 na itinanim ko noong September this year, halos kasintangkad kona ngayon. Yung isang tumubo pa, mas matangkad na siya saken. Ngayon may shade pa ako sa harapan ng bahay.

Mga simpleng bagay na kung maging consistent tayo upang sundin ang mga ito, nakakatulong kahit papaano upang maalagaan natin ang ating kalikasan on a personal level.


Thursday, December 05, 2019

How To File SSS Salary Loan Online?

The generation these days are self-taught in using the internet or at least can immediately adapt to using online services.

More and more are leaning toward technology driven applications such as this SSS filing of salary loan. Although the process has still some human interventions around it, 80-90% of the time, we are benefitted by saving us from traffic, long queues going to branches, and the time spent dealing with face-to-face transactions.

Here's an infographic from the SSS website. Read on and be in-the-know.


Wednesday, December 04, 2019

For You, AT Soul

billymacdeus' poetry

Taylor Swift - Idol Talaga Kita

Siempre naman, tawa muna tayo habang ang Miyerkules ay narito na.


Not sure kung natawa ka o índi....

Saang Palengke Kaya To?

Baka naman sobrang i-analyze mo pa Mem/Ser?

  • Tailor is swift? (Ang Mananahi ay Mabilis) or
  • The Swift of Tailor? (Ang bilis ng Mananahi)

Which one ba talaga Mem/Sir?

Ewan ko! Basta, Happy Humpday nalang!


Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Mga Benefits Ng Paggamit Ng Apple Watch

You don't know what to do with your hard-earned money sitting in the bank and not earning a dime every minute? Why don't you invest in a tech-gadget for your health and fitness.

Ang malaking katanungan, iPhone user kaba?

Kung ang sagot sa taas ay OO, sige po, basa sa baba.... sorena kung hinde - pass muna daw. 😝

Apple Watches - Series 5

If you're looking for reasons to pull the trigger, I don't think “why use a watch instead of my phone?” is the question you want to ask. You don't use it “instead of the phone”, but it does do some things better. Here's a list of some examples (you've just given me a reason to go into full fanboy mode, so buckle up):

  • Go for a morning run with nothing but the watch on your wrist and AirPods in your ears. Yes, no phone. Control playback and volume from your watch, skip or select tracks, sync some music or podcasts onto your watch and listen to it offline, etc.
  • Use Apple Pay with NFC super quickly without pulling your phone out. Double press the button, wave your wrist over the terminal, done. I've been using this feature for months and still feel like I'm in a sci-fi movie every time. Cashiers sometimes go “woah, what?”
  • Use Wallet on the watch. Tickets, boarding passes, everything. Tap-tap-show-go in. No getting anything in and out of your pockets. No more “hold my pop-corn and drink, gotta scan our tickets”.
  • Shopping lists. Your both hands can be occupied, but you still can just tap your watch to cross out an item and go on to the next aisle.
  • Control volume on any Apple device that's currently playing back media by rotating the crown. Most importantly, control the volume of AirPods. I believe using AirPods without the Watch is just an incomplete experience.
  • Unlock your MacBook by just being next to it.
  • Set timers for cooking with your nose. Life-changing!
  • Instant voice memos.
  • Control smart home from your wrist.
  • Remote camera preview and shutter button. Forget about shutter timeouts.
  • See who is calling, decline or answer right on the watch. Even without AirPods, in speaker mode. Great for quick “omw, love you” style talks.
  • Walkie-talkie can be really fun under the right circumstances.
  • Use health features. This thing makes you wanna be healthy, close those rings and get those awards. It motivates you and gamifies your exercise habits. It reminds you to stand up often. It tracks your heartrate, hearing, and even sleep (with pretty cool third-party apps). You can run, go to the gym, swim with it. These small things add up to a point where they change your life by making you constantly aware of your health, like you're your own Tamagochi. I was kidding about “life-changing” cooking timers before, but this here is not even a joke.
  • It's a cool flashlight. No, really. It's always on you, you just turn it on with a tap or say “flashlight”, and you have a light even if your hands are occupied or your phone is in another room while you're finding your way in the dark to go pee at night. It's surprisingly useful!
  • Alarm clock that only wakes you up by vibrating and no one else.
  • Look at the watch and instantly ask a question or give a command to Siri. It's not always convenient or appropriate to do, but when it is, it's really super cool.
  • Complications. This should be a separate list, or a post, or even a subreddit! You can get so much useful stuff on your wrist, it's insane. Invest some time into building a library of apps and arranging complications into one or several watch faces, and you'll have a magical multitool that's always on you. Calendar, weather, shopping list, timer, stopwatch, calculator, currency converter, countdown to a notable event, Shazam, step counter, hydration reminder, your (almost) live subscriber count in a social network, anything you can think of. And using all this is just “look at your wrist and maybe tap once or twice”, not “pull out your phone, unlock it, find the app, launch it, wait for it to load, do what you needed, lock the phone, put it away”. There are times when you just deem a task unworthy of all those steps — you'll realize how many times a day that is only when there's an alternative.
  • Apps. Here's a list of some of my favorite WatchOS apps I compiled a while ago. AW apps are mostly pretty robust and feel great to use, WatchOS is a strong platform.
  • Notifications. Seriously, seeing a notification instantly is much more different from having to dig for the phone each time than you might think. You glance at your wrist and instantly know if the notification requires your attention, it takes you a split second and exactly zero effort, and you end up taking out your phone much less.
Buy watch bands! This thing is an accessory, and if you want, you can make it look and feel fabulous. There are plenty of affordable third-party bands out there that arent's that bad, but then there are expensive bands made of premium materials that can be a legit fashion statement. Express yourself and all that.

Perhaps a single given item on this list is not very significant (although some of them really are), but they add up to create something that's more than the sum of all features. If you set everything up thoughtfully, it changes the way you perceive your digital life. Apple Watch is legitimately my favorite piece of tech from the 2010's, and even with all its popularity I still feel like it doesn't get enough credit.

If this list still doesn't have you excited, then maybe the watch is honestly not for you. :)

Apple Watch Series 5

Chalamat 🥰 ng madame sa reddit user who compiled the list. A very interesting list indeed, it made solidify my conviction that my series 3 will soon be upgraded to series 5. Ehhhhhh!!!! 'bala ka jan.


Spread Kindness In Times Of Adversity - Typhoon Tisoy

Way to go SM!!!

Can't describe in words SM's enacting kind-heartedness. This December, during typhoon visitations in our country, wishing everyone's safety.



Ang 7-11 Ni Evelyn

Ang taba talaga ng utak neto, pero natatawa ako ng todo-todo. LOL.

the new 7-11

--- photograb from reddit


Monday, December 02, 2019

Apple Watch December 2019 Challenge - Exercise Minutes

Game on baby! Before announcing what's in store for December challenge, allow me to update you on the results of November challenges.

Here we go baby babe nyahahahaha! Was able to close and achieve the miles challenge, a total of 100+ miles in a month. November it is.

And for this December, i'm up for this game, taking laborious 2000 minutes of work-outs. That's roughly 65 minutes of exercise daily - up to the 31st of December.

So? What's your fitness challenge this month? Are you up for a healthy lifestyle of just wanted to be laid back and keepin those fats tucked-in?

Hmmmmmm. Anyway, it's your own body and you are responsible for it. Be safe and take care.


Can You Down This Bibingka in Seconds?

I'm a fanboy of patronizing "sariling atin"- that whenever the time and reasonable reality is in, i would definitely buy and support whatever that product is.

Bibing Ka

Same thing with this bibingka made from the Philippines (siyempre naman, tayu lang ata ang nakakagawa ng ganyan within the whole wide world of the earth and universe).

Bibingka is a type of rice cake in the Philippines (and Indonesia - hmmm how true is diz, akala ko Pinas lang meron neto). Traditionally cooked in clay pots lined with leaves.

Flex lang natin si Kuya Domeng's bibingka - available at Puregold hubs and selected outlets across the 7,107 islands in the Philippines.

And mga tol, take note! may website pala si Kuya Domeng - and this Pinoy owned business has been existing 70 years ago. Whatta wowser!


Mang Domeng's Creation

Downright feedback ng Tito niyo, antsalap tsalap neto, pwamis. 🤞

Mapapakain ka ng di-oras. Para siyang once you lick the tips of the bits and pieces of the malagkit, you can't stop any longer. You want more and more, until such time naubos mona pala ang isang box at bundat kana.

Ansabi? Bibing ka - the next generation of good taste. Try nio mga folks, mga pogi't mga gandang dilag na nagbabasa ng blog ko. 🤝

Final Verdict : 5 out of 5 🤩
I rated it perfect because my inner peace were made perfectly peaceful even more. I felt like, the satisfaction were beyond satisfying the desire to eat. So i gave it a 5 out of 5 stars

Learn how to franchise and know more of their products by reaching out to their FB page.

facebook page of Mang Domeng's Bibingka


December 2019 Holidays - Reminder

From National Wages Commission - these are the official #holidays for December 2019.

Buckle up and earn, or take the PTOs and put your feet up while sipping your lemonade.

Come on, every one deserves the "quality" holiday - take a break and unwind. It's December!


Sunday, December 01, 2019

#WeWinAsOne - Sea Games Opening Ceremony 2019 - Makapanindig Balahibo

#WeWinAsOne - The Philippines, hosting the SEA GAMES 2019.

The Crown (above), The Philippine Area (below)
during the fireworks at Sea Games Opening Event 2019

"Do it right the first time", an old adage outlining hope and shall serve as landing lights, to execute a certain endeavor. Kung 'yan ang tumimo sa isipan ng bawat organizer ng Sea Games 2019 - definitely, may patutunguhan ang kanilang mga sakripisyo, at ang naging pundasyon ng kanilang paggawa ay 'di masasayang.

Napatunayan iyan after a successful Opening Ceremony na ginanap sa Philippine Arena - Bulacan (the largest indoor arena in the whole wide world as per Guinness, to date as of this writing - December 1, 2019)

Cultural Presentation - Sea Games 2019

After all the bad publicity, fake news and disorienting social media posts and news with black propaganda prior to the Opening Ceremony, the Filipino people and the nation as one has once again proven its building strength to rise against adversity.

Ilang beses nang dumaan sa iba't ibang batikos ang administrasyong Duterte, ngunit after all these seemingly endless accusations and negativities thrown at him and his cohorts, they've dodged the bullet once more - with flying colors through this opening salvo of the SEA Games. The president himself was present during the ceremony, gracing this momentous event that showcased not only the culture of the Filipinos but its "what can you offer" as a 3rd world country hosting a major sports event in Asia.

The whole world is watching.

The Filipino people have been scattered across the footprint of this earth - and through technology, they have gathered as one, witnessing this Sea Games opening ceremony on smartphones, streaming over HDTVs or watching personally on laptops and tablets.

TNT Boys Performing At The SEA Games

No matter what the medium was - i was amazed at how each of the commenters in the FB page of Sea Games Updates became suddenly in unison. The thought and spirit are one, there is uniformity in the feedback.

I haven't seen a negation, it was my first time reading "happy", "proud", "heartwarming" messages in the comments section of a video gone viral. (well, the exception was IskoSerye Videos from Mayor Isko Moreno). Below are notable comments pleasing to the ears.

Unfailingly, this 10 minute or so video clip, summarizes the awesomeness of the Opening Ceremony. If you haven't been inside the Philippine Arena - let me describe it to you as much as i can based on my memories of the place back in 2014, 2015, 2017 -- it's massive! The arena is spectacularly huge. A state of the art man-made arena owned by the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) in the Philippines.

Massive Philippine Area - Sea Games Opening Ceremony

The top view shots of moving flowers in this video was portrayed seemingly magical, but i can imagine sitting inside the arena personally witnessing the glorious spectacle no matter where you are seated, would be somewhat awe-inspiring. Match it with the hush of wonders and cheers among the audience.. Ahhh! I can feel the goosebumps and certainty of nakaka-proud ang maging Filipino.

 ~ you bet! you gotta watch this in HD ~


Argh! and one last note, since i only watched the 10-minute clip, i am not sure if Iñigo Pascual was one of the singers too of "we win as one" but i think it was him I've seen in passing.  Just noting this because i fasho like his single - "Dahil Sayo"(Imma blog this in the future).

Ahhh si Boss Manny pala. 🤜🤛