Saturday, November 30, 2019

Punitin Ang Cedula - Bonifacio Day 2019


To cap the day - 30th of November; and to cap the month - November it is, tumawa muna tayo or think deeply and see if AB (Andres Bonifacio) is worth painting and depicting or shall i say, re-imagined in our time (via meme-logy) and art.

Thanks to the artist though - "Manu Gallardo San Pedro" for sharing his talent via reddit. Follow him at his IG.
@manu_sanpedro 📸 (instagram) 

Someone commented in reddit that AB is the "Cedula Bae"- possibly a Gen Zer, nevertheless, i'm looking at this art as an evolution of mindsets from different angles.

Andres Bonifacio In 2019 - Cedula Bae

It's so timely, the way he flicked his fingers in tearing down to pieces the "cedula" is mezmerizing and at the same time leaving the audience or myself thinking if AB was amused? or, out of the original emotion back in Katipunan Days -- still angry as hell? (the sunglasses fashionably hid the facial expression esp the eyes!)

Or it could also be a reflection of "pagka-irita"sa nangyayari sa bansa natin ngayun? Bagal ba ng pag-usad at pag-unlad? Magkabilaan ang traffic at di natapos ang ïnconvenience" para sa kapwa ko Pinoy.

So much so with my ramblings about our government and the status of our country.

I'll leave this post to be of a happy mindset. I'm still chuckling as i gaze at this piece of art. Yep, kahit yung holster ng baril, maling side at di akma! Ang hirap bunutin ni AB kung sakali. Nyahahahahaha!

See you in December folks! Thanks for staying and following my blog.


-added artist's IG page

Luneta Park 70's

Dropping this on your feed.

Reminisce, look back in memory lane; throwback!

Luneta Park in the 70's

photograb from ˆreddit


Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Angas ni Elon Musk! Cybertruck vs F150

Angas talaga ni Elon Musk. His challenge below is not apples to apples but quite off the grid.

Wala lang, tuwa lang ako sa Cybertruck niya pero this video puts off the F150 because it's only two-wheel drive versus the Cybertruck which is at a maxed - 4-wheel - drive.

These facts were based from the Twitter of Ford's VP. Sunny Madra asking Elon to send them a cybertruck for them answer Elon's challenge above video.

Will update this once we get the video from Ford's.


Sunday, November 24, 2019

Bon Appetea Imus Cavite - Review

On most Sundays, this is one of my go to places after worship service of 10:00 AM. This has long been a pending post, but allow me to share my review or paghatol to one of the most accessible tea houses along Nueno Avenue Imus.

Imus Branch - Bon AppeTea

Top 5 Things I Like About It

1. Ambience and Convenience
Tables, lighting, background music quality, Aircon (AC), chairs - name it... they got it all. It appears that the management franchisee of this branch meticulously engineered the design to have it easy on the eyes, and drops a positive vibe on its first impressions.

The close proximity, a walkable timeframe of 2-3 minutes from our church is one of the reasons why i go here to chillax and wait for the next part of my church duty -- the Choir practice.

2. Outlets
Availability of this feature is not at all "tinipid". It's basically everywhere at the nooks and crannies set-up strategically for a diner to use an electrical outlet as needed. Which is one of my major things to look-out for whenever i'm staying for a while. These days, i think it's a must to install these in order for customers to immediately get to juice up their devices.

Yay or Nay!? i bet you agree with me that nowadays, all small businesses such as this should provide or at least cater for electrical outlet for the purposes of charging and plugging in our smartphones or tablets.

3. Waffles Breakfast
It's called the wicked waffle - and it comes in variety; with my favorite as Ham, Egg and Cheese at only 140 pesos. It's above the normal serving size - it'd be like somewhat 3/4th of an American size serving. Once you down it, you get to be full, given you have drank a glass of water or got served with your favorite house tea of your choice.

4. Yakult Tea
'tis like drinking a huge yakult - for real! And when i say it's the real yakult thing, it really is. You should try it for yourself. Go for the Green Apple Yakult Tea.

5. Nothing more to mention

Top 5 Things I Don't Like About It

1. Loud Background Music at times
This disrupts even the normal conversations that you're about to enjoy with a friend or whoever your date is. At times, we have to speak a tad louder than the usual normal speaking tone for us to hear each other.
Kaya, ang ending... i would stand up and humbly request the barista to lower down the volume. In fairness earlier, the audio volume is pleasing to the ears, it's not at all blaring - not even soft but it was spun to a scale where you can enjoy a conversation and at the same time the music being played without intruding the clarity or focus of your thoughts.

2. Price Range of Teas
While it's common that milk tea and PH Tea houses range from 85 pesos to 100 pesos exclusive of sinkers or add-ons, I would say that Bon Appetea is no different. Their price range is a bit higher a compared to the market.

I wish they lower it down to a more reasonable price range esp the large size.

Menu and Prices as of November 2019

Morocco Nights Milk Tea

The Morocco Nights Tea is a cross of menthos and lipton, ha! ha! ha!, so if you're a fan of a mint flavored tea, go check it out.

3. Rest Room
The unavailability of this is killing me. There was this one time - my bladder was so full, only to find out that their in-house restroom is not yet fix or somewhat under renovation. This was like 3 months ago. And until now as of November 24, 2019 - the facility is still tagged as "unavailable".

I am really unsure - if that is truest in its sense or they aren't just not feeling for customers to use it publicly. I do hope they get to fix it soon.

4. Nothing more to mention

5. Nothing more to mention

Additional Information

Here's a snapshot of the menu and pricelist of food and other side lights.


Final verdict: 4 out 5

It's not a close-to-perfect rating. From my own perspective and opinion, this tea house is above average or it lands to a somewhat kind of classy and feel-good diner all in one. I would still definitely recommend it among my friends. But if you're a high-schooler or college student who gets to depend from your parents the lux of spending for your milk teas, let alone the same is true for your dabarkads. I would suggest you go across the street and try the less expensive ones.

Until next time,

For my other tea and coffee house reviews, you may click
- Coco Martea

Friday, November 22, 2019

Philippine Holidays 2020

O, eto para may kodigo tayo. Hehehehe.

Philippine Holidays


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Lokal Ng Jaro, Iloilo City - English Choir

One of the best feelings when visiting other INC Locales is the immediate "connection" established even when you are first-time meeting those resident brethren.

What's even more satisfying is when you get to know that they are also your fellow choir members.

It's obvious that these types of encounters are some of the blissful moments in the life of an Iglesia Ni Cristo. The close-knit culture of the choir in the church, not to mention the "love for the brotherhood" is basically a relieving emotion in times of strange and solitude or being in a foreign place.

It's comforting to note that upon meeting these brethren, you get the "Oh hey, we've been friends since long ago" - and then the burst of emotions of catch-up sessions would then continue as both parties feel each other's warmth of brotherhood/sisterhood.

The above description realistically happened to me every time I go to other locales of the church. In the case of Locale of Jaro - this is somewhat special because I got to witness and be part (kind of sit-in) of their choir rehearsals and Thanksgiving practices.

I also didn't expect the warmest camaraderie the English Choir brethren has shown, displayed with utmost affection. Infairness - we even had group picture.

Huge thanks to Ka Candy - choir pangulo whom she poised a fantastic accommodation to my requests, similar to a long lost Ate... suddenly re-united and has given a full support showcase of what's to offer in her local.

I surely had missed attending their choir practices (making sure my work related stuff are not affected at all). Although i visited them quite briefly, the love, harmony and long-lasting connection was put into existence i can never forgot.

I do hope it will stay that way, for "when we meet again" - it will not be a brief encounter any longer but somehow, a more defined way to celebrating brethrenhood and brotherhood in the faith.


Thursday, November 14, 2019

45 Days Before The Start of A New Decade:2020, What Were Your Best Moments?

2020 Here you come, pero iba parin if you get to review what happened in the past, yung mag-isip ka paano ung nagdaang buhay mo, positive or negative.

Here are some of my best moments of this decade (2010-2019) that's about to pass. It's nice to reflect, assess, look-back or reminisce the journey -- may it be the ugly, extreme, funny, harrowing, but most importantly the moments that made my heart alive - living this life.

Without an air of swell, mixed with whirlwind emotions, lots of tears, daily smiles here and there, full of hopes, and mostly spent on solitude... this is my list that prolly got carved already in my mind and heart:

1. Back to basics
2. Muling nagbalik sa bayang sinilangan
3. Thankful, no regrets
4. Back to renting bedspacer
5. re-uniting with religious duties
6. tried going pescetarian (try lang)
7. leading a team - again
8. Helpdesk biz
9. passive agressive genX
10. escalations handling
11. managing people (one downs and ups)
12. bought my first house
13. break-ups (4 times, only; inclusive of unannounced rels - seryosong usapin lang hahaha)
14. consistency sa pagtupad ng tungkulin
15. short stint as Pangulo sa south
16. making ends meet to para matapos si housey
17. got to xperience paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle (who doesn't?)
18. moved in to my own apartment
19. hopper to different call centers in the south
20. muntikan nang mag work uli sa MOA (buti nalang di natuloy)
21. approved US visa
22. cancelled flights
23. back to writing poetry
24. moved in to my new house
25. consistently independent
26. generous giver and supporter
27. tried the dark mode
28. lustful encounters but not yielding
29. brief affairs of the dark side
30. hopes, sunlights, smiles
31. overwork - stress - unmet expectations
32. bought my first car na dipa marunong magdrive
33. natutong magdrive ng manual via the car dealer (hahahaha)
34. disconnection of provincial home - kung saan ako lumaki at nagkaisip (long story)
35. relocation of parents to new environment and house
36. playing the arrows of cupid - enjoying the thrill and suffering the consequences
37. fell in lab (once, twice) pero...
38. solo driving from manila to Isabela and vice versa (mag-isa lang okey?)
39. had a major car crash; life was spared - Pure Thankful
40. my 9th locale transferee and im running 5 years without xferring (yet)
41. shifted to IT job
42. got into teaching via ALS (yeah the govt initiated program)
43. ran & walked the esplanade in Iloilo
44. got my 1st MBP (pure wowser)
45. luvin my Apl Watch - if you're reading this, u should grab one - series 5
46. walking and fitness at home is bliss (no cost at all)
47. discovered Reddit
48. got my first domain; then bought a second one (unpublished)
49. lands lands lands and titles
50. a lot more, pero secret na po ung iba.

So, what's next? Let's go ahead and create another decade of colorful events, akin to going the flow or being aggressive to change the life you're aiming to be.


Monday, November 04, 2019

Apple Watch November 2019 Challenge


Hello Folks - been busy here, doing work-related stuff even on my rest days, I can barely touch my blogging site as I have to squeeze in some weekend responsibilities at work.

Nevertheless, I made an effort to post a couple of updates (this is the 2nd one) - my November 2019 Apple Watch Challenge.

It's a 100.9 mile long distance challenge; that's 162.38 kilometers. The longest distance by far as compared to the the distance challenge I got last August (88.6 miles).

From how I am faring thus far since November 2, I'm ecstatic to share that walking here is purely a bliss because I get to be so close with nature.

Last Sunday - it was more intense, I walked 3.69 miles rewarding me with the highest calories burned so far in my whole existence of using Apple Watch Walking exercise.

November 3 Walk Workout Details

Walk Workout Award

Apple Walk Workout Award

Fair enough - the weather is in favor with me because I get to be outdoors and walk/run the Esplanade in Iloilo (currently here for work temporarily).

Here's a brief video -

˜ (Update)

look at that!!! cheers to mahself for achieving another record. Way to go for fitness.

Apple Watch November Challenge Award


How Adorable These Street Cats Waking Up, Me Disrupting Their Slumber

Raw vid, me petting street cat along Paciencia Tijiam Avenue...

Such adorbs... easily purring and licking as soon as I touch her.


Sunday, November 03, 2019

Happy Birthday To You Manong Driver

Before 12 midnight hits November 3 (Manila time), dipa huli ang lahat para i-greet si Kuya Driver who has a big heart, full of generosity.

(image from reddit/philippines)