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Content Creators Symposium 2022: Learnings and TakeAways

Content Creator's Symposium 2022 was held at the EVM Convention Center in Quezon City PH, hosted by CEBSI (Christian Era Broadcasting Service International), a non-stock, non-profit broadcasting corporation. CEBSI is the broadcasting arm of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

It is an exclusive-by-invite-only-event for digital content creators majorly catered to INC members, although, we have seen some non-INC visitors - which is all the more great for this first-ever launching of Content Creators Symposium.

I was impressed (as usual) because the organizers proceeded with caution and care by catering for free anti-gen testing before any of the participants can enter the venue. It was a note of concern and care for the welfare of the attendees. If you got positive in the anti-gen test, it's a disqualifier for entry.

The event started at around 9:00 AM Manila Time, kicked-off with warm welcome registration and giving of Symposium Kit - composing of notebook, ID & lanyard, pen, sourvenirs, stickos, event itinerary, and badges.

As early as 8:00 AM, the ushers served breakfast, and bottled water - for free! I was not expecting that they have also prepared us lunch, dinner; as well as treats and freebies from sponsors, like 

  • Creative
  • Adobe 
  • Neat.Io 
  • AutoDesk
  • UGee Philippines

There were roughly 90 content creators who attended; a mixed of veterans, just-getting-started, and mid-level famous creators; MayorTV, Pinoy Influencer & Host Jam were there and shared interesting facts and executable-do-it-your-self tips in the world of digital creation and content management.

Let's dive in to meat of the event, and learn from what it has offered and imparted to the audience.

Learnings and TakeAways:

1. Content Creation keynote from the award-winning Director of Guerrero movie -- Carlo Cuevas 

- shared his insights on:

  • the Creative Process (selecting and planning for your contents/creations)
  • Why am I doing this?
  • Conceptualization
  • Execution (where, when, what, who, how and why) tips

2. Adobe Express, Adobe Rush - Free digital Tools DEMO and TIPs

- Formerly Adobe Spark mobile & desktop app, Belle Roxas and Rollan Banes led the discussion and showcased the tips and how-tos of using Adobe Express and Adobe Rush.

- These two apps are the app-to-use-on-the-go, quite user-friendly (similar to Canva) for content creators in the digital age.

3. PRIME for success Interactive Discussion from Host Jam

- One of the most interactive activity-game-immersion type of learning in the event.

- Host Jam, a wedding event influencer in SocMed soared high in uplifting the inspirational sparks of the audience by sharing personal experiences and historical examples of behaviors and skills to achieve success in digital content creation. 

  • Process takes time
  • Reason must precede action
  • Individuality is forever
  • Movement sparks friction
  • Enthusiasm begins with Him

4. Content Creator's Lounge and Booths

- It's an openly wide area matched with comfy cushions and tables, strategically placed facing the stage with a 3D like effect given the projection on its LED Wall TVs,
- The goto place to interact with fellow creators, get to know them, and share/scan QRs to promote each other's platforms, some of the fellow creators i got the chance to interact with (click the link for their YT or FB platforms):

5. The Editorial Policy

- An in-depth discussion of policies and guidelines in order to be a better functional content creator in this era of increasing digital contents (from extremes of good and bad, to lowkeys, impressive and virtue-aligned contents) which will help mold the future and direction of social media and consumption of digital assets.

- It's not how many likes or followers you have, the real question is, are you driven to create contents within the bounds of righteousness?

- Waiver of rights for your subject, the need for attributions and the importance of copyrights

- Other sensitive and important topics which aim to protect the content creator holistically and for the welfare of the human race, who, at any time can consume such digital contents in a snap of a finger because of the accessibility and availability of content creation.

My overall impression:

5 stars out of 5 stars  and super-enlightening. In conclusion, I do look forward in the future events such as this.

Lots of thanks go to CEBSI, its organizers, and the Administration of INC.


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