Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reface Facebook using your iPhone

Okay, i'm not a big fan of Mark Zuck and Steve Jobs is figuratively litotes in nature. I blogged last time that there are two ways in refacing your FB profile which was a huge success cuz that entry made it to the top of Popular Post on this blog.

What i wanna share now (which could give wide-eyed smiles to iPhone users) is the handy app that you can use in refacing your Facebook.

Goto the APP STORE on your phone and type "Facebook Custom"

After downloading the app, just walk in thru the steps and you should be able to achieve your desired appearance of your Facebook Profile.

This is neat for those who rely most on their iPhones, twiddling through your laptop and desktop sometimes can give nausea.

Thanks to Dundee for sharing this free app.

Divide me not!

A man's character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation. 

do not tremble when the strong aims to crush
or weaken thy knees when it attacks
do not lose hope upon the valleys of fear
or faint upon the scythes of wrath

be compassionate to those of less
and be patient to those of rue
forget their wisdom clue
and bury their rudeness without due

do not symphatize...
it's better to emphatize
be a an ear to listen
of worries that needeth spoken

heed those who are weary
to orphans you must show mercy
wipe away the tears of grief
& strengthen the world, void of peace

care to smile to strangers
you might not know how they feel
you might have lifted some of their sorrows
in their delight of grin despite in a burrow

fear no more
where the end is near
at long last you will see
the promise of eternity

January is almost over, yeeha!!! thoughts of endless hope keeps running through my head, i can't help but stand still. The journey must go on. ;)

--- bmvd

Friday, January 21, 2011

Brushes of experience

All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers. 

twisting ecstacy
regalia of boon
waking the dormant
ice-clothed pawn

simmering hotness
allowing to erupt
disconnected thoughts
in a gentle abrupt

brewing aroma
of delicacies on fire
craving for nothing
in the barbless wire

restless libido
containing thy mind
closing innuendo
in a refined halo

jekyll and hyde
who shall appear
in falseness of truth
or the glory of wrath

epitaph carved
the smile of an inkling
relieved to the deathbed
in rising from within

Oracle bequeathed
nowhere to run
where? for refuge
in solitary? or Rune?

clasping hands
sweat unbound
dripping, flowing
down and round

sparks and shocks
numbing nerves
of cracking rapture
to doom awaits.

when things aren't just the way going you want 'em to, it seems that it ends up more complication. better go with the flow, forget to counter, just see through it.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

How do you sort your iPhone apps?

I've been crushed to confusion in the finding of where-to-get / where-to-tap those apps on the iPhone. This extra simple task to do before is seemingly deteriorating like a Pentium processor wantonly needing to upgrade for the Core  i7.

The fact that groups has been established since the advent of iOS 4.2.1, it made way for a comfy arrangement of apps based on your liking and choice, infact you could even rename the group at your own freedom. However, as the apps grew in number, i am most of the time lost in track where did it go, or where did i group it up to? The dilemma seeps in, spending time in finding out where it's located.
Okay, don't bother telling me "Don't u use the spotlight search?". iDo! but i still would want to know the path where the app is specifically located, just incase i wanna delete it, it'd be handy for me to just hold & tap the "x", without going thru iTunes by deleting 'em one by one.

Then, it dawned on me suddenly while navigating thru iTunes that each app has its own category.

- Reference
- Productivity
- Social
- News
- Utilities
- Education
- Healthcare & Fitness
- Books
- Business
- Travel
- Entertainment
- Lifestyle
- Games
- Music
- & more...

So i painstakingly re-organized my apps for good based on their own category. Note that i did this while my phone is connected to iTunes, it was easier to identify which apps belong to certain category; as the Apps tab in iTunes could be sorted, bingo! i just grouped those apps that belong to each other. And so, it looks like this way:

Making way for easy accessing my favorite apps, i dropped i dropped them in the last page. Those apps that are needed to get a speedo flick instantly were outed from their groups, leaving them floating on my final page.

 Now, life is easier. I don't have to undergo like a basset hound dog searching for those lil apps. What about you? Do u have a personal preference in organizing your apps?

Viral Clips

It's just another one of those boring nights, trying to kill time before slumber creeps in. Aye! haven't checked YouTube for a while.

I was thinking there's only one cat in this video, it was like a reflection? But i was just being delusional or i just found it hard to believe that the paws of two felines could actually do a touch-up in a synchronize cycle. Amazing!!!

This one made me laugh real hard... Ang kulit talaga. I'm not sure if this is a serial tv. If yes, which channel is this?

The fretting of the violin 's bow just strung some memories... Going to the opera maybe?

Oh Wow, this suddenly raised my adrenaline... a car and a motorcycle drift.

I wished to post No Pants Subway Ride 2011 but i changed my mind...  ;)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Steve Jobs is sick again

It's all over the headlines, from technoklutz cybernews to CNN and local newspapers; Apple CEO Steve Jobs is on a medical leave.

What's in it for us?

Alot!, but on the lighter side, as a big fan of his, there is this inevitable need-to-know feeling what's going on?

The curiousity and self-purpose concern increases as Apple wouldn't disclose the real score behind Job's temporary absence due to medical reasons.

Mr. Jobs personally requested to leave the matter in private for him and his family, without any hint for the media on his first-hand situation. With the corporate governance under Apple's umbrella, further details of the LOA is at a dead's end.

My fanaticism for his leadership and his creations enhanced when it dawned on me that he was the executive producer of the 1995 Toy Story.

Most often than not, i noticed that he's always wearing black in all his pictures and appearances on media and on the internet. I checked wiki, and there were no explanations why he usually wears black long-sleeved mock turtle necks designed by St. Croix.

Once again, i just dunno if this is another coincidence, he's the 2nd person who I idolized as a pescetarian. (first was Chris M. of Coldplay)

Behind this veneration and awe, Apple fans out there like me just can't help but worry and be of concern to this technology magnate, an icon, living and reaching to ordinary and multi-facet people through his wonderful designs and creations of technology innovations.

It just became more profound that he is not on a mellow at all from the spotlight of computer and electronics despite his medical leave to focus on his health. Consumers and most notably the geeks and media deeply want to know the tangible status regarding his wellness and this longing for truth and status would be much more intense in the coming days.

Whatever his cares are, his ailments and unwellness issues, may he pass it all the soonest possible time.

Starbucks' Trenta (new cup size)

Updated August 21, 2022

Although i'm not a big fan of Starbucks (this was in the past! LOL), i was undauntedly struck by their release of a new size for their cups. From Short, Tall, Grande and Venti, the largest cofeeshop chain in the world unveiled their largest cupsize sofar.

Trenta - so it was called, the next in line after Venti. Literally, trenta is thiry in Italian; so as Venti is for twenty; Grande is for large (in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian).

As per Huffington Post, the Trenta will be available in all Starbucks chain  (US only) come May 3, 2011.

What's dazzling about this new addition of larger than life cup is the fact that it's actually larger than the capacity of the adult human stomach.

Yup! the Trenta holds 920mL while the average adult human stomach is 900mL.

Below's the list of cup sizes:




Remember, Trenta is 31 oz, that's 920mL

Updates as of August 22, 2022:

According to research, via and, the Starbucks Trenta cup size never made it to the Philippines and it's only available to order in the United States.

Interestingly, Trenta Cup Size is only applicable to cold drinks like iced-coffee or iced-tea, and you cannot use it for espresso-based beverages.

Fun fact: A trenta cold brew has 360 milligrams of caffeine, the equivalent of five shots of espresso.

In summary here's the Cup Title and its corresponding volume it holds in Ounces.

Demi (3 oz.)
Short (8 oz.)
Tall (12 oz.)
Grande (16 oz.)
Venti (20 oz. for hot drinks, 24 oz. for cold drinks)
Trenta (31 oz.) for cold drinks only

--- bmvd

Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to Reface your Facebook Profile?

You might have heard the facebook re-facing. And yes, this is applicable only if you've upgraded to the new FB profile mode. Late last year, dozens and then hundreds and then thousands became addicted to Facebook Re-facing - it was like injecting art to your profile page where the pictures rolled   on the upper right view would emanate a chopped photography from the profile picture to those that were tagged of you.

I spent two days cropping and following the simple but tedious instructions from:

I gave up!!!!

I wasn't good enough in following instructions (prolly) or must have been mystified by the complex computations of pixel width and height stated as given.

It was like solving a puzzle, i got tired and crumpled everything back.

Then again, the old adage... "the battle belongs to the persistent" came rushing into my tired hands flicking the screen of my smartphone (thanks to newser for the tidbit hack on how to reface the profile page of FB)

Courtesy of ,this French artist below started it all...

if you have the magic wand in using Photoshop or other photography editing softwares, then go ahead and try the link above.

But if you're like me who just wanna snap a finger to achieve the desired lay-out, then there's a magical app in facebook how to make this feat right, easy and effortlessly satisfying.

Try checking this: 

It's called Profile maker app

Here's the twist though, you must know how to tag the photos and follow the specific order as stated by the app, it's the same logic and piercing weirdness.

hahaha! call me nuts but try figuring it out. If you visit my page though, you'll see the left side image of my dog, you won't see the whole chopped pieces of the right eye cuz i've disabled tagging in the privacy settings.

I encourage you though to try this facebook app, it's worth it esp if you are not concerned about privacy and tweaking the settings.

--- bmvd

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Everyone doesn't want to settle for less. I recently DLed the Merriam and Webster dictionary for the iPhone. This implies that i'm leaving WordWeb behind  which has been my handy lexicon eversince.

Now read this, if you're familiar with interface, it's a sure hit that you're going to like this version of iPhone app. It's savvy and comprehensive. Not to mention, that it retains the feat of pronunciation. Say, you're unsure on how to enunciate and pronounce certain words; you could now confidently blurt those hifalutin articles and adjectives of your choice.

Another plus, in case you don't know how to spell certain words but you bet, you've got the right pronunciation, the app is of great help, (this requires internet via wifi or 3G) you could do voice search and presto, it's going to show you the list of possible hits based on what you've said.

This is free, nonetheless. Beyond compare, i'm still saving two dictionary references: wordweb and dictionary. I just wouldn't use them that much anymore, but playing safe, i'm keeping them both in store.

--- bmvd 

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Year 2011

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. 

fireworks gone, the bliss ebbs incessantly
excitement surging downward.. downward
into an abysmal antiquity

the toils of sweat in the past year
with ruse of exceeding glory
all came to oneness

in thought and in deed
in the endless tales of talking time
bores the lesser crime

new year here you are
in the doorsteps, ready to crumble
embracing, creeping once again

nigh almost complete
the adulation almost bearing truth
severing with flame the utmost hearth

come now, master blaster
lead the way for the merriment
and bury deep those unsung aches

new year, here you are
enveloping, gaining forward
absolve thy pangs of guilt

shallow waters, wither deep
muddle the clearness of thoughts
and revert back once the puzzle is sought

new year oh, come what may
fight for the walk is long
steadfast then and be strong