Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Pasalamat YETG2021 Photo Op


Flexin' these shots of our year-end Thanksgiving in the Church of Christ, year 2021.

Fountain of Youth

Ngiting In-Love

Choir Friends in EWS

Feeling Tall - shot by Kats

monotone filter - KADIWA friends

The Organist

Visit of The Ministerial Student

parallel shoes and prints

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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

IT Folks - The Unrecognized Heroes Of The Pandemic of 2020


'Twas never mentioned, not even a single video of gratitude and appreciation was aired on TV, or on mass media - a mere line of, "Thank You, IT Professionals", was never heard in general public. It was pure silence...

(Neither bitter, nor trying to discount the exposure of greatness in the medical field, but airing some opinion as a way of freedom of expression, to recognize also the people in the IT field) ... 

as they are worth praising too, acknowledging too their tireless efforts to keep everyone "connected", afloat online; that by means of IT service, infrastructure, network, automation, security and the endless possibilities that Information Technology can offer - - us, people in this pandemic phase of the century became: 

  • productive
  • diverted; sanity-kept-in-check for most.
  • social media experts, learnt, abused it, nevertheless, our one of the goto outlets while at home
  • accessible with online transactions - business related or not
  • online sellers, to appease the lost of jobs
  • tiktokers, and entertained the followers and the world
  • influencers, even more generating income, unexpected and those AHA moments
  • cryptoWizards; where the thrill of gaining crypto currencies converted to thousands, millions of dollars or local currencies is simply exhilirating; congrats y'all who became millionaires!
  • OnlyFans instant celebs - need i elaborate further 😝
  • YT creators, streamers and FB LIVE online sellers/entertainers - hats-off to you!
  • Zoom experts, online meetings, online classes became the norm
  • news freedom chooser; as news outlets jumped into the bandwagon of news streaming online
  • Grab-FoodPanda-LalaMove consumers, drivers-riders
  • beneficiaries of Teleconsult, Video Con medical consultation reacheable
  • accessible to Online Religious worships
  • IG and Twitter hi-movers
  • banking more efficient, almost hassle-free
  • work from home ninjas and samaritans 
  • and the list, goes on...
all, because of the IT Professionals working to make it happen, their collective efforts, magic and expertise resulted to how, both infected and not-infected individuals of the virus were able to navigate this pandemic journey, a little bit easier, a little bit lighter, a little bit bearable... where one of the enablers and foundation is due to the dedication of those in the IT Field.

Therefore,  Cheers! to those :
IT Helpdesk Engineers

Systems Admins

Laptop/Desktop Support

Cloud Engineers

Security Officers

Net Admins

Telephony & Telecom Engineer 

Programmers of All Types


Data Scientists

Artificial Intelligence Innovators

Service Desk Representatives

DataComm Engineers

ISP Techs 

et al..

plus, to all the plethora of IT roles unmentioned, its leaders, executives, and chieftains of the Tech Industry, Salute to all of you!!!

~ billymac

#elasticMind and gratitude seeping in, tremendously. 











INC Year-End Thanksgiving 2021


Pasalamat Year-End 2021

What are you thankful for, before the year ends?

Mauna ako... as for me, there are countless moments, milestones, and even heartaches that I am thankful for - all encountered this year.

  • I rushed myself to the ER as of late, and it may be a tip of the iceberg kind of near life-and-death situation; going there is more than enough, because i never expected to have the courage and flight of bodily ableness to bring my own self to the hospital, nevertheless, it was all good - - - that i still possess my life and strength. (the renewed vigor, to write again 😝)

  • Family-wise, i'm grateful that i am still able to put food on the table... helping and nurturing what i consider the most important people in my life; without them - life is boring, and with them, the journey just seemed bearable, as life throws unfortunate events - but who am i to complain? 

  • Things get awry on the "always impending threat" of COVID, true that -  our health is wealth, thankful that we were consistent in guarding ourselves against the disease. Oh yeah, can't help but express my note of appreciation to my friend, and the vaccine-enablers, and to our government (PH) for the well-thought off classification of who goes first - - i feel that it was seamless, most especially on those cities/towns who used the technology, to make the process efficient.

  • Friends, close friends, brethren friends, readers of this website, stranger/s turned to friends encountered during walks and physical fitness, online and offline friends --- ahhh, you gave color and excitement to live daily in the course of this year! Thank you!

  • Church-brothers-and-sisters, fellow MTs, MT super friends - the closely-knit support system - invisible as it may be, yet, felt really deeply with utmost efficacy, is truly remarkable, without you, the struggle would appear like an endless battle, but then, your "light" gave hope; darkness at least faded significantly, and we braved along the demons and 360 degree arrows of victories and failures shot upon us.

  • Professionally, a whole lot of thanks to my boss - one of the bestest (superlative for best, in my own lingo) i've known in this planet; the opportunities, the projects, the trainings, and advices... awesomely placed like puzzles transcending towards completion - still amazes me to this point!

  • Change --- work-wise, saddening but reality is lifer. Kept me grounded, kept me to continue my introspection, kept me to expand the gift of connectedness and ideation! I thank the unknown for the shift, because i look forward to what the future may bring.

  • Duties in INC - without these, i don't know if i survived this year! It's really difficult to convey why the case may seem to be, but think of it this way - these duties are the anchors that i used in order to remain on the path of the direction where i'm headed, it's the compass that tugs my faith, will, and character in-check. 

It's been a renewal of vows, every year before it ends; like a devotion - to recognize, glorify, praise, magnify His power, mercy, and love. The higher Being - i believed in, God.

I'm saying again with conviction - the gift of faith is beyond measure that i can think of in this universe. Some may not be able to relate, and i respect that, and for those who are able to relate - let's rejoice, with our hearts shouting in joy, although it reverberates only in silence, but the sensation of fulfillment is truly astonishing! Thankful to Him from the beginning and beyond.

Happy Year-End Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sleep: Lifehack

 Below write-up was lifted from reddit.

Each person's brain has a set number of hours of sleep that is required for proper functioning. Don't listen to your parents, co workers or boss telling you that a human only needs 4-6 hours of sleep. Less sleep over long period can lead to poor memory, mental health issues and even Alzheimer's

For example, I require 7 hours of sleep. On days where I sleep less. I'm annoyed, my memory and concentration ability is affected. I feel mentally sick through the day. Once I went a few days like this and then one day I had a good sleep. I realised how important sleep was. Your brain functions so much better. Everything is more clear.

Just pay attention to how you perform on less sleep to understand this.

There are many studies showing association of poor sleep with dementia and Alzheimer's.

There are studies that showing association of poor sleep with high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

Edit 1: Many had asked about source for my claims






"Until recently, the latest research developments have concluded that sleeping has much more impact in the brain than previously thought. More specifically, when one sleeps, the brain resets itself, removes toxic waste byproducts which may have accumulated throughout the day [2]. This new scientific evidence is important because it demonstrates that sleeping can clear “cobwebs” in the brain and help maintain its normal functioning. More importantly speaking, this paper illustrates the different principles of sleep; starting from the non-rapid eye movement (NREM) to the behavioral as well as mental patterns with chronic sleep loss as well as the importance of sleeping acting as a garbage disposal in the body."

Edit 2: Yes I agree. Not just Quantity of sleep but Quality of sleep matters as well


Edit 3: Amount of sleep required varies from individual to individual


Edit 4: For people saying nobody says that. 

My mom did. I followed the 6 hour thing for very long till I realised, that wasn't true and I needed 7 hours. I used to wake up at 4.30 AM to push more hours of studies ( after 6 hour sleep) man let me tell you. I was extremely sleepy and tired in class. I stopped doing that later. Couldn't keep doing that.

When I was a teenager, they never let me sleep over 8AM, even during summer holidays.

About Boss and Coworkers....In 5 months I'll become a doctor. Healthcare, depending on your speciality and job is one sector where sleep and mental health is actually ignored. I see my interns/ house surgeons staying awake   36 hours. Sometimes the job requires it. Night duties are a part of the job. Even during our undergraduate it's considered very normal to lose sleep over studying for tests and exams. Most of them sleep hardly 3 -  5 hours before  University exams. It has kinda become the norm. And yes I've heard my own friends bragging about how less they slept the previous day. It's pathetic.

In our student life these kinda extreme situations happen before exams and our exams go over a month.

(Credits to reddit post, see image above)

When we don't have exams, I keep my sleep the highest priority more than my studies and try to eat well and exercise. I'll take the stress when I have to, just before the exams.

During internship, half the interns I see are sleep deprived and stressed.

Brings me to another point. It's not possible to have a good sound sleep all the time, but we can have good sleep atleast most of the time.

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

The Happiest People Are The Givers, Not The Takers

The Happiest People Are The Givers, Not The Takers.


Several studies have shown what constitute the trigger to release happy chemicals from the brain. One of which is the factor of seeing or perceiving someone happy.

It matters that when a person extends something by its virtue of generosity, driven by emotions to help and make the other party-- happy, it appears that, that same emotion is two-way in nature.

It gives back, that joyful feeling of fulfillment from the giver, creating a ripple effect like muscle memories growing further to nurture the character of being a giver and being a delighted person accomplishing that virtue.

Another aspect why such behavior induces the happy hormone is because of its ability to widen the perception of the giver in to connectedness in things and its aftereffects of helping another human being.

The calm it brings to mind knowing that the other party will be in good hands after the act of generosity creates a flowing river of emotions that somehow enriches one of the basic characters of human nature-- kindness.

additional thoughts:

Somehow, back tracking in the paths of memory lane, the giver must have felt similar emptiness one way or another, on the situation of the receiving party. Which makes sense, to stop that feeling from resurfacing, by putting in action "to help" and therefore, realized through the acts of kindness and generosity.


Thursday, July 29, 2021

Winds and Memories

"No matter what happens in your life, keep an open heart and mind with a gentle smile. 
It's the true beauty of the heart" 
~ UnspokenPastels

Will you be the lost balloon lifted by the winds, snatched from the fragile hands of a kid holding the thin thread?

Or will you be just another fragment of memory, became distant that no matter how hard to remember the details, it seemed as elusive as hard in trying to reminisce?

Whichever you are, the winds shall know when the wandering balloon's spirit, will land to its rightful descent until it reaches the ground - its forlorn would be thread, so thin, it may appear invisible to the naked eye.

And the memories of the distant past shall finally reconcile with its bearer as to clear the mind and be at peace, with itself again, even for the nth unknowing time.

Thoughts & Creation by:

~ Yazsur The Kid

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Mapagpasalamat (INC 107th Anniversary Thanksgiving)


hindi lamang lakas,






materyal na bagay

ang ating ipagpapasalamat at

kundi 'yung tayo at ang buong sambahayan
ay 'di naramay sa pandemya

'yung sapat na pagkain sa hapag-kainan

masaya ang turingan, bonding ng pamilya

matiwasay na kalooban at 'di nangangambang isipan

panatag na puso sa pag-asa at matibay sa

patuloy na nakakagawa at nakapaghahanap-buhay

buo at nakatutupad ang buong sambahayan

higit sa lahat,

mapayapang naitataguyod ang kapakanang
pansambahayan, at ang kapakanang

by Teacher James

original content | INC 107th Anniversary Thanksgiving

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Consistency At Its Finest

I am to write this, without further reservations, because it is but right and truthful. I feel that it needs to be aired-out digitally, or could be printed whenever pleased by anyone - who'd come to stumble this written piece.

So it's the year 2021 - - more than a year, since the outbreak of the COVID 19 Pandemic last year-March 2020. A lot has changed; as in a lot - more importantly on how people harness or sustain their spiritual needs.

Just as we eat and drink everyday, to nourish our physical bodies, so does our need to fulfill and feed our souls through the spiritual activities that we must abide by to, based on our faith, beliefs, or religion.

While most, if not all are scared, apprehensive and doubtful on how to perform religious obligations across the country - - (whereas you can't blame them, for safety purposes) there is quite a distinct organization that is fearless - as soon as the PH government approved for mass gatherings and religious activities (30% none the least), and that is, the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo).

With all honesty, and without prejudice - despite me being part of this church, I do feel and say with conviction that the members are being taken cared off on their spiritual needs, properly and without haste.

The non-interruption of the House Worship Services across INC families are truly helpful - in a way, that could strengthen one's persistence to the everyday battles this journey of life has to offer.

I missed writing.

As i've said earlier - i'm going to write this thought-process - not to please someone from inside the Church or just so, for the sake of showing-off, or even for the sake of you-must-know-and-accept-this-truth-blah-blah, but because i wanted to express what my heart and eyes are seeing, in action, in the execution of the members of the Church of Christ, not only in the Philippines, but all throughout the world.

I shall be unwavering to narrate these first hand experiences - coming from yours truly.

On point... today commenced the yearly Holy Supper, that the church has been holding since its foundation (from Christ's era... and now to, this Christian era - re established in the Far East).

I am a living witness how the power of the Holy Spirit is within the Church, trickled down to each of the members congregating on this special occasion.

A time to be purified, a time to be washed with unclean-ness, a time for renewal, a time for the receiving of mercy and gifts of blessings from Him.

In order to gain the fortitude once more, to prepare thyself once more for the journey to come, until the end will come to last... there in the New Jerusalem - - a promised land for those, chosen ones.


PS: According to elders and documentaries, the church endured two different world wars, and their worship services back then never stopped... It was always consistent, even now.

Be delighted! Be calmed - if you are reading this, and you are a member of the Church Of Christ - your election of the faith is true.

Monday, January 04, 2021

Privacy Comparison: FB Messenger, Whatsapp, iMessage & Signal


If you're big with privacy, iffy on who gets to read your messages etc, know this chart by heart. But visually speaking, you can immediately notice that FB Messenger is the real hogger of information. The Champ among them all.

At the end of the day - are you solved that it's ok for all your messages, pictures and data are available over the internet? Or do you have the nervousness feeling that somehow, somewhere in the future, what you shared or chatted privately in FB Messenger will backfire?

Sounds scary, and at the same time - sounds exciting.

I read somewhere, in this internet age - nothing and no one is private. The list goes on why... so, the bottomline is - accept the fact that we're all vulnerable, no matter what.

Credits to reddit/coolguides.


Saturday, January 02, 2021

My Cycling Journey - Chapter One (The Bike Anatomy)

It's been almost a month of my journey in bicycling - i mentioned in my previous post (Introduction To My Cycling Journey) about the next steps and how's it going thus far, so here's a quick update tagged as Chapter 1.

Welp, i have been mostly travelling to nearby areas only like Vermosa Grounds or along Aguinaldo Hi-way within Imus city parts.

Thankful for the care-free beautiful piece of bikey (see last image below) - basic specs but it holds true to its purpose, taking me to places and bringing me to my desired destination.

I have learnt some basics about parts and the anatomy of a bike. It's interesting! And thanks to @decathlonPH for the comprehensive details.

Below is the Bike Anatomy that i made out from scratch.

1. Saddle - name says it all

2. Seatpost - a post (tube) to which the saddle is attached to.

3. Brakes - for both rear and front

4. Wheel 

5.  Drivetrain - the image below says it all about this part. The  (5) rear and (6) front derailleur are used to move the chain from one sprocket to another.

7. Crankset / Cassette - cranks and drivetrains are both driven by brands if you're looking at quality perspective.

8. Pedal

9. Frame - Aluminum is an ideal choice, most of the time. Definitely the prime component of the bike.

10. Headset - the tube that angles the steering axis.

11. Stem 

12. Handle Bars 

13.  Shifters/Levers 

14. Fork / Suspension - one of the crucial aspects to consider since it helps a smooth ride over bumpy and roadblocks. This is the forky type aspect fronting the bike

So, there you go... just finished carving in to digital print this knowledge about the Bike Anatomy. I'm an advocate of constantly re-living your acquired knowledge into transfers or sharing of information - this is to solidify your memory or at least have better retention.


ps: watch out for Chapter Two - roadbikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, citybikes